November 18th, 2012 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “mention”

  1. she didn’t say anything for the longest time. the word sat in her mouth like liquor, dizzying and forgetful, but she didn’t mention it.

    she looked at him and knew it was her last time; the word burned like a fire on her tongue.

    By Peach on 11.18.2012

  2. i mention the sex we had last night over this mornings cigarette, its a regular and it tastes nice with this coffee.

    well, he said to me. what about it?

    what i about it? i say between puffs.

    i contemplate this for a second.

    lets never do that again.
    i blow smoke in his face.

    By cordy cake on 11.18.2012

  3. I forgot to mention that I love you. I love being with you and think you are the best human person I know. Let’s hang out tonight and eat Pinkberry and watch a film. Your choice.

    By throughdodoseyes URL on 11.18.2012

  4. I hate to mention, but you stink. You always have, and you probably always will. There is nothing I can do about it, and nobody else will either. It is up to you to clean yourself when you get home. Here is some cologne, just don’t take too much.

    By Danny Boy on 11.18.2012

  5. I forgot to mention that I love you lots and I think that you’re the best human I know. Let’s hang out tonight, eat Pinkberry and watch a film. Your choice. But not a scary one.

    By throughdodoseyes URL on 11.18.2012

  6. there was never a mention of katie at the meeting. she was v conspiuous by her abscence. O f cource all knew of the recent reports and the silence was collective. Normally katie would dominate the meeting with her wit and good humour- more so
    than by any serious input on her behalf.

    By jack blake URL on 11.18.2012

  7. I have never mentioned my confusion to him. I’d always look so confident and arrogant to a point where he though I was careless about everything. I was using it as a defence mechanism. I’d mention it to everyone else I know…but him..never. I kept going until I killed it my doubts, my own storylines, my strong imagination…if only I mentioned how lost I was…how troubled was inside..maybe we would’ve saved it and he could have saved me..but no..I was so scared to get off of my high blinded by the social norms and useless advices and rules that define relationships that I forgot how to actually be in one..that I let go of the fact that only the truth can set things right…and that true and honest words were my way to redemption…

    By Lena-j on 11.18.2012

  8. I’ve gone months without it. Hours pass where I rarely find myself thinking of it. Days go by without my heart skipping a beat at the sound of it.

    It’s the only thing I can actively stop myself from doing…

    …mentioning your name.

    By Hannah URL on 11.18.2012

  9. When you mention the word mention all i can mention to the audience is think about your life. Your life is important, is what you are doing as important as you think it is? Try mentioning what happens in your life to anyone and see if it means anything to them.

    By McKay Fullmer on 11.18.2012

  10. Over the course of the past month, I’ve probably mentioned your name many times in conversation, but now that it’s here, I kind of just forget. It’s subconscious, I guess. I’m rather disappointed ho hum

    By tennismoker on 11.18.2012

  11. i wait for it
    and it never comes
    it falls from your mouth
    like a drip of blood
    something i cherish
    without it
    i would perish
    as i lay in wait
    i can feel this fate
    is something i was doomed
    to endure

    By molly on 11.18.2012

  12. Hey don’t mention it. Just a simple way to say you’re welcome. But being able to say it is knowing that you were able to help somone else.

    By Kati on 11.18.2012

  13. i hate the word mention because it sounds too formal and formal means you’re not comfortable with who you’re talking to and i think you should always be comfortable around other people no matter who they are. that probably made no sense but oh well.

    By Nika on 11.18.2012

  14. I didn’t want to mention what I was thinking to Rebecca. It was a painful feeling; her laughing beside me, the rain causing her slothes to stick to her skin. Sometimes, the closeness of our friendship seemed to simply magnify what we – or maybe just I – had lost.

    By Dale on 11.18.2012

  15. With every mentions of the Heavenly Father, your soliloquy grows brighter a wildfire on a hillside, your speech blazes as you stand on the street corner waxing poetic of end times as the men with tired faces ask for my spare change.

    By Neelvar on 11.18.2012

  16. So I was talking to you the other day.. and i forgot to mention how much i love your eyes and the way you look at me… you give me this crazy weird feeling that lifts me so high that almost nothing can damage my day. i appreciate you so much and i wish that you would see the way i see you… i really feel the chemistry between us.. that time we cuddled and the times we lock eyes and smile. i cant help it but mention you

    By Kristina G. URL on 11.18.2012

  17. To briefly put into conversation. Plant an idea. Mere simple thought. Bring up something that may or may not be significant. I thought that I would mention the significance of CO2 in my life.

    By Hannah Eilers on 11.18.2012

  18. I heard about someone mentioning something. But I don”t know what it was. it sounded good.

    By Brayden on 11.18.2012

  19. Today my family told me never to mention the accident that happened 2 days ago.

    By Rachel on 11.18.2012

  20. I decided that I would mention to him that he had chocolate on his face, as it would make a bad impression for his job interview, first impressions count!

    By Tara Kelly on 11.18.2012

  21. To be mentioned, to be named. It is the same as being remembered, being mentioned. But the word is “mention.” Something I do, not something someone else does about me. I mention you. Why? What do you have to do with me? I’m not sure. I must have some idea, some concept, some notion of relation between you and I. Otherwise, why would I mention you?

    By fichtion on 11.18.2012

  22. okay so im one the bridge and waiting for my friend,still waiting until finaly i see him when suddenly Boom! a bullet smashes into the ground dirt flys up every where “run” i scream i jump off the low brigde in to the icy water more bullets fly past my head

    By oliver on 11.18.2012

  23. Did I mention that I hate you? NO? Oh well I do. you’re a terrible person and I never wan to speak to you, ever again! Did I mention I hate the way you smack when you eat. Did i mention that I hate how you act around your friends? Did I mention that I hate how shy you are. Did I mention I love you?

    By NeonNewt on 11.18.2012

  24. Today the teacher had to mention about the school concert.

    By Keelan on 11.18.2012

  25. today on the news they mentioned the school holidays and what events will happen on the holidays.

    By tess on 11.18.2012

  26. Today the teacher had to mention about the school concert. I asked why did you mention the school concert because it’s two days away.

    By Keelan on 11.18.2012

  27. I feel as if I mention your name too much. I wish you knew just how much it has fallen upon ears. It’s not what I want, but my heart and mind have yet to allow me to forget my feelings toward you.

    By M.Lentz on 11.18.2012

  28. i mentioned to bob that i will not go to school on friday because i have to get surgry for my hand.Mum also mentioned to me to pack lunch for our day out before I get surgry.

    By caitlin on 11.18.2012

  29. I didn’t mention it but I knew she knew. I knew she knew and she knew that I knew. She didn’t mention it either. I shouldn’t even be mentioning it now.
    “Thanks.” I yelled after her.
    “Don’t mention it.” she said over her shoulder.
    “I won’t” I mumbled to myself.

    By Daniel on 11.18.2012

  30. A chinese poodle mentions the end of the world. Kings fall. Empires rise. And yet the breed stays strong. Strong at a mention of the end. The end of everything, the end of beginnings. The end of ends. The mention of the end and the end of mentions.

    By AJ Gazin on 11.18.2012

  31. Okay
    So he looks the same
    Sweet brown eyes
    Crooked smile
    Yes, I know
    But did he remember?
    Did he say my name
    At all?

    By Chelsea on 11.18.2012

  32. My life was a misery, but when I met her all change a lot that I can’t mention how I feel.

    By Mar Zamibel on 11.18.2012

  33. i told my friend about the holiday i was having and how fun it was.

    By asha on 11.18.2012

  34. He was going to mention her that he was gay but she was to distraught. Because her parents just died in a “car crash.”

    By Joe Smith on 11.18.2012

  35. now that you mention it metioning things that are entertaning is a fun way to pass the time.

    By Fletch on 11.18.2012

  36. The idea of mentioning one singular thought. One that can change the world forever. Something so different and extraordinary that no person would understand, the power of knowledge rests in the hands of those who mention.

    By Brynne on 11.18.2012

  37. “Did I mention that I have been watching you all night”, he blurted out. I played coy and said no. But I felt his eyes caress my body inch by inch from across the room.

    By leelee on 11.18.2012

  38. im trying to mention somthing to you or else somthing will happen to you

    By abigail on 11.18.2012

  39. Don’t mention it pal! Most of the time I find myself saying that. Why do I spend so much time helping others and not helping myself?

    Because I’m a good person, I say.

    But I’m not…

    Then Why?

    I don’t know. Don’t mention it!

    By Charles on 11.18.2012

  40. i mentioned your name to her, and all she did was get angry. he treats you horribly! he doesn’t care about you! but guess what. he does care about me… more than you could ever know. and then i had sudden regrets about mentioning things. so i no longer mention your name. or anyone’s name for that matter…

    By kennedy sembaliuk on 11.18.2012