July 2nd, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “harness”

  1. Here she was strapped in like a leopard. Her teeth gnashed and her fingers turned white at the ends from grasping the leather so tightly. Good thing she had crimson-coloured nail polish, Chanel “Fire” on. She knew what she was doing but the anticipation had evolved into a deeper, darker desire at this point.

    By Ursamare on 07.03.2012

  2. the harness doesn’t look particularly safe or stable, but you laugh as my face turns from discomfort to downright fear as they walk me toward the edge of the platform. and there is the expanse of jungle that i will be sailing over, almost guaranteed to fall to my death. “No,” I say, “I don’t think I can do this.” You frown and say, “You can. I’ll meet you over there. I promise.”
    I take a deep breath and let them push me, and then i am flying.

    By Ginny URL on 07.03.2012

  3. Dear God, I want to make a confession today. I am sorry for being so judgmental and prejudiced against others. I really did not want to be this way, but it just happened. Honestly, I do not liked to be judged by others too. So let’s just harness our spiritual self and allow these unpure thoughts to leave our heads. Amen.

    By Nothing URL on 07.03.2012

  4. the feel of a kite string in my hand
    the thrumming of the line
    the insistent signal from sky to earth
    to harness the power of the wind

    By catbeazle on 07.03.2012

  5. A harness would stop you from falling. No matter how far you may fall or jump, a harness will be there to hold you back. To keep you from letting go and losing yourself. It keeps you safe and makes sure you are coming back to the starting point.

    By Lych on 07.03.2012

  6. She’d always loved horses. When she was younger, she used to visit her grandparents’ farm, where there was a pony she named Sugar. She would feed him sugar cubes out of her hand and sometimes, when she was lucky, she got to ride him around the nearby field.

    By bramblepath on 07.03.2012

  7. Lately my life has been hanging with me, hanging on a broken harness. My life has been broken into a million pieces, more than one thing has happened, i have been hurt emotionaly and physically. I believed in love, now i believe that you cant trust anyone. Even the boy you fell in love with. Now im going to climb to the top of the rope on the harness, Im going to be fine.

    By mee123 on 07.03.2012

  8. The harness that is holding me onto the world by a small thread, letting me swing back and forth, back and forth, promising the hope of snapping.

    By Jordin on 07.03.2012

  9. harnesses hung from nails in the old barn. the whole place smelled of horse. one wild stallion neigh ferociously and kicks at the door that holds him.

    By Cate Write on 07.03.2012

  10. As I stand at the top off the bridge, my hand darts for his. Squeezing it in supporting fashion, he pulls it forward, I go tumbling down the side of the bridge with him, my harness attached to the bungee cord which will determine my future.

    By Marie on 07.03.2012

  11. i think of a horse. i like horses. we had a family reunion and i was supposed to ride a horse. my grandma said there were horses. i dressed up and everything. i was disappointed cause there were no horses but little ponies for six-year-olds and younger…..sad day.

    By veronica on 07.03.2012

  12. NOUN:-
    A set of straps and fittings by which a horse or other draft animal is fastened to a cart, plow, etc., and is controlled by its driver

    An arrangement of straps for fastening something to a person’s body, such as a parachute, or for restraining a young child

    Put a harness on (a horse or other draft animal)

    Attach a draft animal to (something) by a harness

    – the horse was harnessed to two long shafts

    Control and make use of (natural resources), esp. to produce energy

    – attempts to harness solar energy
    – harnessing the creativity of graduates

    By R R SENJI LAXME on 07.03.2012

  13. Ensnare my senses, and wrap your arms around my waist. Put your cheek to my cheek so I can feel your soft breath tickle my neck. I want you to absorb me completely. I want to be able to latch on to how you feel, to harness it completely.

    By Eireann Jones on 07.03.2012

  14. She was choking on the harness around her neck. Normally, of course, the thing was placed around her waist. But when it was a killer who did the placing, well, one can imagine where it might go. Resting against the ropes, she knew that struggling would be futile and would only plunge her deeper into darkness.

    By wordsbyalli on 07.03.2012

  15. There is a power that is harnessed within the world’s core that keeps us all going. Keeps the skies blue and the rivers moving. Not a work of a miracle, maybe perhaps of a science, but such a breathing planet proves to us to be such a marvel for how the Earth itself has kept US– human kind, going. Walking. Being. Existing.

    By Shyrna on 07.03.2012

  16. She is mad at me and I can somewhat understand. But i feel like she has me under her grasp and doesn’t understand what I think and i suppose it doesn’t help that I am so introverted when it comes to my feelings.

    By Mitch Benyon on 07.03.2012

  17. Harness of power, men believe, is for their benefit, until one day when they can’t harness it anymore.

    By Anne on 07.03.2012