November 12th, 2010 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “materials”

  1. The materials of which our life is made up of are such that some are replaceable, and many are not. You’ll most often find that the material goods are replaceable, whereas; the people you surround yourself with are not.

    By Emily URL on 11.12.2010

  2. the things that help to make your life better. the way we use them has everything to do with how people see us and react. us them wisely or lose the useful parts of life.

    By Megan on 11.12.2010

  3. i take the colors and weave them together. space, energy. what can I make? like a kid we always want to discover, and I, with my materials, can make anything of this world. I can be anyone. but then, at the end, they might break, might slide away from my sight. and I go on without them.

    By Chelsea on 11.12.2010

  4. it is stuff that u can use for anything u do. u can use it for school u can use it for work and basically anything that u do and they can be boring or fun they are boring because they might be just plain white and they might b fun cuz they might have bright colors

    By katie on 11.12.2010

  5. His Dark Materials. God’s Materials. Materialism, materialistic things, views, perceptions, allowances, why do we own things? What difference does it make in real life? Real, Material… not the same at all

    By MorganLovell URL on 11.12.2010

  6. Materials, I don’t understand why people use so many materials, I mean whats the point? We don’t always NEED the materials, sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. But the thing is, we can do A LOT with only our brains.

    By Micaiah on 11.12.2010

  7. i am on my way, working with the materials already. they are purple and blue and black and green, all the colors that i want my life to be. out of those materials i cut little holes, i make lace, i make the shapes i want, and maybe they’ll shape my reality.

    By inoxia URL on 11.12.2010

  8. I need to create something. Something out of paper and lead or ink or chalk or sweat. Make a masterpiece. A work that will last and that captures.

    By Taylor on 11.12.2010

  9. you use them to make things,
    glue cryaons
    tape markers color pencils paper

    By Dani on 11.12.2010

  10. His materials were… well, they were very shiny. I pursed my lips as I watched him sew, listening to the tut-tut-tut-tut of the sewing machine. He looked happy though. I guess that was what mattered. Still… that pink.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.12.2010

  11. Beside the office door, was a poster.
    It read “Glee club. Wednesdays after school. No materials needed.”
    So I went to try it out.
    They said we didn’t need to bring anything, but they forgot to tell us to remember our beautiful singing voices and creative dance skills.
    The two things I didn’t have.

    By giraffeslovepopsicles URL on 11.12.2010

  12. many material things enter our lives, people are obsessed with material objects. most times its electronics, i believe its sad that we as humans are surrounded by such objects. sure material things are useful, but when is it more than enough?

    By EMB on 11.12.2010

  13. Materials are important. They define some people, but they also make life a more enjoyable place. Sometimes materials can make things bad. But mostly they’re awesome.

    By Christopher URL on 11.12.2010

  14. His materials, they circled around him. Giving him an aura of mystery and darkness. He smirked at me. A slight glint of surprised flickered in his eyes. Probably since I’d been staring at him. In my eyes, he had a foggy cloud surrounding his body, every part except his face.

    By Em. URL on 11.12.2010

  15. The building process is something we have trouble with. We dont know where to start or really what to expect when we end. But before we start, we always need our materials.

    Chemicals are the materials of everything constructed.

    By Gipson URL on 11.12.2010

  16. My materials and your materials don’t mix. In fact, don’t ever touch my materials. They aren’t for little turds like yourself. The reason why we keep ’em separate is much like why we keep you from the ladies. Fear Of Contamination. Don’t contaminate my materials. Capiche?

    By zack on 11.12.2010

  17. I gathered everything up, ready to go. She said to bring the simple things. A pen and paper. I was really going for simplicity. I grabbed my iPod and walked out the door.

    By Marissa URL on 11.12.2010

  18. Materials are so materialistic. Is that redundant? I don’t think so. Materials are everything that keeps us going. What would humans do without food? What would we do without resources to fuel the making of our food, make our houses, make our lives? We depend on materials to keep the world go round. Materials, it comes from the word matter: everything around us. Materials are everything yet sometimes they are nothing at all.

    By Lo on 11.12.2010

  19. “And I am liiiiiiving in a material world”
    “Stef, get down from there.”
    “Cuz I am a material girl!”
    She grinned and stumbled towards me. “Yeeees?”
    “Stef, let’s go home.”
    “Why do you keep repeating my name?”

    By H! URL on 11.12.2010

  20. firewood
    ink-free cardboard
    grass clippings

    free free free
    all we need need need
    our garden, our home.

    By Ander on 11.12.2010

  21. As I unloaded the boxdes, I wondered who had ordered all these materials. There were boxes of every size, shape and dimension. John walked into the room.
    “Oh they finally arrived!” He began to shake some of the smaller boxes.
    “Did you order all of these? Are they for Christmas?”
    John said, “No these are all for you.”
    “For me? I don’t need things. I don’t need more stuff! Good God, I’m tired of always having to take care of stuff.”
    “Okay, John said, “I’ll have it all shipped back.”
    “Well…what the hell is this stuff? What’s in these boxes?” I asked.
    “If you don’t want more stuff, it’s better you don’t know.”

    By Amy URL on 11.12.2010

  22. the craft materials in the school art room were strewn all over the floor. the papers were crumpled and disheveled, crayons spilt all over them. it was as if a child had gotten a crazy idea for a drawing, but the woman tied up in a red plastic chair with duct tape soon dispersed any such naive ideas.

    By srishti on 11.12.2010

  23. The materials used for baseball are simple. The list of materials are: a baseball, gloves, bats and an open field to hit the ball. Many of these materials are inexpensive.

    By Misael on 11.13.2010

  24. Material objects are here but are they. They are surface but are they. You feel them with touch and outside senses and imagine them because of those senses and desire them but perhaps for something else. Is a human made of materials? Not strictly materials…. soul and heart and things like that… more than flesh and chemicals and electricity….wr

    By Joan on 11.13.2010

  25. materials are commonly found in nature.they are everywhere,used in all sentences.used in all it chemistry,physics,maths or particle theory.studies are conducted on them.Einstein was a great pioneer of material science.

    By JO3Y on 11.13.2010

  26. satin – shiny – glistening in the light. Velvet – smooth soft – warm as toast

    By Liz Rowe URL on 11.13.2010

  27. are for making thing or the building blocks of life but when i think of e-courses and I think and look at the materials I might need, and I think of the state of my craft room and I shrug and go and do something else insted.

    By Ingrid on 11.13.2010

  28. The oven would fuse every week, at the same time, the scrap metals. It had been a reliable schedule to make use of. One more metal object in the mix, one less evidence to worry about.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.13.2010

  29. Ahh. This word excites me. I have the time for crafts and projects but not the materials that are located on the other coast. In less than 3 short weeks I will be home. To fabric, and paint, … eeee! All the creative ideas that I have acquired over the last few months can manifest in form. c

    By Amber Rene URL on 11.13.2010

  30. creation and baggage, the weight of youth, sliding around your head and evaporating. take a right when the when the street turns to dirt, you’ll find some choices there, waiting, they’ve always been waiting and even if your indecisive the road will always turn to dirt somewhere.

    By gregory on 11.13.2010

  31. sometimes i just want everything to work and be just the way it needs to be. mise en place. it works in a kitchen, it is vital in a kitchen, why doesnt it work in real life as well. nothing is where it belongs. everything is where it belongs.

    By erin on 11.13.2010

  32. Proper materials can be important no matter what project you’re working on. Whether it’s a child’s school project, or replacing a leaking roof.

    By AMS on 11.13.2010

  33. The constructions materials were piling up. But the work couldn’t start due to the heavy rains. Yet they had to be paid for. Bert knew he was in a little trouble. 19 days of rain was ruining his life

    By Kristy B on 11.13.2010

  34. Materials, fabric. The stuff I like to make things with. Create. Think. Do something. Design good things. Beautiful. I like materials. Parts of the whole.

    By Sandy on 11.13.2010

  35. I knew a lot of materials. It ranges from teaching materials down to thinking materials. Now, I cannot think of any teaching materials other than the chalk and board that we had back in high school days. Now, we have these technologically disturbed environment where white boards are also phased out and replaced by computers and children are forced to passively look into the screen and be catatonic.

    By innocentdreamer URL on 11.13.2010

  36. materialistic tings, material girls, everybody lovesmake up, clothes, perfume sayturday mornings at the mall and evrything that hasd to do wutht he materlistiuc things in life, but those things are nt what makes us, its the person underneath all that clothes that decipher who we really aree, you could be waering marc jacops or versace and be a jerk underneath it all.

    By tonii URL on 11.13.2010

  37. With the right materials anything is possible, just spread your creative wings and shake off the tar of mainstream thought, and create something that has never been seen. Spread your thoughts onto the page and create something new. With the right materials, anything is possible.

    By heather URL on 11.13.2010

  38. Aaiden knew that his supplies were expensive. He knew that he had a family to support, and he also knew that he wasn’t making enough to keep them comfortable.
    “that’s it. Tomorrow… I’m getting a real job.” He decided. Elizabeth shook her head, and pulled a wad of bills out of her pocket.

    By Carly URL on 11.13.2010

  39. Materials are items you can make wonderful things out of… The possibilities are bountiful. Anything could be used as a material to create something if you put your mind into it. Inventions are made from materials…

    By tocksick URL on 11.13.2010

  40. At one point, I couldn’t help but wonder what materials I would need for the project. After all, there was so much to think about, but the beginning was all about making the right choice of material. In the end, well, I ended choosing the weirdest material I could think of: caulk.

    By Dan Reed on 11.13.2010