May 27th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “mint”

  1. Mint leaves were grown in the garden when I was a child. My mother would boil water and then pick mint leaves to crush and float in the liquid, creating a fresh mint tea. They were wonderful to chew as well. I think I want to grow some again. Methinks. Yes. Mint.

    By J on 05.28.2011

  2. Crunching, crunching, in mouths. A crisp waterfall falling onto a forest of pine. The clearest substance on Earth, almost painfully so. Jean-Paul walks a tightrope above a land of snow, with a strange green sun overhead. Sizzling sizzling, a cold sizzling, like a corrosive rainfall in the middle of a blanket white city. That’s what I feel, you fateful spunky muse, you mint, you.

    By Jake Bittle URL on 05.28.2011

  3. I like your new lipstick–very attractive–just a hint of mint–Uncle Jack’s compliment he’s a sweetie.A nice thing to say to a fifteen year old

    By barbara URL on 05.28.2011

  4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is delicious. I tried it for the first time ever at our local mom-and-pop ice cream shop, and since then I’ve been hooked! Mint is also my favorite color, and when I get married, guess what color the bridesmaids’ dresses will be?

    By M on 05.28.2011

  5. refreshingly cool it wakes up the world in the mornings and sends them to bed in the evening, filling our mouths and noses with its comforting scent. it has yet to kill a man, despite being a poison. it truly is the saviour of mankind, ensuring dental health for years to come. All hail mint.

    By Nick on 05.28.2011

  6. mint used to come to me in savory strips,
    layered between the creamy chocolate coating
    of girl scout cookies we’d munch on the tire swings
    but now i cannot eat what i once used to eat
    unless i want to be what i once used to be
    so i pull out a different mint strip, of orbit gum

    By Noelle URL on 05.28.2011

  7. Freshens your soul and mind, creates love in places unthinkable, and lets you explore your most sensitive of taste buds to the highest of possibilities. Brings back the early memories of both summer and winter, filling my heart with joy, laughter, and overall happiness. Ecstasy of happiness to the maximus, you and me, against the world, nothing could stop us.

    By Anoli on 05.28.2011

  8. The tangy taste played on my tongue as I sipped cool lemonade in the sun outside. My faithful dog, a golden retriever, panted at my side. Summer had come, the sun was out, clouds drifting lazily across a clear blue sky. No work, no school, no worries.

    Ahh, summer.

    By Banani URL on 05.28.2011

  9. An interner literate

    By anand URL on 05.28.2011

  10. She knelt down in the garden and picked up a sprig of mint leaf. She inhaled its scent deeply and remembered the meadow in the spring. Laying on the ground in his arms, smelling mint and looking at clouds.

    By Liz Humphrey URL on 05.28.2011

  11. Mint. Mint. Mint.
    How you fill my mouth with such a distinct flavor,
    A flavor that can only be described by your name.

    By Cass URL on 05.28.2011

  12. Mint lovely flavour indeed. Green leaves pearched on a window sill gently blowing in the breeze. Pick one out of the bunch and have a smell. The aroma is delightful.

    By Dee on 05.28.2011

  13. In the shade, next to the water facet grows the mint. It is tiny now but grows quickly in the warm weather, which is coming soon. The mint will be used in everything from Mint Lemon Water to cool us off to Minty Fruit Salad. Yum, can’t wait for summer to really begin!

    By paulie aragon on 05.28.2011

  14. On a Saturday in May a young boy brushes his teeth. The mint flavoured toothpaste stings his eyes – for some stupid reason he thought it was funny to rub the tooth paste along his long lashes. Idiot.

    By Diarmuid on 05.28.2011

  15. is the cool thing you feel on your cheek when you bite into the patty that your best friend just gave you, and you try to make that moment last for a lifetime. But it never seems to work. Peppermint patty.

    By hadouken on 05.28.2011

  16. I saw the mint leaves scattered all over the ground. The pig had escaped and ruined the front hall, the place was an utter mess. I’m definitely slaughtering it tonight and having pork stir fry for dinner.

    By Diarmuid URL on 05.28.2011

  17. The papers were hot off the conveyer belt. Like donuts they rolled along in sheets.

    Spruce and mint hedge lined the petrified forest. Rabbits appeared every now and then to chew on it.

    By Tay on 05.28.2011

  18. mint is delicious. I don’t know why, maybe because it keeps my breath fresh or it’s just the idea of freshness that we seem to associate with mint. But, I personally just like the taste of it. The fact that you can pair it up with a lot of things and make something unique or completely epic. Mint is awesomef

    By Fatima URL on 05.28.2011

  19. I might like a mint that was meant to be melted when I meet the man that I might just marry.

    By bethany URL on 05.28.2011

  20. is a refreshing tasting herb that is commonly used as a flavor in most brands of gum and mouth freshener.a mint is also used to make a special kind of tea called mint tea.

    By Zak on 05.28.2011

  21. Mint is my favourite flavour. It gives one a tingly sensation and is good for making your breath smell good. That’s why it’s called breath mints. Not many people like mint as a flavour unless it’s in chewing gum. But I like it – especially in chocolate mint catke and peppermint tea.

    By Wen on 05.28.2011

  22. something my mum loves, and which I hate. Strong, and with a persistent perfume. Covered with chocolate, she loves it

    By Mara on 05.28.2011

  23. The minute it touched her tongue the sting hit her tastebuds. She wasn’t expecting such a tiny thing to make her eyes water. What kind of mint was this? It had tricked her into thinking it would be sweet and mild. But no. This was an evil mint. She spit it out into a napkin and folded the paper in half. ” Good riddance.”

    By skylarthepoet URL on 05.28.2011

  24. So many things…money, a breath freshener, or even candy for some people? The power to see one word in many different ways is magical, and the reason that we thrive. Our ability for perspective.

    By Sabena on 05.28.2011

  25. Minty like your words, when they come. Clear, blue, cool, impartial as the air, they soothe my acidic heart that burns for justice, in a world that does not know love. A kiss will make me forget. It’s a deal, then.

    By Harvinder URL on 05.28.2011

  26. There’s no more mints. Fuck. My breath must reek. I’m totally busted I figure.
    I walk into my house diligently ready to get busted any second, but no one even greets me. The house seems to be empty. Or maybe I’m just tripping out.

    By Samantha URL on 05.28.2011

  27. Rrefreshing the flavor of toothpaste. I should brush my teeth more often. I need a shower right now. I’m getting off track. Makes your breathe smell gooooooood.

    By Mike smith on 05.28.2011

  28. yummyyy i looove mint. you can grow it and eat it and put it in ice cream and other delicious stuff. its green and really yummy and gives you a little bit of a tingle in your mouth when you eat it. my chapstick has mint in it. it makes my lips tingle!! its sooo great. i love it! :)

    By alissa on 05.28.2011

  29. I always mint gum with me.
    Mint is really refreshing.
    Mint is also another name for a place where they print money.
    Mint cigarettes can cause for the sperms to dry up.

    By Arun Malhotra on 05.28.2011

  30. Mints are good they give you fresh breath they smell good and make people happy I love the smell of mint in the morning.

    By Kayla on 05.28.2011

  31. Mint is kind of an obnoxious word in my estimation … do you talk about the flavor mint … what fun is there in that … maybe talking about something costing a mint would be so much better .. at least it would be worth something. HA, HA!

    By Doug Swanson URL on 05.28.2011

  32. His mouth tasted like mint, not like a gum, obviously, more like that auwful vegan tea he used to take for breakfast every morning.
    Danny loved kissing Steve, but sometimes, that mint taste was just too much.

    By mllelouise on 05.28.2011

  33. Mint is a flavour. It is also a kind of plant. I think the plant must have come first and the flavour named after it. Mint is also used in several other contexts, such as ‘worth a mint’ (worth a lot of money) and ‘the roayl mint’ where they make money. A mint is also a kind of sweet.

    By Phil on 05.28.2011

  34. Mint tea anyone’ her vioce rang out , tea, biscuits? my aunt was always one with the questions. Why then didnt she have the answer for my biggy, who is my dad auntie?

    By james cooper URL on 05.28.2011

  35. His mouth tasted like mint. Not like mint gum, obviously, more like that auwful vegan tea he used to take for breakfast every morning.
    Danny loved kissing Steve, but sometimes, that mint taste was just too much.

    By mllelouise URL on 05.28.2011

  36. Mint. Minty. Toothpaste. Mojitos. Mint chocolate-chip ice-cream.
    I don’t really like mint.
    The only mints I’ll eat is the one where the fruit (or other) flavour is so strong it’s more like candy than mint.

    By Rushtail on 05.28.2011

  37. She sang lullabies to children she hardly knew, sitting on the top of the slide in the playground. They grew used to her there, after a while, the old lady with a pretty voice; they would dare each other to go and steal mints from her purse (was she blind? was she ill?) until one day, she stood up, slowly; and the children scattered away like crows.

    By robyn URL on 05.28.2011

  38. It’s minty. Green, cool, fresh. Leaves and trees and the future and the world and everything on the mint. Minty. I love the mint. Cool on my tongue, strong. Kissing minty. Minty kissing. He kisses mint. Mint. I love mint. One minute? One mint. How do I do this? I am so confused. But I like it, like I like a mint. Mint. Give me a hint. It’s a mint, so close to be done, mint. Mint. One minute. Mint.

    By Jerrica on 05.28.2011

  39. chocolate mint. It’s a lot of money. Peppermint, spearmint doublemint gum. I like mint especially when I have an upset

    By Kathleen on 05.28.2011

  40. The mint flavor made the drink go down easy. I know I shouldn’t have it, but there was no satisfying the inner demon without it. No one would know anyway. One or two drinks wouldn’t kill me or anyone else….would it?

    By Fender2010 URL on 05.28.2011