September 3rd, 2012 | 443 Entries

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443 Entries for “miracle”

  1. I think I’m waiting for it. For something unusual to happen. Quickly. But on the other hand I know every day can be a miracle when you just want it to be that way. Any tiny little thing which makes you smile for a while can be your own personal miracle.

    By AnaPi URL on 09.03.2012

  2. It’s really not out of the ordinary, I swear it. I see them everyday. I’ve seen them in the freaking drug store. The drug store sucks, but there are miracles inside. The people, the ideas….they’re miracles because the one who created us made “us” miracles.

    By Marissa URL on 09.03.2012

  3. an amazing thing that happens all over the world about all the time. A miracle can be a newborn baby or getting healty after being sick for a long time. It could also be magic, like super cool powers and awesome stuff that would be amazing, and something you would never expect to happen.

    By Samantha on 09.03.2012

  4. I don’t really believe in miracles. I guess it kind of goes hand in hand with the whole atheist thing, since a miracle is something that defies the laws of science and I don’t think that’s possible, not really. People are always describing such ridiculous things as miracles, like the birth of a child, but that’s just the natural way of the world, not some mystical, unknown, seriously hard to explain freak event.

    By Cash on 09.03.2012

  5. The molecular biologist let the printout slide into his hand. He carefully examined the rows of lines — each varying with thickness, containing the secret to life itself!

    By Adam URL on 09.03.2012

  6. A miracle happened when I first fell inlove. A mended broken heart mine and his together as one. A miracle happened when I was healed of a bad sickness. A miracle happened when my dad survived a hospital visit due to health problems

    By Char on 09.03.2012

  7. Miracles happen all around us, mostly unseen by the human eye. Whether our blindness to such events is by a subconscious choice or that we cannot perceive the simple dots and draw the simple lines to connect them. Perhaps its that they are not meant to be seen. Not desired to be seen by whoever causes such miracles.

    By korpuskat URL on 09.03.2012

  8. It was miraculous, the way he breathed in and out. Every tiny movement of his tiny hands, and every time he shifted in his sleep. It was impossible for her to stop noticing all the nearly imperceptible idiosyncrasies that everyone else took for granted. He was an enigma, and she was mesmerized.

    By Amelia URL on 09.03.2012

  9. I needed one, bad. Not as bad as I needed one back then. But I figured since I didn’t get any divine help at that time, then the cosmos owe me one. Big time. So I closed my eyes, and desperately hoped this got better.

    By Ruben URL on 09.03.2012

  10. Was it a miracle, asked the oracle sitting on a stool while the boys played pool at the kitchen table, and the father unable to stop their descent into false merriment. Was it a miracle that the whole spectacle put an old smile on Miss Benniworth while the girls slept on the stairs with their heads all in pairs and the dogs on your laps, tongues all dripping out sap?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.03.2012

  11. I don’t believe in miracles. Everything is coincidence. I don’t know what to believe in, to be honest. I don’t even believe in myself.

    By Monique on 09.03.2012

  12. Stopping at the door, she took a look at the corridor reaching away from her. It was beige. Wide, alternating stripes of dark and light brown floor stretched back the way she came, furthering the middle-aged, ennui’d atmosphere. Both walls formed of horlicks toned, naked bricks hung no break in design. No pictures or signs or sight of even the most cryptic of clues to the nature of the space she was in. Her heart briefly trembled as she prayed for a miracle to sweep her up right there and land her in bed, away from the anxiety and discomfort the corridor enveloped. The door transmitted palpitations through her fingertips and it’s dirty-brown hue further swallowed any nuance of confidence or esteem. Its aura the catalyst of prolonged, stomached dread.

    By rhyme79 URL on 09.03.2012

  13. I want to feel you in my bones
    I do, in fact feel you in my bones-
    you surround me
    you’re the air, the water, the objects, everything.
    I get this feeling when you are around me-
    when you touch me.
    when you hold me.
    I can feel a change in the weather when we become intertwined.
    Its like Ecstasy-
    and rather addicting,
    You, my love, are a walking miracle.
    That has dumbfoundedly mozied your way into my life.
    No rush whatsoever.
    I cannot get enough.
    I want more,
    every waking second,
    You are out of my reach.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 09.03.2012

  14. Everyone wants this. Does it really exist? I hope so. Some believe miracles happen every day, others believe that you’re lucky to see one in a lifetime.

    By Liv on 09.03.2012

  15. It is a miracle that I found them. I found him first. It has been heaven and hell. It has been the best of all the world and a horrible pain. I love the things I’ve got from meeting him. But I hate that I love him. But I will always appreciate t he miracle of meeting him.

    By -Diane. URL on 09.03.2012

  16. It never happens. even when it does, no one notices. if someone notices and tells others about it, they ever believe. if they believe, then it becomes a fact and is no more a miracle. So like I said,it doesn’t exist. It’s a miracle that I could bullshit about it so much in a minute.

    By Variantguy URL on 09.03.2012

  17. I don’t really know what to think about miracles. It has such a weird religious connotation. A baby is born and everyone says it’s a miracle. Why? Someone had sex and now there’s a baby. I mean, it’s great and all but why is it a miracle? What does that even mean?

    By Katie on 09.03.2012

  18. It was a miracle I was still alive. The blast had shook the very foundation of me. My teammates said I was as good as dead. They left me there. With the blood crusting my skin.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.03.2012

  19. Waiting for it to happen. Waiting for her to walk in my life and tell me how much I mean to her. Waiting for her to let me get lost in her eyes. Play with her long hair. Touch her smooth skin. Kiss her and tell her how much she means to me.Waiting….for the miracle to happen…

    By variantguy URL on 09.03.2012

  20. I wonder what’s going to happen next. If my grandpa would recover, that would really be a miracle but I hope it will happen. Although it doesn’t seem likely right now but all we can do it hope!

    By Minsch on 09.03.2012

  21. to perform this it is its own. to obtain the ability to receive this is beyond magnificent. to see it with your own eyes is mind blowing

    By melissa URL on 09.03.2012

  22. She didn’t really know how it happened. All she really knew was that, one day, she woke up, and there it was. Her one chance at changing her life. Her one chance at actually being able to make her one dream come true. Of making her life –and her family’s– better… It was her own private miracle.

    By Andrea on 09.03.2012

  23. I need a miracle. Really. The last year has been… Stupid.

    By AK on 09.03.2012

  24. my aunt was diagnosed with cancer and was told she only had 3 months to live 10 years later she was still alive and one day she went in for a check up after years of slowly deteriorating and was told that the cancer had vanished

    By tara URL on 09.03.2012

  25. Something God does, it’s realistic and i need to expect them. But not always in the place that I want them. God can do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think and I should rest in that. He’s able!

    By Robyn on 09.03.2012

  26. Miracles are in flowers and trees, smiles, hugs, and laughs. Love is a miracle so big it can make shivers, whispers, wind or tears. I am a miracle, everyone of us is a miracle. Energy and consciousness, puppies and kitties! Everything is completely miraculous. We are awakening from our delusions by embracing our shadows and our conscious Light, and all the miracles as perfect belonging, with loving acceptance.

    By stacer URL on 09.03.2012

  27. miracle is a loaded word for me. it is so intertwined with ideas of the world, such as religion and medicine. so i choose not to believe in anything other than the power of the miracle and the simplicity of believing that one may happen regardless of cause or effect.

    By ABL URL on 09.03.2012

  28. miracle is something out of the ordinary and yet something we meet every day, it is not easy to explain, but it is so common that people don’t see it anymore. it is something we dream about,but when it comes we tend not to see it. many people wxplain it with many words but in the end it is simple it is life

    By Viktoria on 09.03.2012

  29. It can be small or big, but they’re all beautiful. All gifts from God. We should always expect a miracle to change our circumstances. Sometimes they come out of the blue and other times from hard work, but all are miraculous.

    By Love Robyn URL on 09.03.2012

  30. I wasn’t born a great speller. In fact, I’d have likely turned out merely average in that department had it not been for my rather lousy performance in the 5th Grade Spelling Bee and for my tendency to lurk around corners and eavesdrop on my parents.

    Mother was laughing and leaned in to Father’s ear. She noted that it was ‘a miracle’ I’d lasted as long as I did. It’s true. I spelled two words correctly before stumbling on the word ‘weird’. Mother failed to note that my Waterloo word breaks the ‘I’ before ‘E’ rule which would make it a 6th Grade Spelling Bee word, if you ask me.

    The next day I began studying the dictionary. My obsession with spelling has only grown stronger in the thirty years since.

    By penny dreadful URL on 09.03.2012

  31. Miracle happens when you least expect it.
    Egypt is a miracle.

    By Humairah on 09.03.2012

  32. one day i was expecting a miracle when i was told he could die any moment from now, suddenly when i decided it was the best to say goodbye, i understood that life should be lived waiting for anything or anyone.

    By allyson on 09.03.2012

  33. It’s a miracle! No it isn’t fuckhead. It’s science. Science let it happen. Science has rules, regulations, laws, theories that explain everything. There are exceptions to every rule. Dick.

    No, no no. Why are you so pessimistic? It’s a miracle. Let it be a miracle. Let it be a miracle.

    By Raneem URL on 09.03.2012

  34. It was a miracle, really, that they had found him.

    Perhaps that wasn’t strictly accurate. After all, you couldn’t really call a near-hysterical Norse god a miracle. Whatever it was, it meant that they were able to find Tony before the building that had fallen on him crushed him completely.

    By Kathryn URL on 09.03.2012

  35. why am i drawing a blank. i wrote an eight page essay on this word alone. come on now, emily.

    By emily on 09.03.2012

  36. Miracle is something which happens to you when you least expect for it! It is something you were seeking for a long time but just not happens and when it happens it take you by surprise.

    By Tathagat Khandelwal on 09.03.2012

  37. I know people often say ‘I need a miracle.’ Far too often, though, we aren’t sure what is miraculous in our lives. The coolness of the breeze at the crest of a hill, my house having beautiful natural wood floors, my family loving me no matter what- are these things not miraculous? I have a miracle. I am one.

    By Brandon URL on 09.03.2012

  38. miracles are not something that is made by a higher power, miracles are made by yourself.

    By michelle on 09.03.2012

  39. It’s unexplainable through science. Most people will hope for one throughout their lives, but will never have to chance to see one happen.

    By Korina on 09.03.2012

  40. Miracles..one of the most beautiful and unbelievable things in the world. Miracles are everywhere, you just gotta look for them, and believe in their existence. An through that, your life itself will become one too.

    By Sal on 09.03.2012