September 2nd, 2012 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “covered”

  1. The night sky covered us like a gentle blanket, and as we watched the stars fall i knew this was it, this was the one to steal my heart. Only time would tell if he would murder it, but as we lay there in complete silence… i found peace for the first time.

    By Laurel Elise Hill on 09.03.2012

  2. I was immersed in a sea of comfort. Covered by a blanket, warm, smelling the sweet perfume of his skin. Nothing was more beautiful than that moment of serenity, contentment and peace. I loved him and that’s all that mattered to me.

    By Sarah Reimink URL on 09.03.2012

  3. It was meant to be a surprise for a little Helen. We asked her to come in, with her eyes covered, and we made her step in front of the box. When she uncovered her eyes, she saw the most amazing gift anyone could’ve given her: a new box to play with.

    By Uli on 09.03.2012

  4. There was blood everywhere, mingled with the snow.

    Tony stared in growing horror at Loki, unable to process his image of the god he loved in combination with this laughing maniac who knelt in the snow, surrounded by bodies.

    By Kathryn on 09.03.2012

  5. Es ist zugedeckt mit einer Schicht aus bunten, weichen Flusen. Die ganze Oberfläche sieht so kuschlig aus, dass ich mich am liebsten hier und jetzt hineinlegen möchte. Ich wollte schon immer mal auf einer Wolke einschlafen.

    By Lisa URL on 09.03.2012

  6. Three days ago I was at the beach, as the sunshine streamed down upon me, i realized I was covered. In sand, I sat, my head protruding, feeling the moist, rocky weight of sand pressing down against my body, the sun splashing my face and my friends looking on, smiling in delight, covered with summer cheer

    By Aidan Epstein on 09.03.2012

  7. The rations were covered. Fifth Patrol was bringing them in on horseback the following morning. The platoon slept soundly, knowing that they would have lunch tomorrow.

    By dan URL on 09.03.2012

  8. the alien was covered in slime and he didnt know how he had gotten there. It was a mystery as old as time. One being covered in the sheer existence of the other, neither with any way out of this condition

    By Alphonsus O'Reilly on 09.03.2012

  9. As his limp and lifeless body was covered with the white plaid sheet, tears formed in my eyes, and warmed my face as they streamed down my rosy cheeks. I’d lost the one true love of my life; to make matters worse, it was my fault too.

    By Marie on 09.03.2012

  10. Covered in mud, and aching, she pulled herself out of the mess of a rut she was in. Of course, she wasn’t really covered in mud. It was an expression. Just an experiment.

    By Lauren on 09.03.2012

  11. they covered me in my blankets last night, while i was still wearing all my clothes, because i had had a little too much and i let spill a bunch of secrets that i should have kept covered forever.

    By Emma on 09.03.2012

  12. I was sleeping soundly, covered in my favorite fuzzy blanket. I really felt as if the sun was an intruder as the light slowly crawled across the pillow and over my face. As I came closer to my senses, I realized what today is!

    By christylynnwilson URL on 09.03.2012

  13. a blanket is a warm place to be. I always feel safe and secure inside my favorite blanket. I can easily bring my family into the blanket with me. Friends often laugh but when at home they do the same thing. Crawl into a blanket and you will see.

    By Alysia on 09.03.2012

  14. i woke up, covered in my own blood, with no re collation of how this had happend. all i know is im covered in blood with a knife in my hand.

    By cara on 09.03.2012

  15. i was covered in blood and i didn’t knew what to do. I found myself in complete shock. “What should be the next step i should take?” I questioned myself. I finally ended up with this nightmare for once and for all.

    By Jorge Chavez on 09.03.2012

  16. I once was covered in water. Completely covered. Nothing surrounded me. No sounds no movement. I could only hear the muffles sound of air bubbles running past me as they made their way to the surface.

    By Alexia on 09.03.2012

  17. ‘No worries! I’ve got it covered.’ Now, why should such a positive thought come to mind? How entirely and drastically incongruous of my character! However, perhaps I should embrace such flashes rather than scrutinize them. Intellectualising every unexpected nugget of notion that briefly passes through my brain is not a recipe for positive thought, now is it?

    By rhyme79 on 09.03.2012

  18. I covered my bed with my large blanket that I had gotten for christmas. I love it so. I fell asleep thinking about what we covered in history today. I covered my head with my blanket trying to sleep, but the deep chilled wind still froze me over. I got up and covered the windows with a sheet to help keep out the cold.

    By Zoe on 09.03.2012