September 3rd, 2012 | 443 Entries

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443 Entries for “miracle”

  1. A miracle is something when you least expect. It is when the possible just happens easily.

    By John Shinavier URL on 09.03.2012

  2. cool stuff..should happen to everyone..makes ppl happy.gods grace.im out of stuff to write about…so how is life website?? :

    By maria on 09.03.2012

  3. Anyone who works in Manhattan is a miracle worker. Your time quickly becomes that of someone else. You belong to your boss night and day whether it is on the the weekend or in the middle of a Christmas dinner. It is because your boss life is their work and they expect that from everyone else.

    By River Ranter URL on 09.03.2012

  4. Everything in life is a miracle! We see things every day that excite us, inspire us, fullfill us, enlighten us and teach us. Sometimes miracles are overlooked, but soon you come to realise that anything that makes you FEEL something is a miracle in itself.

    By Zara on 09.03.2012

  5. It was amazing. It was astounding. It was I don’t even know. People keep talking about it asking, “Is that…?!” I’m like “yeah.” I barely even know what to do with it. A part of me is like “no big deal,” but really it is. How can dispute it’s brilliance? I might never see something like this again. I can only cherish the memory now, and hope to God that this isn’t the end.

    By Anna on 09.03.2012

  6. I gasped. He stood there, smiling and watching warily.

    Was it true? Was it really…..him?

    “How?” I thought, my mind racing, this had to be some sort of miracle.

    What had I ever done to deserve this? I didn’t even believe in wishes.

    By Dana on 09.03.2012

  7. first the spark, the twinkle, the part
    Then the scribble, the dribble, the start
    The sketch, silhouette, the outline, the draft
    The line, the colour, both bland and the stark

    By gsk URL on 09.03.2012

  8. The grey lithe form slipped through the bars of the window. It wrapped around her body. Her body was pale and covered in dirt and blood. It lifted her. It warmed her. It carried her out of the window, carried her to the sea. She disappeared under the tide. In the morning, they checked her for lack of her usual disturbing high-pitched wails that she made. She was gone. The guards scratched their heads. Under the sea, in a clear bubble, the girl and the seal played in a field of grass.

    By Emilygracevee@gmail.com URL on 09.03.2012

  9. Its a miracle how i still have hopes and dreams.how i still fight my way through life .keep falling and standing up.its all about exsistence and being alive trying to keep my head high.

    By Mona on 09.03.2012

  10. I was alone. Nobody could hear my screams as they echoed off of the windowless walls in the black room. I felt blind and hopeless. I felt like the last person on earth. But then there was a loud bang. A small twinkling of light came through a hole in the wall, then the whole wall came tumbling down. There you stood in front of me, reaching out your hand to save me from myself. You’re my miracle.

    By Kristin on 09.03.2012

  11. Miracles can happen at any moment,
    a passing breeze, a change of a frown,
    Just be present for the moment

    By Simon Says.. URL on 09.03.2012

  12. I can’t wait for miracles. I don’t to wait for the perfect timing and amazing luck to dictate what happens to me. I feel like going out and getting what I want. I’m no angel, so I doubt a miracle will save me.

    By Nina Roy URL on 09.03.2012

  13. I realised all too late that the creature hadn’t been intent on killing me, but instead intent on retrieving the mysterious item I had found that morning. It was nothing less than a miracle that I was still standing, and even more miraculous that I was actually willing and ready to fight to keep it. I had to protect it, to protect the world.

    By Bernadette URL on 09.03.2012

  14. It’s not what happens when a baby’s born,
    It’s not what happens when someone recovers from illnesses.
    It’s not what happens when my little brother makes the final shot that wins the last game, no, that’s no miracle.
    Miracles are much more complexingly simple.
    Close your eyes,
    trust me.
    Take a deep breath.
    There. A miracle.

    By The_Monster_Creation URL on 09.03.2012

  15. Miracles are more common than one realizes, especially when faith is at hand. Odds are against you, the world doesn’t care, then BOOM: miracle.

    By stevie hall URL on 09.03.2012

  16. why is the word miracle again. i was hoping it would be something different. i dont have much to say about miracles. never really experienced one i guess. well maybe i have but i just didn’t see it as a miracle. maybe meeting my boyfriend was the miracle.

    By eli on 09.03.2012

  17. It happend and was finished before I even knew what was going on. I new baby klingon was born. A thing this grand could only happen in my world.

    By Chris French on 09.03.2012

  18. I don’t understand most things in life. Like how, when the rain falls against the window pane some droplets would slowly creep down whilst others zoom past. In life, I would see the same strange gravity pulling people faster and slower, with no common sense or order. I would make terrible decisions, like rolling around in duvets where I have no business being, stealing another like another was stolen from me, but not really, because you can’t steal eyes. And fire. And longing. So it’s a miracle I did anything today. My guilt, no, well do I call it that? Am I guilty? I enjoyed it, did I? Roughly. Although I felt the same raven pick away at us both as we pushed towards the completion of our embargoes with our separate muses; not realizing that to call upon their ghosts is to drift them further away. This truth has always been a reality, but has only later been realized.

    By Lobster on 09.03.2012

  19. its a miracle. My life, everything in it right now. It’s nothing but a pure miracle that I am where I am today. I’m happy, healthy, in love, and everything is good. I love my lord & he loves me. How did everytihing come together so perfectly? and in just one year? It’s nothing short of a miracle. Everything is. the world, & everything in it.

    By Laura on 09.03.2012

  20. When something beyond explanation happens, usually filling you with utter and complete joy.
    Many people think of Jesus as the one who “performed miracles” I know I do.
    Some may think it’s supernatural, or pure coincidence. But they do exist, in whatever form you choose to believe in them. They are to be appreciated.

    By Rachel on 09.03.2012

  21. you would never believe it if you didn’t experience it yourself. I guess I don’t have much to say, because I have too much to say. Living, breathing, moving, loving, learning. But really, what more can I say? nothing. There’s too much. I’m overwhelmed with life’s miracle.

    By LauraM on 09.03.2012

  22. amazing things, they happen to special people only, and rarely.
    something extraordinary
    doesn’t happen day to day
    9/11 survivors
    my RE teacher at school
    belief and faith
    lost for words

    By Busra on 09.03.2012

  23. The small happening that one might never notice
    Or the huge event which inspires millions.
    Nobody can describe a miracle to its fullest, for it can be as small as the dust in the air, or as large as the sun which brings light to see everyday.
    Everything around us is a miracle.

    By Rachel URL on 09.03.2012

  24. Gosh, it’s a miracle I’m even awake at this time of night, what with the aches and pains and lack of sleep so far this week. Mind you, life is made of of small miracles. People say that they don’t happen, but they do! From finding a fiver on the ground to finding that special someone to share your life with, our lives are made up of miracles, small and large. The biggest miracle in my life is the people in it…

    By quietgirl URL on 09.03.2012

  25. things happen when it comes to miracles. Miracles seem to me like blessings of God. It always seems to happen at the most randomest and desperate times. But I don’t care because they just seem to happen anywhere. It just happens and thats what makes it a miracle

    By alexa on 09.03.2012

  26. a Wondrful thing that will happen to me some day when i need it to :)
    i hope it will happen to someone i love at least once!

    By amy on 09.03.2012

  27. ive never believed in those but i wish i did, too bad they dont happen for everyone. Maybe the miracle is just living and knowing that that in itself is pretty amazing

    By Kathleen on 09.03.2012

  28. There was something about the way the old house stood at the top of the hill. Bravely, but worn. It looked as though nothing happy would ever happen again, but it would stand without moving for the rest of its days, like a soldier going into a battle he knows he will lose.

    By Clarissa Sutton on 09.03.2012

  29. It will be a true miracle if I ever find the man I am meant to be with in this lifetime.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.03.2012

  30. When I looked up I saw a bubble floating. It drifted across my vision and it landed on my hand. It popped and in its place was a butterfly. It stayed there for a few seconds before it flew away. I smiled at the strange creature as it dissipated into a bubble again.

    By Harmony on 09.03.2012

  31. LIFE! LOVE!

    By Nuno URL on 09.03.2012

  32. That’s funny. My daughter is 3 months old. Her name is Merrick and I call her Mericale for short. She is my Mericale because my partner and I were able to have her due to the amazing technology we have in this world now. She is the most amazing, beautiful, happy baby in the world. I did not know I could love something so small, so much. So, when I hear or see the word Mericale… It makes me smile. :)

    By Ashley on 09.03.2012

  33. The rapturous joy of something that happens when it shouldn’t possibly happen. It’s impossible. The very fact that it happens, that it exists, is impossible and wonderful. It is a contradiction in the best of senses. Miracles are what make life worth living.

    By Amanda on 09.03.2012

  34. impossible, but true, a complete answer to the need. nothing else was satisfactory. the miracle was all. in all. all.

    By bill drummond on 09.03.2012

  35. Miracles are something that God has used over the past few months a lot, I feel. Well. I see them as miracles. In Trinidad, we prayed for Miranda’s cold to go, and it did. We prayed at eye clinics, and were able to find the right glasses for people whose eyes seemed beyond repair. God has just… he’s made himself and his personality so clear via small miracles.

    By Kirsten on 09.03.2012

  36. I’m trembling. Seven years on you’d think there would be some respite from this relentless crusade, but the barrage of legal torture just keeps coming. There is no justice; it is a fallacy, a complete myth. All I can hope for now is a miracle.

    By sharon london on 09.03.2012

  37. The miracles of my life are plenty. Musical ability. My business teaching. My lady felines. My healthy fit body. And most of all I am blessed by the miracle of love that surrounds me. Now, it’s time for a sandwich. :)

    By sexybikechick URL on 09.03.2012

  38. I expect miracles in my life and the lives of those around me. When you open up to life’s possibilities, all things are possible. Live, Breath, Love.

    By D on 09.03.2012

  39. Sometimes all we can ever do is wish for a miracle. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does, you stand there, dumbfounded with joy at your incredible fortune. But when it doesn’t happen, your whole world comes crashing in around you. How could this happen? Why you?

    By Sammy URL on 09.03.2012

  40. When something so unlikely but fortunate happens. It’s rare but welcomed with gratitude. It happens by chance.

    By melanie on 09.03.2012