August 30th, 2011 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “offer”

  1. He offers the world his heart, bleeding and trampled; splintered with tiny cracks. Dusty and gray from the smoke. Black as heroin tar. He offers his heart in their first debut album, and the world loved him for his brokenness.

    By Circinus URL on 08.31.2011

  2. I dont have anything else to offer. I offered my heart, and my soul and it just came back to bite me. Im tired of getting shit on. Im tired of everyone over looking me and my feelings. I want people to look at me and care.

    By Erica URL on 08.31.2011

  3. I will accept your offer of one million dollars.

    By just582 URL on 08.31.2011

  4. I offer everyday smile, would you buy it?

    By alee URL on 08.31.2011

  5. She made no verbal offer. She laid the case down and let that speak for itself. He couldn’t know exactly what it meant. For how long, and how much. But it didn’t matter, because it meant something. And he was already moving towards her, smile firmly stretched across his face.

    By Amai on 08.31.2011

  6. I was offered a position that was unreusable. It was something that had to be done and was going to be done by someone who was going to do it. The offer was on the table. I jumped at it.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 08.31.2011

  7. The offers are all gone in a timeless milling lane of chances that have passed by and left behind a dark and shadowy street of bitter regrets.

    By Julie URL on 08.31.2011

  8. It was a simple gesture that the young lady did but it changed the man’s life for the longest time. It’s so strange that people can change your perspective of the world by one sentence.

    By Abigail URL on 08.31.2011

  9. The offer was simple. The first to stand – to move – would complete the action and seal the contract. She stood.

    By Tiffany Chaney URL on 08.31.2011

  10. i have an interview this afternoon and even though it is the first interview after almost 30 applications, i wonder if i will want it to turn into an offer or not. its a big commitment–employment–and I am so comfortable in my shoes already. but i guess it would be the start of a bigger thing

    By outdoors URL on 08.31.2011

  11. I’m offered so much through the blood of Christ and yet I don’t always use the gifts to the fullest potential. There are times that we should consider what we are offered at no cost and run with it. Thoughts like “how much more could I accomplish if I was using everything I was offered?” and it goes beyond that. We can offer so much to others when we live to our fullest potential.

    By Michelle Charron on 08.31.2011

  12. I will offer myself to you, because this is what i do. Think of this as my offer to you

    By nocebo on 08.31.2011

  13. The offer was on the table, did you have to real think about it? Take it or leave it, why even ponder? You know darn well pretty girls don’t come around all that often. So Baby what are you going to do?

    By Mayra URL on 08.31.2011

  14. Giving up everything. What do you want? I’ll try to find it for you. All I ask is that you give me something back. Love, attention, affection. Something. I need to be replenished.

    By Soft URL on 08.31.2011

  15. He made an offer I couldn’t refuse. My life for hers. He knew what I’d do, we all did. He just wanted to see the look of defeat on my face. And the fear that he’d take her anyway.

    By Rushlight on 08.31.2011

  16. I’d like to offer you something. A chance, a chance for redemption. A chance for to excel. Would you accept my offer? If you will, you won’t regret it. If you won’t then you aren’t who I thought you were.

    By Adam on 08.31.2011

  17. I made an offer once for you to stay with me, but you said no. You said we didn’t know what we were getting into by doing this, which isn’t true; I knew what I was getting into. i knew that I loved you. But you broke my heart. So you can’t ever have me back now. I hope you have a wonderful, miserable, life. And no, I do not want to be friends.

    By Elena on 08.31.2011

  18. acceptance – the acquiescence to an offer. acceptance is one of the most important virtues in this world and one of the most important values one can have in their psyche. i’m tired of having to live in this world scared of who i am – and no one else should be scared of who they are. acceptance is the key.

    By Caryn URL on 08.31.2011

  19. His offer was simple. He wanted to me to move in with him. Could I do it though? Could I take that leap? I didn’t know what to say. Before my mind could analyze it any further though, my mouth said yes.

    By Caitie on 08.31.2011

  20. Offer me a blue unicorn so I will have an eternal friend. I’ll feed him with flowers and I’ll sing sweet songs for him. The sea is not blue but just your imagination flying

    By 1batainsgf URL on 08.31.2011

  21. I tried to offer you a piece of me. But that piece wasn’t enough. You wanted the whole thing. And I could not deny you a second time. But to offer it all up is almost to give it all away. And I don’t know if you can take care of it.

    By Drazzel URL on 08.31.2011

  22. When someone gives you am offer, you should be polite and accept it.

    If they offer you something like weed, kindly refuse it and say you don’t do that.

    Unless you’re like that and then just accept it.

    If a stranger offers you a ride home, refuse. Who knows, maybe he’s a rapist or a kidnapper.

    Never trust a stranger.

    Don’t talk to strangers. If you must, be sure to have a friend with you.

    Don’t give an offer about your personal life, arcording to your cellphone, email and stuff like that. Only give it to your friends and family and only then.

    Don’t trust strangers.

    Offers can come in many varity, but those who are most kindhearted are the ones offering you something when they have nothing left.

    Offer is a strange word for a coldhearted murderer.

    Offer is something a Mary Sue does. Or maybe not a Mary Sue, but close.

    Offer is something we all should give and take to everyone in this world.

    By It's.A.Secret. URL on 08.31.2011

  23. He made me an offer as I stood there. “Look you can either go home or come with me.” Him and I both knew that home was not an option anymore, and so what appeared to be an offer was nothing more than instruction in disguise.

    By Paul URL on 08.31.2011

  24. I offered her some cash. Of course she didn’t take it. I knew she wouldn’t last long with just what she had, which was little more than the clothes on her back. But she was sticking to her damn principles. She was too proud to take anything from anybody and she didn’t hesitate to tell that to anyone who offered her more than a glance.

    By emily on 08.31.2011

  25. I want to explore what life has to offer, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I’m a woman, but I’m still a girl at heart. I want to help people, live life, and just cherish every moment to the fullest. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do here on earth, but I will find out one day.

    By martha blate URL on 08.31.2011

  26. It wasnt much of an offer.

    He pulled the bottle from between his lips and held it out awkwardly to his left.

    I took it.

    We drank together in silence, whisky in the dark.

    By Kara on 08.31.2011