August 29th, 2011 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “mist”

  1. I sat on the hill, sitting next to you, well, next to your grave. It’s a gloomy day, mist hanging low, and all I can think about is being with you. I love you, why did you have to go…

    By Liz on 08.29.2011

  2. The way it falls so gently, reminds me of your sweet lips, Summer rain all over me, but only feels like a mist!

    By Biscuit URL on 08.29.2011

  3. Thoughts visions running endlessly words wishes hopes dreams nightmares in the darkness. Light appears slowly into greyness and I see you in the mist.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 08.29.2011

  4. There’s a mist over his eyes, but it’s nothing. He’s tired, his eyes are dry, it’s windy out, the sun’s too bright, there’s an eyelash, he has allergies, he has a cold. It’s nothing to do with her. At all. Nothing. Ever.

    By Sara URL on 08.29.2011

  5. To feel the light mist hitting my skin on this steamy hot day felt almost sinful. It gave me a shiver that started at my head all the way to my toes. It cooled me almost instantly, and I felt relieved – refreshed.

    By Debbie Knight on 08.29.2011

  6. The mist covers us, just like it did before. The mist dampens us, leaving us in the place before our fire. The mist is hazy, and I’m searching for your light.

    By deniceey URL on 08.29.2011

  7. As the mist settles around the receding figures they blur into obscurity until I can hardly make out their out lines, then all too quickly, they disappear entirely from my view.

    By taylor on 08.29.2011

  8. In the mist no one is known. No one is there. I look around but I can’t see. Maybe it’s not unusual. The mist has always been there. Not knowing. The mystery. The doubt. The ignorance. Maybe the prejudice. In all of us. The mist in all of us.

    By FaridaEzzat on 08.29.2011

  9. I’m wearing my step father’s much-too-large black hoodie, worn-out jeans, and a pair of classic Chuck Taylors as I’m walking home from school. I’m carrying a heavy backpack and a portable CD-player. It’s Autumn, and the fog is so thick that I can’t see my house at the end of the street. It’s colder than I’m used to and it has just started to rain, but I’m happy because I only have a few blocks left to walk.

    By Richelle URL on 08.29.2011

  10. I drove threw the silent morning. Admiring the mist that lay over the empty fields, marveling it’s beauty. I felt at peace with the world and wishing that I could lay under the mist, like a blanket over my body. Letting it engulf me.

    By Jordan URL on 08.29.2011

  11. Mist is so fragile, yet it can soak whatever it touches. It is a light as air, hard to touch thing, but it can cause a huge change.

    By Olive URL on 08.29.2011

  12. She laughed and giggled and her squeals of laughter were like a song to his ears. She ran through the waves, her voice shrill as the cold water hit her and her face wet when the mist touched her. Her eyes were bright and his heart was warm.

    By Lee URL on 08.29.2011

  13. She faded into the mist, her sweet scent ming with the grayness of the sky and flew from my memory.

    By Mandark on 08.29.2011

  14. Slowly, slowly, he faded into the gray mist, his blue eyes going pale and white, his dark hair bleached of color. He vanished into the moist sky, leaving me with but a memory of him.

    By robespierre13 URL on 08.29.2011

  15. I saw the faint shroud blocking my sight and struggled to strain my eyes, to peer forward; Off in the horizon I saw her.

    Her faint billowing features, her lithe Grey form rising in twirling maw, the lady….

    By ben URL on 08.29.2011

  16. Peering through the mist of anxiety. I am sick, nervous to the core.
    And excited. God, so excited. Just to watch this movie beside you.
    Thrilled that you hugged me before you left, even if I initiated it.
    Just trying to see through the nerves. To you. And maybe me?

    By Mia URL on 08.29.2011

  17. Something heavy that falls during crisp Autumn days. Something light that refreshes Spring mornings.

    By Morgan on 08.29.2011

  18. The hidden mist always left Charatey confused and scared. He often felt that if he were to step just over the horizon, the slow tendrils of mist would envelope him, and that he’d never be heard from again.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.29.2011

  19. The mist surrounded her body. She was frantically looking around it. Why? Why did it haunt her? Would she ever know? She didn’t want the mist. It had scared her. It had forced her to loose her friends. The mist continued to surround the lady. She screamed out, “Help!” The words disappeared into the mist. The words were gone.

    By Alyss on 08.29.2011

  20. Misty Meadows was a girl I went to high school with. She lived down the street from Veronica Falls and Johnny Hambone. They used to drag a trampoline to the edge of the creek and jump as high as they could into the creek. Johnny Hambone broke his ankle one summer doing this stunt and they never jumped into the creek via trampoline again.

    By andtheyallfalldown on 08.29.2011

  21. gorillas in the mist. Noelani – maybe one of the most beautiful names I can think of…means mist of heaven in Hawaiian.

    By Paul URL on 08.29.2011

  22. the distant mist, I see you standing there. stark still. waiting for the purplish morning to arrive, waiting for the dew to settle. I get emotional. it settles all around you and makes your hair turn wavy and glisten, and I can see the sparkling drops on your eyelashes from here. I can see it on your nose, I can see the love I left there on your apple cheeks. don’t think, just walk. don’t think, just walk. but then I never want to spoil this stillness.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 08.29.2011

  23. As she sat by the open window, she could smell the falling mist outside. The freshness was cleansing. She needed that. For far too long she had felt oppressed and now that it was beginning to lift, she was enjoying the light, fresh feeling and it seemed that even Mother Nature was in on it.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 08.29.2011

  24. the mist was cool against my skin as we stood at the end the of the water. “You ready to do this?” you ask. “Born ready.” I reply.

    By Kam URL on 08.29.2011

  25. cool, ominous, coming menacing. waiting to devour and envelop all that you are. waiting to consume you, body and soul. waiting to take you under. to cloud your vision and blind you. to stop you dead in you tracks leaving you unable to look behind you. gone. completely gone. all is lost. never to be found again.

    By hailey on 08.29.2011

  26. The mist between us creates such a surreal distance… you dissapear right in front of me
    I’d rather everyone else dissapearing, but you.

    By Naye URL on 08.29.2011

  27. mist. mist in my soul. mist in the daylight. mist under my eyelids. mist leaking from under my clothes, my carefully wrapped sweater, scarf. your absence in me, the gaping hole from which the fine mist curls.

    By grace on 08.29.2011

  28. I’ve never known my destiny, though I thought that I would find it. As I walk the path of life, I do so in that direction. Towards the silhouette of destiny, beckoning in the distance.

    The mist of doubt moves in, overpowering the light. It’s thickness shrouds the path in front of me. Now all I can do is walk on, though I know not where.

    Maybe destiny will find me.

    By Land of Dave URL on 08.29.2011

  29. The mist shadows our lives like a skyscraper that almost touches the sun. It makes it so we don’t see whats right infront of us and all we have to do i wait for it to clear. . .

    By zeddy URL on 08.29.2011

  30. Where am i? What am i gong to do to get out of this mist. To me,mist is somehow related to haze. Generally,haze caries a heavier meaning than mist. I think that every word carries a certain meaning in them that is why they are formed……

    By Amateur URL on 08.29.2011

  31. The mist went on for miles. They had been lucky to make it back to the castle before it really became bad. It was just this kind of night when Julia’s husband had disappeared.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.30.2011

  32. Ich seh die Welt durch einen Nebel
    er legt sich über die Gegend
    schafft eine Distanz
    die niemand durchbrechen kann

    Alles scheint verschwommen
    Alles scheint unwichtig
    aus den Augen aus dem Sinn
    der Nebel nimmt mir die Sicht

    By Anuri URL on 08.30.2011

  33. The mist blew onto the chilled girls face, she quickly brushed her damp bangs off her face and continued to look off the ledge of the Eiffel Tower. This was her vacation why was he constantly popping into her mind. The main reason for the trip was to get away, but as usual the past never leaves.

    By Alexis on 08.30.2011

  34. I love when I don’t clearly see what’s all around me. But it takes just one more step and…

    By imgonnagotobed on 08.30.2011

  35. I could barely see her face through the thick blanket of mist. I somewhat remembered what she looked like, her dark hair, long eyelashes, beautiful smile, but something seemed different. Was she still the same girl that I loved? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

    By HonestAde URL on 08.30.2011

  36. A mist will descend on everyone at some point in their life. I hope it makes me blind and not dumb.

    If it descends over my eyes and not my mind, I will count myself lucky.

    By dan URL on 08.30.2011

  37. There are many things that I can compare this wispy, cool fog to. Her misty soul, or the way her gunmetal eyes spoke of blue storms and hazy memories. She’s invisibility in freedom.

    By circinus URL on 08.30.2011

  38. As she blinked, over and over again, she fought to clear the sleep from her eyes, the mist from her brain.
    What had she drank last night? What had she done? Who had she done?
    She wasn’t sure which question was most pressing? Or was it the pounding in her forehead. She put her hand to her throbbing temple but as she did, her elbow hit something. Somebody, actually.

    By Chelseyann URL on 08.30.2011

  39. As our ship crossed the vast blue veiled in Poseidon’s thin blanket, I couldn’t help but wonder if treasures did await at the other side of the ocean, or if we were merely setting ourselves up to reach the ends of the world, falling to our deaths at the edge of the map, or worse.

    By Ruben URL on 08.30.2011

  40. there are so many many references to mist in books i read. in percy jackson its all “dude, mortals cant see our special powers cuz were all special and manipulate the MIST” and in the tecth city, “you have to go throught this crazy mist thing that will never let you reach the tenth city unless you have a jocasta, which of course the bad guy has until they defeat him,

    By Rasha URL on 08.30.2011