November 18th, 2012 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “mention”

  1. He mentioned his cheating, and all I could do was stand and stare. Did I say something? Did I leave? Did I slap him like in all the movies I had seen? No. I just stand here and stare and wait for either him to explain to me why this was happening or tell me it’s a joke or for the earth to implode with me as the black hole sucking it all in.

    By Sydney on 11.18.2012

  2. Did I ever mention that I have never had an anniversary with a man? Yes, funny huh? Something one takes for granted, is something I pray for still.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.18.2012

  3. did i forget to mention the way your eyes light up when you see the sky
    did i forget to mention how much i love your laugh and how you tilt your head to the side when you smile
    did i forget to mention how much i love the tinkling of your laughter when you think something’s really funny
    if i did,
    i’m mentioning them now

    By paige URL on 11.18.2012

  4. he didn’t mention the girl he once knew. he thought to bring it up, timidly at first it entered in the corners of his mind, then he imagined shouting it, triumphantly, to the bus full of strangers, the people tangled in circuitous every day motion, and to the man next to him, he said nothing of her

    By Molly Walls on 11.18.2012

  5. The only time that Dean ever mentioned love was when he was eating something. A cheeseburger or a pie at most times would elicit such a response from Dean. Castiel wished that one day he would make that particular word come out of Dean’s mouth as well. But it was a hard thing to do, especially when there was nothing going on between the two of them. Everything was platonic at this point, as Balthazar loved to point out. And unless either Cas or Dean got the guts to speak to one another without alone and uninhibited, it was going to remain that way.

    By adriana on 11.18.2012

  6. I mentioned to my mum that I was going to a friendbut she did not listen

    By Teneniel on 11.18.2012

  7. I’m talking to my friend and I mention that I have to go.

    By Harry on 11.18.2012

  8. I’m talking to my friend and I mention that I have to go

    By Harry on 11.18.2012

  9. Don’t even mention that time we were at the Olive Garden and Donny decided to ask the waitress about the salad dressing. Just don’t.

    By anthony URL on 11.18.2012

  10. It was dropped slyly into the conversation and the realisation crept up like a noontime shadow in a desert until it hung below the words, bat-heavy and dripping with uneasiness. The sister words were tainted with its colour, a deep midnight, a witching hour glaze so carefully created to just be thrown down amongst the more trivial subjects.

    By gracesea on 11.18.2012

  11. the mention of his name caused spines to shiver all across the land. Everyone knew who he was, every living creature hid at the unmistakable sound of his footsteps.

    By lalawuu on 11.18.2012

  12. I thought that I should mention that I have been feeling some kind of way recently. I know that I quit my job to follow my dream, and that I have been broke and you have had to pay some of my bills, but it is too much to ask for you to bring me home something to drink? I mean shit, a girl needs a break every once in a while…

    By Christic on 11.18.2012

  13. is it even worth mentioning that you were a part of my life?
    is it worth remembering?
    or is it gone as quickly as the tears dried from my face?

    By amy on 11.18.2012

  14. If I don’t mention something about a topic, I really don’t want to talk about it. I will automatically talk about something that reminds me of the topic mentioned if it’s interesting to me. Think about it. I don’t talk on something that mentioned if I don’t like it.

    By Kaitlin Jones URL on 11.18.2012

  15. I wish they had mentioned that my 60 seconds had started!!!

    By christic on 11.18.2012

  16. to say something, to tell someone a point of view they don’t know, to remind smeone

    By dana on 11.18.2012

  17. I was sad and lonely because he had mentioned that I only had 7 more days to live and prosper. I wouldn’t see how many point I would make on the teams soccer team, or what year I will become famous. i would never know any of it because I will die.

    By rumor on 11.18.2012

  18. They wouldn’t dare mention it. Or so she thought. After years of hiding it, they finally went up to her and told her, affirming every fear that had been haunting her mind for years.

    By Dark-Masque on 11.18.2012

  19. “I forgot to say,” he said. “I didn’t know if it would be important.”
    She stared at the wall.
    “I just thought I’d mention that I love you.” He left.

    By Francesca on 11.18.2012

  20. Mentioning something can be life changing. Just a tiny few words or sentences can change you life forever. You wouldn’t think something so small could have such a big impact, or change someone’s life forever. I believe that the tiniest things can make the biggest difference.

    By Annie URL on 11.18.2012

  21. Romano couldn’t believe this. Had he actually fallen for the dumb, oblivious, childish Spaniard? He couldn’t believe he actually managed to fall in love with someone, not to mention another man. But, as the strong, fast paced beating of his heart continued, he knew he had his answer. [SPAMANO FTW]

    By Martina on 11.18.2012

  22. Those few words. Those few sentences. Those few things that can change your live forever. I believe that the littlest things are the ones with the biggest impact.

    By Annie on 11.18.2012

  23. I forgot to mention last week, while you were standing there at the bubbler, sipping gingerly. While I stared at the back of your head and you stood there, sipping, in your bright green sweater with your long brown beautiful hair. I loved you. And I forgot to mention the spider on your back.

    By Jem Page URL on 11.18.2012

  24. mention her to me some time.
    I like to remember
    and I am an excellent
    especially, things like this–
    I forget anything like this
    some day I’ll look back
    and it’ll seem
    everything we did, that is

    By la on 11.18.2012

  25. when I mention being straight to my friends I think that they dont believe that I am. But if I do not not mention it to people they think that I am gay. Its weird not knowing what my friends think of me but I know that it is going to get better. Mentioning things is a matter of saying someones name or work of art not just tagging someone in a sentence on twitter.

    By Kyle on 11.18.2012

  26. Did i mention that i love you today? Did i mention that your all i want? Did i mention that i would be nothing i am with out you? Because i meant to.

    By Caitie on 11.18.2012

  27. No mention of the mansion would aid his dementia – his eyes rolled in madness as he manicured his mantises.

    By Marianne URL on 11.18.2012

  28. I’d of mentioned this before, but
    i couldn’t quite think of the right way to
    Phrase it–
    To makes the vowels and consonants
    Flow into words,
    Structured paragraphs.
    There’s no easy way to say it–
    I can’t just drop it into conversation,
    Dark secret splattering our
    Tentative romance like spilled milk
    All over my kitchen floor.

    By Kenna URL on 11.18.2012

  29. And I forgot to mention;
    That you don’t come back home when I call
    You left no sign, nothing at all
    I’m sorry you don’t fit inside my soul
    There’s nothing left, nothing to hold
    I wanted love without the price
    I wanted love without the fight
    But I can’t reach you underneath these tangled vines
    And so we’re left alone to wallow in our crimes

    By Perri on 11.18.2012

  30. The worst kind of grieving is the kind that makes you flinch at the name of the person you’re missing. Because you never thought you’d be there, you know? You never imagined you’d ever be in a place where the mention of that person’s name would do anything but make you smile, make you turn around all wide-eyed and excited because you know you’re about to get to hang out with them again. You never imagined those syllables and sounds and consonants and vowels would ever hurt you, but they do now. It’s stupid and it doesn’t make sense, but they just do.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.18.2012

  31. I want to mention that I can’t trust you.
    I want to mention that I can’t trust anyone.
    I don’t know if I really want you
    but I want you to want me
    It feels good, you know?
    I just wish living together could happen like you want it to.
    I want us to.
    Don’t leave.

    By Julia URL on 11.18.2012

  32. Wow. okay there are so many things to mention and not to mention.

    I am ready to mention
    with much intention
    that i am hurting so
    because you insist on letting go

    I am ready to mention
    that I feel tension

    By Dana URL on 11.18.2012

  33. An honorary mention is basically telling you,
    “Hey, you did your best.
    You poured your heart into this,
    Spent countless sleepless nights perfecting,
    Skipped meals proofing,
    And missed that night out to correct any little mistakes.
    Yeah, you tried.
    And you were almost good enough.”

    By Abbey on 11.18.2012

  34. Once her names was mentioned, Micheal’s head spun like a top, trying to find who talked about her.
    Heather.. Heather.. H E A T H E R. Her name was like a flower. Something spun into gold. And the girl… oh god, that girl was one of fairy tale.

    By Skye URL on 11.18.2012

  35. Did I fail to mention your beautiful hair, he said as he walked out the door. The Heavy rain and wind swept across his figure and he quickly realized he was now entering the lonliest period of his fortune…

    By Nicholas Driscoll on 11.18.2012

  36. Her heart skips a beat with the mention of that. She doesn’t want it to. It’s not her choice but it still does. Even the slightest mention.

    By cherryade on 11.18.2012

  37. I have to mention this. Actually I have to mention a lot of things, but I’ll stick to this one thing for now. I am in a desperate need of chocolate. Why does stores close at 8pm? WHY? Oh, GOD, WHY. Chocolate fusion.

    By THAL on 11.18.2012

  38. discuss something very casually. nonchalantly bringing up a topic during a conversation. bringing attention to something. talking.

    By kelsie on 11.18.2012

  39. If you think telling me a secret is simply mentioning something; you are wrong. Don’t go there with me. Don’t tell me something that you think may peak my interest unless you have more information for me. That is all.

    By Tom Christie on 11.18.2012

  40. Mention what u feel when u feel it it might be to late one day because feelings go and that special person might not be there anymore

    By Pablo on 11.18.2012