November 13th, 2010 | 160 Entries

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160 Entries for “market”

  1. I went to the market to buy a…hang on a minute, what would i want with a fat pig anyway? Maybe I want some nice lemons, or a pineapple.

    By solarmom URL on 11.14.2010

  2. Shopping! I like shopping for fresh fruit and veggies in the local market! Reminds me of when I was in Sydney at Paddys Markets. Gosh, I love them! I wish I was back there right now. So many bargains.

    By Kristen on 11.14.2010

  3. The peasants move swiftly through the crowd to get into place as the gates open on the huge square. Common folk meander through, searching for everything they need. Blatant calls for materials pierce the air as my eyes wander toward the glorious castle holding up the entire village.

    By Nicholas URL on 11.14.2010

  4. She wandered around the market place not really looking for anything in particular, just enjoy the feel of the warm Indian air and the bustling atmosphere of everyone trading goods. She could hear a man selling fine, hand-crafted jewelry over there. As well as smell the warm stone oven-baked bread another man was selling. It was wonderful.

    By Nikki on 11.14.2010

  5. Not allowed to ever again see the thriving markets, the bright colors and smell teh wonderful food. Never again allowed to meet the people that remind her so much of home…the only place that was any close to home for hundreds of years…and she was banished from those lands by the first to hold her heart.

    By Phee URL on 11.14.2010

  6. Market is the place to buy good things to eat at home. I love going to the market for fun and food! MMM Good! Market is the place where you get everything you need and maybe some stuff you really don’t need.

    By Colide81 URL on 11.14.2010

  7. I went to the market and bought some peas, a carrot and a packet of chewing gum. The man who served me was very attractive and I let him keep the change. I also looked through the magazines but I didn’t buy any of them. I love the market, it’s so lively!

    By Demi on 11.14.2010

  8. The market was empty, the events of the day before had made sure of that. It was a simple event, simple and bloody. The massacre that ensued the days opening had stained the stones in the central square a deep red.

    By Tim URL on 11.14.2010

  9. This morning I tooke allie to the market. She looked so beautiful in her red cardigan. I could see her little head bobbing up and down between the isles of stalls, intrigued by the possiblility of something new and exciting just around the corner.

    By Emily URL on 11.14.2010

  10. The market was empty, the events of the day before had made sure of that. It was a simple event, simple and bloody. The massacre that ensued the days opening had stained the stones in the central square a deep red. Peasants lay strewn across this damned courtyard from corner to corner, as if death himself had come to the market.

    By Regravity URL on 11.14.2010

  11. MArketplaces have always been interesting places to me. People mulling around like fish in the sea, stopping to check out every rock or piece of seaweed. All the bright colors and shapes and sizes. Beautiful.

    By Rebekah on 11.14.2010

  12. Surrey Street market. Just saying those words brings back wonderful memories. Loved it there and sitting in the Old Dog and Bull. Bliss!

    By Maggie URL on 11.14.2010

  13. I was seventeen and working at the market where crazies from the west side came in gloves and high heels, leaving the coffins of their red bricks to mingle with addicts and drunks.

    By nannan on 11.14.2010

  14. just down the hill across from the huge old dutch oven where all they bake is golden crusty bread filled with warmth and hope, down the hill from the bramble is the market. the market where we buy the most delicious chocolate milk in all the world. it tastes like melted ice cream and swing set friendships.

    By weetz on 11.14.2010

  15. he market to buy some some ham. they only had turkey with jam. i don’t know why they have turkey with jam. i think

    By jake URL on 11.14.2010

  16. My dog and I walked north along Union to the Farmer’s Market last Saturday. It bright, crisp, and fresh outside. The streets were filled with

    By Chris Rogers URL on 11.14.2010

  17. I love the stock market. While I seldom invest in it, I love pulling out my
    apple 4–at least 10 times a day–to check and see how it is doing. Sometimes
    it is up . Sometimes it is down. It never stays the same. And it can go up and down.

    By judie URL on 11.14.2010

  18. “Alright, alright,” a man with short, dark brown hair says. “Let’s get this straight- what’s here that’s on the market?”

    By Gemma on 11.14.2010

  19. she was in the market, getting groceries. she sighed as she looked at the colorful fruit and vegetables. she wished her life was that colorful, not that dull gray. she smiled as she choosed the brightest ones she could find.

    By julia URL on 11.14.2010

  20. When I go to a market I am completely lost. Now, we’re not talking about outdoor or flea markets, but grocery stores. I am 50 and have yet to master the supermarket. I have some clues but I usually take about 50% longer to finish an errand than my 12 year old daughter would.

    By Bryant on 11.14.2010

  21. This would be one of my favorite topics. Going to market. I adore the European slower lifestyle where every day one goes to market to choose fresh foods for the day. U.S. society seems to be moving back that direction, slowly, in certain sectors.

    By Jade URL on 11.14.2010

  22. The makeshift tents were in line with the stone path, all at an icy – isolated- distance from each other. She attentively eyed the suspicious contents that were in exhibition, until finally catching sight of the human hands, preserved in a watery liquid, that she was looking for.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.14.2010

  23. There were people walking throught the market a brother and sister the sister had long blonde hair and they were going to buy fruit and honey for their sick mothers, her name was joanna, she was loving and tender, but always reserved sin e the start of the illness, they felt a connection to her which coudnot be explianed

    By Liminality on 11.14.2010

  24. The market was crowded: cultures clashed, sharp spices of indian food stalls were illuminated by the light reflected from exotic mirrors and cloths from a clothes stall across the road. In the centre of the bustle and chaos, I stood: an island of order and calm.

    By Wedge Palmer on 11.14.2010

  25. Down by the market place, I play. I switch oranges with apples and bark at the stray cat and steal people’s carts. I crawl on my hands and knees so no one sees me. I am as evil as they get. A market menace.

    By gabby on 11.14.2010

  26. market? ummm i guess its interesting i think people go there to buy food and stuff but i guesss things could be a love market where people just go to get love if there are lonely or feeling unloved? i mean… everyone feels unloved at some point right? everyone should be willing to give everyone love and maybe there should be a love market where you can just go and get some free love. humans need love or there would be no happiness. love leads to happiness and happiness leads to peace.

    By mary catherine on 11.14.2010

  27. She stood in the middle of the crowded market, searching above the mass of heads. He’d said four-thirty in the square, right? As the bells chimed, signaling the new hour, she was crestfallen. It certainly didn’t matter, though, as it wasn’t the first time she’d been stood up, and she was positive it wouldn’t be the last.

    By Phlox URL on 11.14.2010

  28. Universe in finger tip

    By Prakash John on 11.14.2010

  29. I love going to the market. We have a small market in my college town. It fits in perfectly with the idea of small New England villages. We call it the DUMP because it is the Durham Market Place. Anyone whose not from here doesn’t know what the DUMP is but anyone who has graduated from UNH does.

    By Emily URL on 11.14.2010

  30. We rose from our beds with the sun and readied to go. It would be the last market for the year and we needed to stock up. I was hoping to find three fast fire automatics while my husband wanted to pick up a few long range rifles, along with the usual handhelds. The government regulation of the black market had made it safer, but the hours were a killer.

    By Heather URL on 11.14.2010

  31. when I came to Fordham, I felt like the Saturday market was something from another country. the roadside vendors, open-air stands, and- lets face it- proliferation of hispanics reminded me of the trip to the DR after freshman year. and when i walk off campus, the comments “hey, baby,” “oye mamacita!” etc. confirm this fact.

    By R A Prensnner on 11.14.2010

  32. The market was full of bright color. Like every saturday the vendors were out with their wres lined up in rows for me too see. Shiny and new, dressed in outfits. The faces with smiles. I loved to see them in all their joy. These kids made me smile.

    By Lindsay I URL on 11.14.2010

  33. The hustle and bustle of winning men and racing women transformed the once foggy cobble-stone street into a masterpiece that had no creator.

    By Jack Wynn on 11.14.2010

  34. i went to the market thinking it would be a regular day.
    i bought my apples and pears, my greens and reds, completely unaware of what was ahead of me. unfortunately, my nemesis was lurking behind my front door when i came home. “ahoy!” he said, cackling madly. “oh no!” i said. “what ever are you doing here?”

    By Myriam on 11.14.2010

  35. I think of a few things . all the fresh farmers markets in the summer. Now asleep
    trying to decide if I’m in the market for a new relationship or just dump the old one and go it alone, asleep as well.

    By kelly Hoolihan on 11.14.2010

  36. In the market. Hear sounds. Chatter everywhere, people bargaining, cars whirring by, babies crying, music plays. All in the market.

    By bex URL on 11.14.2010

  37. there’s a market down the road that i have never been to. i have lived on this street for twenty years, walked the entirety of its length since i could walk, but i have never been to the market.
    the devil sells souls in that market.

    By Myriam URL on 11.14.2010

  38. Markets are generally where you go to purchase things. A fresh market may be selling fruits and vegetables. It might be chaotic and overwhelming, yet it is also enjoyable and exciting- rooting through all the weird interesting things you can buy.

    By Borstta on 11.14.2010

  39. Life, vibrance, people, noise, sound and color. Bringing products, exchanging and bartering. Lifeblood and livelihood. Cloth, food, jewelry, animals.

    By Gabrielle on 11.14.2010

  40. There was a boy and a girl that lived in Africa. They had barley any money or food to survive. They often went days with out food or water and

    By bridget URL on 11.14.2010