May 27th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “mint”

  1. makes me think of my friend, the unresolved issues to deal with and the need to trust god. help me god to trust you and a love my friend as i need to and want to. help me to appreciate all that she is.

    By Jenny Arnez on 05.28.2011

  2. Mint tastes good. Mint cookies especially. Girl guides come and sell us mint cookies every year, I eat the whole box by myself. Shhhh. Can I some now actually? Pretty pretty please? I’m begging you.

    By stephanie on 05.28.2011

  3. Mint, the taste of you breath that night
    When you clasped me in your arms
    I didn’t even know your name
    Maybe I couldn’t hear it
    Mint, the flavour of chewing gum
    you always have
    stashed away somewhere
    In your locker
    Mint, the thing that reminds me of you

    By colourmecolourful on 05.28.2011

  4. The smell of mint rolls off your tongue and climbs its way into my mind. It’s hard not to get pulled into the arms of the sweet scent. From a distance your smile masks the wonders that coming closer would reveal and destroy my common sense. I shouldn’t kiss you. I shouldn’t want to. But, oh, how I do.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 05.28.2011

  5. Its the flavor of most gums. After eating mint gum, try opening your mouth and inhaling sharply, it feels fresh and cold. Mint oreos are quite delicious.

    By Martine on 05.28.2011

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    By elify URL on 05.28.2011

  7. Makeshift words
    intriguing my every
    notion of all
    the wonders that
    slip into my mind.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 05.28.2011

  8. ice cream makes me think of my aunt when i think i remember when summer was childhood oh god i miss her i hope none of my new roomates have that as a theme color or i may just move out and cry

    By rachel victoria URL on 05.28.2011

  9. She offered the mint in her hand to her horse, Guinness.
    “Good boy,” Julie murmured, holding his mane and stepping on the fence to pull herself onto his back. “Good boy, Guinness.”
    Guinness picked up a slow, smooth walk.

    By Ashley Dallas URL on 05.28.2011

  10. Sweet refreshing scented edible tasty sneezey and delicious. Fresh plant made with lemon can be nice good for colds and fresh breath

    By Barnaby on 05.28.2011

  11. I had this CD that was in mint condition one time. Sadly though the cover was taken off by my wonderful little sister. It seems as though she did not care about my poor CD. I wish It was still in that condition because I could have sold it for a large amount of money.

    By Chelsea Marie URL on 05.28.2011

  12. You know what? I don’t like mint. Unless it’s in toothpaste. The second you put it in ANYTHING else, that thing AUTOMATICALLY starts tasting like toothpaste. It is disgusting. I do not want your Thin Mints, girl scout, now go away. Seriously.

    By Sabrina on 05.28.2011

  13. Mints were in a bowl. The office was nicely decorated. To say the least, I was impressed. The way they had laid it out made it seem so expensive. I heard my name called. I stole some mints and went on my way.

    By Jo Jo URL on 05.28.2011

  14. As i entered the restaurant I saw a tiny bowl on the table. Insignificant mints with no concerns. They had no idea that in mere moments a patron would simply reach down and grab one, stuffing it into his smelly mouth.

    By gerber on 05.28.2011

  15. Christmas time. Mint fills the air with a cool fresh sweetness reminiscent of family and home. Candy canes adorn trees and find their way into hot chocolate.

    By Christina on 05.28.2011

  16. It was a short evening with him, but as she paused at the counter of the restaurant, she saw the tiny mints in a crochet bowl. “Please buy a mint” a tacky hand made sign said.
    They go to help find a cure for cancer.

    By Ashley on 05.28.2011

  17. She handed me a mint. Although I was so taken by her beauty I missed my mouth.

    By Claire on 05.28.2011

  18. they make your breath smell super good. sometimes they burn my throat though. they come in lots of different colors. i like the green and white ones rather than the red and white ones. they have a better taste. maybe more sweet than mint.

    By Katelyn on 05.28.2011

  19. Oh so fresh, peppermint tea
    If you a playa, rock it like me,
    spearmint, imperials best stuff ever
    semester to semester, fresher

    By Jz on 05.28.2011

  20. It’s the fresh taste in a cup of tea. Green. Full of flavor. It’s a herb I love. It’s versatile, good for decoration too. Love it in a water melon salad. Or what about peppermint.

    By Guido on 05.28.2011

  21. Spicy, sweet, peppery.
    Chewy, hard, melting.
    Flavors burst onto my tongue and an orchestra of sensations sing to my taste buds.
    I smile contentedly as I exit the restraunt, the free mint in my mouth.

    By Artimas URL on 05.28.2011

  22. chocholate, shampoo, green, tictac, chewing gum, fresh, menthol, leaves, smell,

    By kamooo on 05.28.2011

  23. Summer days lazing around in the park…by the river maybe. A little breeze to take the harshness off the heat…
    Cocktails and salsa at night in bars…

    By Jess on 05.28.2011

  24. I loved how the mint used to grow in a big patch at my Aunt Mary Lou’s house. We would go outside and pick a leaf or two and put it in our ice tea, it was wonderful.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.28.2011

  25. i really like mint gum it’s really yummy! and cooling! and it makes your breath smell good!

    By Maya Glenn URL on 05.28.2011

  26. Mints. They start out as a vapor induced hell then turn sweet and comforting. Altoids are the worst of the mint family, they seem so inviting in that little box but then turn into peppermint suffocation. A bitter sweet thing those mints.

    By Jose Vazquez URL on 05.28.2011

  27. The mint chocolote chip ice cream I indulged in as I sat and watched the highlights to last nights game went down perfectly as I thought about the events that unfolded today.

    By DanMarino on 05.28.2011

  28. sweet taste long lasting flavour makes your tongue go numb from licking it to much your mouth becomes sore after quiete a while

    By Wonderingsoul on 05.28.2011

  29. fresh on my tongue. lovely herb, but takes over teh garden if not kept in check

    By wendolin URL on 05.28.2011

  30. I popped the mint out of its perfectly tied plastic packaging and slipped it onto my tongue. As my lips closed the mint began to melt, sending warm candy around my mouth. Bliss.

    By SunbearGirl on 05.28.2011

  31. Awesome. Dude. This place is mint! Save a dime. No money, no crime. It’s worth it. Worth is all made up sometimes. Green solid cold hard cash. Minty fresh. The fresh maker. The baby maker. Kiss me once you’re a fool. Kiss me twice and we might have something to talk about…

    By L on 05.28.2011