August 29th, 2011 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “mist”

  1. The mist was flowing over the town swallowing all of the townspeople. It was slower than a snail but larger than a well populated city. People screamed as shadows filled the town creating fear in their innocent eyes.

    By Chris on 08.29.2011

  2. mist is good

    By Scott Oliver on 08.29.2011

  3. Lost in the mist. Is that a phrase? It seems like it should be. What does it mean to me? I need some pussy. When I hear mist I think moist. And I need that moist pussy. I am a dreadful human being lost in time and space. Lost in the mist you could say. I need a beer and a woman in my life. I have neither. God damn mist.

    By Pork on 08.29.2011

  4. I drew the curtains back, and stared into the fog that had fallen on the city during the night. I sighed, and closed the curtains. I fell back into bed, the covers folding around me like the ocean waves closing around a capsized boat.

    By MissBronte on 08.29.2011

  5. when the mist shadows my eyes
    i see half hearted-ly
    flies in the air
    rescues me from sunshine
    we all need rescuing, sometime.
    in my sorrow there is always mist tomorrow.

    By caitlin mcniff URL on 08.29.2011

  6. Jay wrore was breathing mist out of every hole as he was walking closer to me. He was wearing a yellow pocka dot raincoat and was looking very vulnerable. He was cuddling his teddy bear ‘zeeby’, and as he was walking closer to me… he began to sing a hyme. “pokemon gotta catch them all.”

    By chloe piccolo on 08.29.2011

  7. I saw the mist in the distance, deep shapeless and terrifying down the dank dark street. Then the mist turned into Mark Pocock and i I felt better, I laughed about it later that night. i like mist now.

    By jacobv URL on 08.29.2011

  8. The mist was coming out of the machine. The lights where blaring and the music vibrating the whole walls. It was euphoric. But something was not right.

    By Maddi URL on 08.29.2011

  9. i dont think about the mist, abyss its adrift. never calling upon the watery shift,in air. despair, everything that you care. about, never drought and watch whales spout.

    By gerald on 08.29.2011

  10. And I couldn’t help thinking, at that moment, that there was something that I had missed – I’d left her behind, I could see that now. I just wasn’t exactly sure of how it had happened, her standing there as if behind some curtain of mist, nothing that had appeared dense until I’d already walked too far into it to see anything else.

    By Natalie URL on 08.29.2011

  11. cover you in love
    lightly dust you in life
    a bright glimmer of hydration
    enjoy it, get you high
    cold and crisp yet refreshing
    like a sip of your best drink
    cooling and calming
    before you think
    it can be alarming
    being sprayed with sustenance
    adorning you like glitter
    a breezy water flow
    a light airy misting

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 08.29.2011

  12. this morning was perfect
    he strolled along the lake admiring the folliage
    and the haunting loon

    By Corinne on 08.29.2011

  13. Through the mist he rode on. Bumbling past the graveyard, his cycle broke down. Exclaimed curse words and kicked it aside, his beloved homemade cycle created from collected junkyard tricycles and old motors.

    By xtina on 08.29.2011

  14. Through the mist I can see the light. It flickers and I focus on it to help guide me toward the house. As I approach I think about why I am making this trip. How did I get here, now, and what was I going to do next? I reach the door and pause, listening for any sound of movement. I reach for the knob and turn.

    By Tanya B. URL on 08.29.2011

  15. it was dusk, we were sitting under the tree, remembering the first time it was dusk and we were sitting under the tree, mist between here and the there we would never get to, his hand just now on my breast

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.29.2011

  16. And into the mist we went, brave and tall-backed warriors. There was no fear in our eyes, even as our hearts beat irregularly – adrenaline rushing through our veins.

    There was no place for hesitation in this place of the gods.

    By Ninasafiri URL on 08.29.2011

  17. Was the name of the unicorn that was tiny and leapt through Mary’s dream. it wanted to show her the way to the pearls. it appeared on her ceiling, galloping through the frescoes. Mist also had a companion – a black lion named Shadow that was loyal to the end. He was killed but only in body – never in spirit. Mary found her way and found the pearls and found love.

    By Talia on 08.29.2011

  18. The air was cool, damp, and the stars above shone as her only light. She couldn’t see much, the mist, fore it was far too pretty to be fog, clouded her vision. Light from the stars reflected across the particles that danced in front of her like a soft wall. The wall was a comfort and a fear, she could not see what was around her, but it also could not see her.

    By Kvaughan URL on 08.29.2011

  19. mist rising from the water is the person’s essence which is ideally still and quiet. i always try to pay attention to the mist to see who the person is.

    By kaorita on 08.29.2011

  20. it covered me, the landscape grew fainter and fainter as i was surrounded by the pale cool mist. i grew disoriented but strangely calm as though it didn’t matter that i was lost. That as long as i was concealed in the pocket of mist i was safe.

    By kacey flipper on 08.29.2011

  21. The mist shrouded the figure- it was a pearly white, like an angle. It reached its arm out. “Come.” It said, slowly, quietly. He had too. She was so mesmerizing. He took a step forward. She said, “Come.” again, softer and more pleasant. He took another step.

    By Maddie on 08.29.2011

  22. in the mist of day…. you’ll leave me. such a sad picture. such a sad thought. and yet so gloriously homey and sensual. like in pride and prejudice. but my favorite mist is ocean mist. breathe it in. especially in the fall. or right after a rain storm! that too! i like mist….

    By lou URL on 08.29.2011

  23. The mist felt great. It was a refreshing relief after the long walk to the parking lot. The desert heat is nothing to be played with. There are misters everywhere there are people, but the heat doesn’t care. Hot always wins over wet!

    By Fender2010 URL on 08.29.2011

  24. This will sound a bit childish, but Sierra Mist is not very tasty. Not according to my taste buds. The movie, “The Mist” couldve done better. I like it though. I love the way the word Mist feels when I’m saying it.

    By Thesavagelife URL on 08.29.2011

  25. mist swirls around my ankles like so many protests against what i am about to do. i stride up the walkway and onto the front stoop, raising a clenched fist as though to riot, and then… i knock.

    By lovelea URL on 08.29.2011

  26. He walked and walked until the mist finally cleared. He wasn’t sure why he felt the way he did, but when the mist finally cleared there was a deep sadness that set in. The world seen with clear eyes was not one he was prepared to see. He wished the mist would come again. Come again and make things lively, soft, and beautiful just as he remembered.

    By Patrick URL on 08.29.2011

  27. The mist swallowed her limp body up, taking my last glimpse of her broken form, bloody and shredded. That would always remain in my heart, my mind. I could not give her a funeral. She will not rest in peace.

    By Mandark on 08.29.2011

  28. the mist, soggy and blue, captured my mind. and quite literally, my body. i watched as my limbs disappeared within the hazy twilight, and ligament by ligament my body was gone. painless, simple, death.

    By aiden baker URL on 08.29.2011

  29. a fine mist had collected on the mirrors.

    By Katie on 08.29.2011

  30. the mist descended over the field. the two young girls rode up on horse back as they heard their father call out in the distance. the younger one looked to her elder sister and said, “What will happen if we go back home tonight?” The wizened sister responded, “Whatever happens, know that I will protect you.”

    By Carla on 08.29.2011

  31. The mist is very strong tonight due to the fact that there is also a fog. Wha’ts funny is that mist also is the first syllable of the pokemon main character misty. Man i’ve got swag which rhymes with mist somehow. I wonder what this mist discussion is about. Like where is it going? I wonder who’s gonna see this. man, i can write a lot in 15 seconds about mist. Swag.
    Yayy more time to talk about mist. There’s a village in the fictional world of Naruto that discussies its name as the Hidden Village of Mist. I thik the word mist could be overused in this paragraph. So i should probably stop typing about it. But i don’t know how so i will continue on my rant about the word that is mist. So far 6kj people have liked this on facebook. That’s a lot of people. I wonder why. People are lame.

    By Steven Pham on 08.29.2011

  32. The mist clouded my eyes. This was not happening. Not again. I can’t bare it much longer. I ran. Just ran. I don’t know where I was running, but I ran. Towards the trees, yes. That’d be good. Anything to hide these tears of mine. The ones that stream so bitterly sweet down my cheek. All because of you.

    By LifeLoveFeagin URL on 08.29.2011

  33. He wandered through the woods, unaware of the silent stares upon his back. Into the mist, he went. “Fuck this,” he thought. He was going to get her back no matter what…

    By Pibi M URL on 08.29.2011

  34. The mist settled over the valley as the young woman in buckskin came out of her hut. It was an early fall morning and the smell of dew was heavy around her. This would be the day she would be married to Singing Bear.

    By JennK URL on 08.29.2011

  35. The mist began early morning, long before I was up, and had saturated the ground making the world seem greener. Though the rain typically seemed gloomy, today it seemed hopeful. The spring had finally come, the plants were finally growing, the the flowers were starting to bloom. Everything needs a little rain in order to grow.

    By Haley URL on 08.29.2011

  36. feels like im walking in it. and at the present moment i dont think id like it any other way. its enough to both cool me down and keep me warm. surrounds me with a haze that protects from whatever acute truth may be lurking just beyond the clarity of my sight and i try not to discern it. its pleasant in here; comforting and surreal – just like any sense of security. life is not one to give solid ground for walking on; so ill simply sink into the soft moss here and admire the dim but radiating light bouncing all around me, because its better than facing the shadows dancing under the sun.

    im pretending that it wont pool in droplets and run down my face if i let it, pretending the shadows arent what im running from – i simply prefer things this way.

    and im lost in here. worried if ill find the way out – if ill ever take it. and mist is all the good anything has ever done. it all accumulates and clouds the land with an intangible, shifting, beautiful neusence. right there, so close you can smell and feel and taste it – but what can i do with it? can i touch it or will it forever elude me…

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.29.2011

  37. He kept going, not minding the silent stares upon his back. Into the mist, he went. “Fuck this,” he thought. He was determined to get her back.

    By Pibi M URL on 08.29.2011

  38. The mist cleared and there he stood.
    He was pristine and beautiful and just how I had imagined. Everything we had spoken of was leading to this glorious point, and although he played hard to get, I could see through his ruse.
    I stepped closer to embrace the man of my dreams, but when I looked into his eyes they were fogged by a mist veiling his heart.

    By Danny URL on 08.29.2011

  39. could someone, or something come. take me through the mist and bring me out the other side. i never came in on my own. i crept around the trees, in a daze, in pursuit. now im not sure i can get back out on my own. i want to believe it was an independent action, therefore the counter to it would be likewise – but im not so sure. maybe, despite the misery, i simply havent tried hard enough to make my escape. yes, crazy. crazy – the songs on a loop and echoing in this place. yes, im afraid to stay and i dont want to go. this must be a good definition of that saying ‘between a rock and a hard place’.

    say a hard place joined rock in a game of paperrockscissors. would rock beat hard place or are they, as they also say, two of the same evil?

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.29.2011

  40. Soft and light, a spray of mist, gentle and clear. A light dusting a small memory, dancing in the rising of a new day.

    By tp URL on 08.29.2011