November 18th, 2012 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “mention”

  1. I heard murmurs floating through the air
    It was all chatter
    Until I heard a mention
    A name
    My heart jumped
    And before I knew it
    Their words drew me to them

    By Juella Baltonado on 11.18.2012

  2. When I mention something significant in history people will react very differently… most are positive, informed – but many will be offended. Be careful what you mention! Or whom!

    By Elizabeth Millington on 11.18.2012

  3. mystery

    By taylor on 11.18.2012

  4. Not to mention what happened today.. Oh y gosh he’s so mad at me, and the thing is I care.. Which I totally thought I wouldn’t, because he’s doing the exact fucking thing, bastard.. smooth talking, cute bastard..

    By Bambi URL on 11.18.2012

  5. i mention you in my thoughts daily. you are constantly in my mind. so i talk about you to all of my friends. i love New York City. it comes up in conversation often. and i love to talk about how much i miss her. i never pass up a chance to tell others about her. she is the love of my life.

    By daniel recker on 11.18.2012

  6. To mention another shows tender care
    always thinking about them, telling others about them
    i mention you in a bright aspect.
    Those we disdain we care for their downfall
    just because we talk about them doesn’t mean we love them.

    By Recker URL on 11.18.2012

  7. why won’t you mention all that’s good about me why is it one criticism after another why do I focus so much on these mentions of criticism than on all of the wonderful things that you say and do? if I mention that I have been hurt before will that explain things or is that a derivative excuse?

    By L.V.Newc URL on 11.18.2012

  8. “Thank you.”
    A single, careful look confirmed my worst suspicions. He slowly handed the brimming bowl to me, sending a fleeting look from beneath his lashes then turning away.
    His voice was fraught and skittish when he answered: “Don’t mention it.”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.18.2012

  9. So… I kinda forgot to mention that I dumped your laundry on the floor… and I also kinda forgot to mention that I ripped up your Algebra 2 homework… aaaand I kinda forgot to mention that I stole your skirt for the semi-formal! -Your Roommate

    By VermillionButtons on 11.18.2012

  10. mention the things you didn’t do, mention the thing you wish you did.
    mention all the times you left me here hanging, mention the way you can’t stay away, cause you know i wont say no. Mention the way we are around each other. Mention it.

    By Marlene on 11.18.2012

  11. A dropped line about a subject that you can’t wait to expound upon.

    By Andrew Elder on 11.18.2012

  12. He didn’t mention that little detail. Ok, it was a big detail. How can a person not think that was significant. She looked into his eyes, trying to read more, delving deeper into his truth.

    By keeler URL on 11.18.2012

  13. mention. If you mention something, you talk about it with someone other than yourself. It is brought up in some type of conversation

    By Ali on 11.18.2012

  14. Did I mention how much I don’t care about what you say? Because if I didn’t let me mention it to you now: I don’t care. There I said it. Now I guess it’s your turn to mention something you don’t care about. There must be something.

    By Iris Melendez on 11.18.2012

  15. the meaning of life; the truth to be told; all there is to know – forever is a long time but not when you blink and the light of your Life is extinguished. Remember to mention that which we hold dear and then we’ll know the meaning of life. since we only live once.

    By Deyanira URL on 11.18.2012

  16. The very mention of your name makes my heart skip a beat. When I hear your voice, I lose my senses and something inside me goes to a happy place. This must be love…

    By Risa URL on 11.18.2012

  17. One thing I failed to mention to Mark is that I had not finished the task at hand. AP World History proved to be a challenge for me because of the constant flow of work that seemed never-ending. It’s a marathon, not a sprint like all other classes. And once again, my homework was not done, pissing of my boyfriend.

    By Mickey URL on 11.18.2012

  18. And I could never mention these thoughts to any of the people around me. Because while I told them I had missed them, and smiled as I said I was happy to be back, it was a facade. My mind was consumed with dread as I faced the reality that I was back. And this was my routine. And I was stuck in it. And it wasn’t changing anytime soon.

    By Ender URL on 11.18.2012

  19. “Don’t mention it,” he said through clenched teeth.
    “What you did was amazing!” Livvy insisted. She paused, a smile flashing her dimples, and reached out to gently touch his arm. “Thank you, Eli.”
    Jerking from her touch, Elijah glared at her, his blue eye* flashing. “I said. Don’t. Mention it.”
    Livvy shook her head. “You’re not the beast everyone thinks you are.”
    Without another word, she turned on her heels, leaving Elijah in the wake of her frightening words.
    “She’s not the one,” he whispered to himself.

    *the singular “eye” was on purpose

    By KenzieB19 URL on 11.18.2012

  20. gravestone mention my name

    have i been dead?

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.18.2012

  21. I say boy, what is your name?.

    Name; of my game is forever; and forever godless, be forever free o’ son of the wilderness!.

    Breathe- the refined air of that simple, glory, good and forever is her name- name me.

    Mention `o the sun!, in all her sequences, perfect and eye-wide-evils. Perfume me simple! o’ yet great. Fail… to mentions.

    By Calvin Purcell on 11.18.2012

  22. Today is the day that I need to mention a discussion I have had with a friend. Who I mention it to is unknown at this stage, however they will certainly get surprise when I mention what I want.

    By Helen on 11.18.2012

  23. Did I happen to mention my intention? Pay attention! When you mention something, you say it in a kind of roundabout way, or hint at it, you don’t mention in great detail, but you can always expound upon what you previously mentioned. I forgot to mention that mention can serve as both noun and verb, something which I think deserves a mention.

    By Nick on 11.18.2012

  24. Mention the Earth, and I imagine a wide array of colors, of sounds, of smells. I can see the many creatures that inhabit her, that are a part of her. I can feel the unseen connection between all beings, and it makes me feel whole.

    By Bizzle URL on 11.18.2012

  25. I shouldn’t mention that I skipped this word earlier, for fear that what I would mention would be unmentionable. Please don’t mention it.

    By Syd on 11.18.2012

  26. Did I mention I’m crazy about you?

    By Leighsha URL on 11.18.2012

  27. Not a direct comment, just mention something in passing, It couldn’t be too important if you only mention it and not state it idea directly.

    By Shelley on 11.18.2012

  28. mention the words that you feel will open you soul to the other world, that would will take you places, places you couldnt even imagine while on acid, you only need to mention them, speak them to you higher self and be free my friends, just be free

    By Abby Porter URL on 11.18.2012

  29. The things I never mention to you… How much I am still hurt. The things I do that would hurt you but make me feel better. What are the things you fail to mention to me? Just once I wish that you could mention how much you love me. How much I matter. Just mentioning it to make me happy. Have I mentioned how often I try to please you in these ways? I hope not.

    By SoliSoma URL on 11.18.2012

  30. don’t mention his name, whatever you do. please, it’s really a kindness. those two syllables will send me down a confusing torrent of emotions i don’t feel like dealing with right now. his name is everywhere, too. i can’t avoid it. that’s the problem with small towns. that’s the problem with mutual friends.

    By an octopus URL on 11.18.2012

  31. I forgot to mention. She forgot to mention that she never really liked me.
    I forgot to mention that I like to write. Do you? I love writing. I also forgot to mention that I have a heart. Could i trust you to keep it for me, or am i so sappy that you would break it just to spite me?

    By Gabriel URL on 11.18.2012

  32. Use, display, bring up. Distract, imply, pry.

    By mike d URL on 11.18.2012

  33. Dare I mention the doubts I have? Something I wanted so badly, now received. And I find myself chafing against it, irritable, left wanting more and more, like a selfish, slimy, slippery child. Grubby hands demanding, grabbing everything in sight. Ungrateful to the core, and hating myself for it.

    You are peace and calm and understanding. Slow to anger and generous with your care. Steady and sure like a rock to my raging ocean.

    What is there left to desire but shallow things?

    By Jade on 11.18.2012

  34. to mention is a trivial matter
    dont mention me
    dont mention anyone
    or anything
    to mention is
    and without meaning

    By Jordan Rice on 11.18.2012

  35. I tried to go the whole weekend without mentioning that my little gray tabby is missing. The children weren’t paying attention to the door and let her out by accident. She’s been missing since Saturday morning. We’ve scoured the neighborhoods for any trace of her and knocked on doors.

    I’m really upset about it. I’ve never had a pet runaway and not coming back within hours. Monday sees me calling around and making flyers. I just hope some old crazy cat woman is trying to imprison her and that she’s not dead and as soon as she escapes the clutches of crazy cat hording lady she will come home. It is a fantasy I cling to, because any other reality is too grim to contemplate.

    By Intuition URL on 11.18.2012

  36. The mention of Emma’s death truly made Paul go in a deep moment of sadness.
    “Do you miss her?”
    “Miss who?” He would say, already knowing what they mean.
    “Of course I do.” He said, looking away as he held back tears.

    By asdflkjsh on 11.18.2012

  37. The funny thing about simple words
    Is that they start to lose their meaning
    After too much repetition.
    How many times can I say it before
    It makes sense?

    By Genevieve on 11.18.2012

  38. “I forgot to mention, take that bag by the door. drop it at least three blocks from here, in an alley.”
    never did one question the nature of these kinds of orders, one just followed, blindly, so as not to disturb the veneer of truth telling.

    By spacialle on 11.18.2012

  39. you’re not.
    we both know you’re not.
    I’m not sure you could even be bothered to try.

    So I won’t.
    I won’t even bring it up.
    I’ll let it go, and maybe you’ll realize.

    I doubt it.
    I don’t even believe in it.
    there’s no way to make it real now.

    So I won’t.
    I won’t even say a word.
    Love is not going to be mentioned.

    By Aimlow Wryelm on 11.18.2012

  40. They were always careful not to mention the “D word” (depression) around me. As if I couldn’t even handle hearing the word. As if, the moment I heard it spoken something in my brain would snap and I would suddenly breakdown again.

    By Maddie on 11.18.2012