May 26th, 2011 | 567 Entries

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567 Entries for “canteen”

  1. I use a canteen to carry water. It reminds me of my friends, we do a lot of camping. I wish i had a canteen in my head, so i could carry all the information i’ve collected and never lose it. But i don’t, but it was a silly idea anyway…so, time’s almost up.

    By Tyler on 05.27.2011

  2. Sometimes I wonder if God really is a spring of Water. A canteen that is filled with the freshed, most satisfying well that never dries, that never ceases. God’s love is like an ocean wide. His water, his supply is refreshing and cooling. His mercy is abounding. I am in awe of the love he has for me. For everyone. For sinners.

    By Megan V. URL on 05.27.2011

  3. I wish oh my, I wish o lady love and I had a canteen that would fill me up with your dove of paradise in the nature of my heart, only to shove a cart through the promis of my land in a lake that has only a few ideas left for the two of us to skip with a hip kind of candy rope in love and life along. Stay strong.

    By Todd Swenson on 05.27.2011

  4. so this one time i was sitting in the desert and i was really thirsty, so i reached for my canteen, and it was completely empty. i threw it as far as i could, walked back over to it, and it was filled again. but not with water, vodka. it was so delicious. i don’t even understand how it happened but it just did and i got really drunk.

    By caitlin URL on 05.27.2011

  5. I drink water out of a canteen. Canteens remind me of my friends, because we do a lot of camping. I wish i had a canteen in my head, so i could keep all the information i come across and not forget it. I wrote this same paragraph about 3 minutes ago. Oh well…

    By Tyler URL on 05.27.2011

  6. I think of military men, chugging from green metal canteens. Grateful mouths spilling drops as they march through jungle, trampling green undergrowth, wiping their mouths with the backs of their dirt streaked hands…

    By Dana on 05.27.2011

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    By julia on 05.27.2011