August 28th, 2011 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “chance”

  1. What do you say taking chances?
    I need another chance.
    Wow, I have ADD.
    Chance is also a name. I think it’s sort of an odd name.
    Hmm. That could be offensive….

    By Sarah on 08.29.2011

  2. We had one chance, one try before it was done for good. She pulled me into her arms and locked the door. The pounding on the other side was ignored.

    “Stay with me.” She whispered.

    I gripped her tighter.

    The door burst open.

    By Skylar Moran on 08.29.2011

  3. I saw my chances turn to dust
    as I took a hacksaw to a die
    Split the spots and sides
    Each cut started from a corner
    and ended at the centre

    Now I roll pyramids against
    the alley walls below your room
    until a point points down
    in an impossible balance

    By gsk URL on 08.29.2011

  4. It’s much easier to give chances to find them. They work like a strange, karma-based currency. A ‘fair chance’, a ‘fat chance’ – all sorts of chances to be given and to be taken.

    By bloop URL on 08.29.2011

  5. She shifted from foot to foot, shiver ever so lightly. Her breath came out in shuddering puffs in the cold air and the wind buffeted her clothes and her feathers. Yes, she had wings, but she had never flown before today. With one final breath, she threw herself into space, wings snapping open.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 08.29.2011

  6. At this point in my life, as I have a few months left of college and a wonderful boyfriend and a lot of potential… I must take chances. That’s all there really is to do. Screw finding the perfect fit of where I should live, what I should do, and who I should be. Gotta take those chances and have faith that something amazing with come of them.

    By Donnaly URL on 08.29.2011

  7. This is my chance. I’ve auditioned for five different plays here before, but that was when I was a freshman and no one knew me. I’ve gotten more familiar with the department now, not to mention I’ve declared my major so now they know I’m one of them. I really hope I don’t screw this up. Wish me luck.

    By Anya URL on 08.29.2011

  8. one chance to get it right, don’t chance fate, chance is right or wrong, take risks and take chances, don’t worry about the fall-out, now or never, here and now

    By Hannah on 08.29.2011