July 1st, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “motion”

  1. I wasn’t allowed to move. Master had said so. So,there i sat all snug in my blankets waiting with bated breath for what he came back with. So I’d been a little mischievous earlier in the day. Was that really so bad?

    By Caite on 07.02.2012

  2. Motion. What about motion? Minds can be in motion as well as bodies. A mind can race faster than any Olympian. A mile a minute, with facts and synonyms and thoughts. Of him, most likely, but who’s keeping track of that?

    By Nicole on 07.02.2012

  3. My life is in motion, everything is moving so fast, I can barely figure out where I’m going. People are dancing around me like mad men, like malicious harlequins with grotesque masks. They are misleading me in faraway corners of my own existence, in darkness and despair.

    By Alexandra on 07.02.2012

  4. Suddenly I was tumbling through time with nothing to stop me but the destination. I have no idea when I’ll be at the end, I just hope it’s not soon. It’s the motion that is living, and the destination that is life. Just keep going, keep going.

    By Natty Hope on 07.02.2012

  5. you only have one option. That is to move and go forward. Don’t let the blue meanies freeze you. The only bad thing is to stay still. If you make mistakes it’s okay, but you need to keep moving or else you’ll die.

    By brigid on 07.02.2012

  6. Feet rushing the city buzzing…. every one in a hurry never looking back. Always short good byes and never i love you….. endless days

    By Annelise URL on 07.02.2012

  7. Stuck in motion.

    It’s a literal coffin, buried in air and in nothing, body frozen.
    Frozen in motion.

    Your eyes move but nothing else does, a warning to those who dare to look, to peer into this makeshift coffin at the edge of space, of nothingness, of drifting dreams. A warning for those who dare to oppose.

    To rise up and protest and take back what was once rightfully yours.

    No one said this world had to be fair.

    By Ka Sheen on 07.02.2012

  8. two bodies dancing to the music. The waves of sound touching there bodies without a notice Who would see the waves of sound from the music? Why ignore the motion that gives such happiness to you? we always do don’t we? quite strange to ignore the source of haplessness.

    By Mariam on 07.02.2012

  9. The sea rippled with the force of the wind. Waves lapping against the hull made the boat sway just enough for them to wake up. Wiping the sleep from their eyes they made their way above deck to see what danger lay ahead.

    By SassyEllie on 07.02.2012

  10. Ocean

    By Al on 07.02.2012

  11. I can’t stop ruminating over the motion in which we let our bodies come togethe

    By Talia on 07.02.2012

  12. Swaying til we were dizzy, I felt as if my knees were going to give out. I took too much. What would he think? We spun and dipped over onto the mattress and took over from there.

    By Talja on 07.02.2012

  13. i felt motion all around me light weightless i moved i moved lucidly spindle floating mid-air i fell, motionless. i hit the ground and sighed as life was brought into my lungs.

    By Mikeshia URL on 07.02.2012

  14. John came home from a break-up. Sherlock could always tell when some boring woman is ending her relationship with the army doctor. Sherlock looked at John and nodded. Sherlock stood up and approached John to give him that reassuring hug that always made his flatmate sigh and lean in to the contact.
    After a few moments of standing there, just holding each other, Sherlock swayed to some rhythm he created in his mind. John followed him after he got the beat. Soon they were slow dancing and relishing the slow, soothing motion that always calmed each other down.

    By smoothmovebro on 07.02.2012

  15. Keeping the motions steady. Not wanting to miss a beat

    By Allissa on 07.02.2012

  16. i think that motion is more than something simple. it is brilliance, a key to life, to stand upon life itself. that is beyond brilliance, motion is happily strolling through life, or sadly. simply moving.

    By Nicolette F on 07.02.2012

  17. it’s just about keeping moving all the time … you just must keep moving wverywhere at anythime anyplace … motion gives you energy and keeps you connected to everyone else in this world, either your family or friends or anyone else in your life .motion is about to keep giving your time to others IN MOTION and keep moving around your beloved ones.

    By wessam on 07.02.2012

  18. I’ve been in motion for the last 48 hours, thousands of feet in the air, being ferried around the country in a Boeing 747. From Honolulu to Phoenix, Denver to Atlanta, New York to Hartford. And Finally home to Storrs. Complete motion.

    By Belle on 07.02.2012

  19. Motion. I move. My life moves around me in a constant blur and as I reach out to touch things they blur away into a constantly changing reality. I want to hold something. I want something to stand still with. I want the movement to take me too, to see the universe stop blurring past

    By Niki on 07.02.2012

  20. the car spun arounf the corner with such a blaze that if you had been standing close you could have felt the engines heat radiating from it. then as is engulfed itself into traffic head on, it burst into flames.

    By Richard N. Clark IV on 07.02.2012

  21. Motion sickness? motion is what keeps us moving…life is motion after motion. motion

    By Dr K on 07.02.2012

  22. Motion…I feel like my life isnt in motion right its setting no pace, there’s no swoosh that comes with something quickly moving past. I guess slow things are in motion too, I mean, the planet is in constant motion, so we are all moving, but metaphorically my life isnt in motion.

    By americangirlinamman on 07.02.2012

  23. Poultry in motion. A chicken flying through the air. Dissatisfied at being unable to fly like those pompous pigeons, George built a canon, climbed in and flew!

    By Philip Catchpole on 07.02.2012

  24. Motion describes movement. The movement of something from one phase or position to another… A lot like life really. Always in motion, always evolving, changing and adapting… My life in motion.

    By Wade on 07.02.2012

  25. The air was full of motion as the plane rocked, jolting its sleeping passengers as it flew above the low hanging, dense grey storm clouds. The plane was hushed and quiet, its murky cabin lit only with the emergency lights lining the floor along the aisles. It was strange, almost, that this solitary plane was in flight while its passengers, its air hosts and hostess’ slept – even its captains slept. All but one single girl had their eyes firmly shut, flickering in a land made entirely of dream stuff. She thought it strange, too, as she shook and shook her mother’s arm, desperate to wake her and tell her that she hadn’t taken the little white pill as the men in grey suits had asked them to. They’d asked them very nicely, even told them it was to help them get to sleep. Her mother has seemed frightfully worried, rushing the small pill into her own mouth and swallowing some water with it before turning to her daughter to have her take the pill. But she looked at the men standing at the front of the plane, the way they didn’t quite look real, and decided she didn’t want to take the pill at all. Ever. So she’d pretended to drop it on her tray and had scooped up a piece of white fluffy bread crumb instead of the pill that had slipped beneath the bread and swallowed that instead. Her mother had smiled and tipped her head back to rest on the chair, her eyes slipping shut even as she told her how she was such a good girl and that she loved her. When the girl looked forward, the men in the grey suits disappeared one by one.
    She’d heard of ghost ships before, reading about them in stories and at parties when her friends all told horror stories, but she’d never heard of a ghost plane.
    “Mother?” She called one last time, for the thousandth time, her wide eyes full of tears when her mother did not respond. “Please. Wake up.” She curled her legs up and wrapped her arms about them, huddling against her mother’s arm with the arm of the chair pushed up.
    “Please. I love you, too.”
    But she didn’t respond, even as the plane began its descent.

    By Becca Garz URL on 07.02.2012

  26. She slips through my cracks, metalisizing as she flows into my pores, coagulating in my marrow, unwholesome, solidifying, hard, cold, and strong. She rests, but loses fluid consciousness.

    By Richard Braithwaite on 07.02.2012

  27. The R’s rolled into the O’s, the hissing S’s slipped into my ear, the E hardening the whole process, and so there she was, rolling, slip-soft into hardness. Rose. Rose. Rose. Rose.

    By Richard Braithwaite on 07.02.2012

  28. motion is the act of movement, some thing that moves. every second of the day is spent in motion, of some form of the other. it can be thoughts that are moving, or your lips with words, or your hands with a pen.

    By arshee on 07.02.2012

  29. please explain the motion. i wasn’t there. i didn’t see him do that. i didn’t hear her scream, i never saw any blood. the place was spotless by the time i got there. i was never let in on any secret motives, or secrets the two had between each other. sad they both had to go. he was such scum, i hope she’s not burning in hell.

    By Abra URL on 07.02.2012

  30. lights are out, everything is crazy. i’m always on the move. he sill sleeps, and reminds himself that doesn’t need nothing. but i need it all. i will love.

    By gracejeff on 07.02.2012

  31. Motion, emotion, bananana motion.. ee ee ee motion. motion.
    Music is life

    By Susan Gourley on 07.02.2012

  32. motion movement movement flow advance expand evolve move the art of moving. motions can express emotions from as wave to a air kiss to a high five

    By troller on 07.02.2012

  33. The first word that comes to mind is E-motion. I guess you could say it’s how I feel today. Emotional… About love? About my life? About my love-life? About my boyfriend. My friend. My partner. My roommate. The one I’m supposed to stay with forever…

    By Maliss on 07.02.2012

  34. slow motion. i hear this & think of slow motion videos. they’re funny. everything is funnier in slow motion.. you tube videos have a lot of these.. i thank you tube for that.. they’re amazing. you get to actually see what is happening..

    By Lynn on 07.02.2012

  35. movement

    By chelsea URL on 07.02.2012

  36. Motion is a silly word i guess. It just means moving really. the opposite of stationary. Just progressing forward. Physically able to move onwards. A motion of some sort. A gesture, a movement. What is this site? What

    By Ariana on 07.02.2012

  37. The motion of the waves felt serene in my skin, the droplets settling on my body. As the water lapped on my face, I squinted my eyes and lifted my head towards the sun, offering myself to the hands of nature.
    Nothing else could be better than this, I thought.
    If only I could stay like this forever, forever suspended in the calm cradle of the sea, with all my worries washed away as quickly as the ocean itself.

    By Tee on 07.02.2012

  38. A body in motion stays in motion. Exercise is crucial to keep us going as we get older. I think when you stop working out, you begin to get stiff and even walking becomes painful. We need to keep our bodies moving like a well oiled machine.

    By Barbara Shields on 07.02.2012

  39. Motion in the ocean :) Everyone should be in motion at least 30 minutes a day. I’m in motion probably 3/4 of my day, errrday. Sometimes your sore at the end of the day, but at least you were having fun and giving your body a work out.

    By Juliana on 07.02.2012

  40. it can cause sickness. It is what my life lacking. The word indicates progress, no matter how you use it.

    By Sydrey on 07.02.2012