July 7th, 2011 | 441 Entries

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441 Entries for “maroon”

  1. It was a color that he had never much cared for until he had met her. It was her hair that really struck him, first, and after that first impression his whole perception had changed. It was one of his favorites now, and every time he saw it he thought of her and her bouncing head of curls.

    By Courka URL on 07.07.2011

  2. At first, I felt like I had been marooned on a desert island. I was so wrong. Freedom is a beautiful thing. I answer to no one. I cater to no one. I am beholden to no one. Life on the road can be good. Very good.

    By Fender2010 URL on 07.07.2011

  3. its one of my favorite bands….maroon 5. adam livine is the main singer. maroon is also a color, kinda like a purple/red. its pretty. i actually wonder why Maroon 5 named their band that. i should look that up. My favorite Maroon 5 song is “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” great song! :)

    By Nicole on 07.07.2011

  4. His maroon shirt shown like a star in the night’s sky against the crowd of people that were suffocating him. I could hardly see him anymore; yet somehow I could still feel him.

    By Joelle URL on 07.07.2011

  5. It is a colour that I don’t know very much about. I never describe things as maroon, even though I enjoy saying different colours to try and describe what I see. When I see the word, I actually think of macaroons. I’ve never eaten them but I would like to try. Honestly, I am not really sure what they are – I assume that they are a nut.

    By Av on 07.07.2011

  6. The sky was maroon as the sun was setting into sky, looking as if it would touch the lush green grass that would soon fade away within the confines of the night.

    By jon on 07.07.2011

  7. color
    very pretty
    Carnegie Mellon University

    By Kelsey on 07.07.2011

  8. High school was one big competition for me. Maroon and white. Who had the hottest boyfriend. Who had the most friends. Who had the best grades, the prettiest hair, the funniest laugh. It was all about sports and winning and winning and winning. It made me the competitor i am today, whether that is a good thing or not is a different story.

    By Ali on 07.07.2011

  9. This is my school color. well not really, we have another color but this is one of those colors. Maroon is the unsung color of the colors. It doesn’t get enough credit. But hey, cheer up maroon, these new fangled colors don;t have anything on you. Just be calm and your time will come.

    By Brett Ortiz on 07.07.2011

  10. I stared at him, sitting there in his black cloak with maroon trim. Of course we would never talk. How could we? I was forever forced to sit two tables down, sipping out of goblets and poking at never ending plates of food. Blue outlined my wardrobe because I was smart; he was brave. Differing characteristics, I thought, was no reason to separate people. He glanced at me, and I looked down at my sad plate of eggs and toast. This, I decided, would be a long day.

    By Marissa URL on 07.07.2011

  11. so i went to the maroon five concert last week thursday at the ravinia. it was amazing. i had the best time with my boyfriend and my parents. we ate sandwitches and chips. we also had fruit and water, as well as gatorade and V8 juice. best concert ever

    By Adriana URL on 07.07.2011

  12. its a color. it reminds me of an old car i used to have that was maroon. I don’t particularly like this color. Its sort of a darker red and I much prefer just straight up red. its much brighter and attracts my attention more. Maroon is an old person color.

    By margo on 07.07.2011

  13. The color of maroon just makes me want to barf, to be honest. Because everytime I look at the sickly red brown, vaguley reminisnct of blood, I just think of him. Of him, cutting open his foot on the beach, or accidently nicking himself with his knife. To me, he was blood.

    By Emily on 07.07.2011

  14. the color . Dane Cook joke. maroon is a ugly color . that house is fucking maroon

    By kristi URL on 07.07.2011

  15. Silk, taffeta, tulle, brocade, velvet, felt, cotton, hemp, polyester blend, chiffon, lace. Is it the color or the style that determines the value?

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 07.07.2011

  16. The light,
    in the palm of your hand.
    Guide me.
    Maroon you make me swoon.

    By on 07.07.2011

  17. I remember,
    I remember.
    The way your hair laid on my lap,
    maroon in your eyes.

    By on 07.07.2011

  18. i dont like this color. it means brown in french. en francais. ce n’est pas le meiuller. nor can i spell. but this is about maroon. maroon 5; mediocre band. but the old ladies are everywhere! please forgive me for this distraction.

    By grace on 07.07.2011

  19. It was a color I didn’t find myself particularly fond of, but the depth of it was uncommon, and flattered my complexion. Thinking such, I discovered that I pass too much of my time focusing on my own face.

    By Miranda on 07.07.2011

  20. Don’t think, just write, it says.
    How can I not think?
    Don’t think.
    What’s the word again?
    He has a polo shirt that color.
    Stop thinking, girl.
    Stop thinking about him,
    and us,
    or the lack of…
    Just write.
    I can’t.
    Can’t write.
    Can’t do anything.
    Can’t keep anything together.
    Just write.
    Well, what do you think I’m doing?
    What’s the word again?
    The color of disappointment.
    See? I’m writing,
    No, I’m not.
    This is crap.
    Time’s up.

    By bethany URL on 07.07.2011

  21. The boy stood there shocked an horrified. Gun barrel still smoking. Dark maroon blood dripped down his sleeve and off his elbow. All he could see was crimson. As the night whispered, “Silence will fall.”

    By Taryn McIntyre on 07.07.2011

  22. best band in the world, no one understands what they mean to me
    all of their songs are amazing
    the pain of not being able of seen them in concert is one of the worst pain I ever felt
    Maroon 5 change my life forever
    number one fan right here

    By Cata on 07.07.2011

  23. I believe maroon is a color, kind of like a brown-ish color. I don’t really like it though, I think it has some red in it. I like blue and red and yellow more. I don’t really know what other than a color maroon could be.

    By Olivia URL on 07.07.2011

  24. colours aree nothing in the winds to forever hold your mothers arm. lets not forget the days when there are two different shades of the same being. everyone is available to be their own angels once in a while. maroon is the worst colour there is tho.

    By mike on 07.07.2011

  25. The liquid was a disgusting maroon color. It was laced across the tabletop, a pool that seemed to have thinned out over night. I looked at it again, tilting my head to one side. It didn’t look like blood, it was too dark. For a human, anyway. Taking a step closer, I slowly reached out and let my hand hover over the maroon liquid. Did I dare touch it? See what it was?

    Not really. But I had to.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.07.2011

  26. Marooned. Alone, in despair.
    Maroon. The color of deep dark rage.
    Two forms of the same word, two forms of the same emotion.

    By Nishat on 07.07.2011

  27. The maroon and gold mob that was racing back up to the common room for a victory party were not the only ones happy to see slytherin bested at the dangerous sport called quittich.

    By Sami on 07.07.2011

  28. Man that band Maroon 5 is the worst! I mean they first came out in like 2002 or 2004 or something, at least that’s when I first heard them and even though I was young and supposedly liked their type I’ve music, I’ve always hated them, too whiny

    I guess.

    But they’re still making music!

    By Daryl on 07.07.2011

  29. Maroon. Macaroon. Monsoon. Baboon. Balloon. Buffoon. Saloon. Moon. Soon. Tune. Tuna. Scuba. Tuba. Tube.

    By Brittany on 07.07.2011

  30. bugs bunny, awwwhhhhh what a maroon. not to mention the color, everyone likes that. like a darkish red, but still very vibrant. maroon maroon balloon bafoon trombone capone salloon grapoon kdfjaoon sunacnsdkjhasoon.

    By Brock on 07.07.2011

  31. pretty

    By Julia V on 07.07.2011

  32. I think of the band Maroon 5, which is one of my favorites that i am going to go see in a few weeks. I also think of the color, obviously, which is my favorite color. and I’m out of time :)

    By Emily on 07.07.2011

  33. the color of my heart. its not red. its not beating properly. ever since he left me, my hearts not quite right. but its not quite wrong either. it’s still sort of red. but not really. its not quite right. but not quite wrong.

    By Melody on 07.07.2011

  34. maroon 5. one of my middle school’s school colors. a dark red. an FSU color. this color reminds me of pirates and i don’t know why.

    By victoria URL on 07.07.2011

  35. The maroon color of her dress was to die for. In fact, someone had died for it. His body stretched out on her couch, while she hid her gun out of sight. Don’t mess with the lady in maroon; The color of blood.

    By Anna URL on 07.07.2011

  36. Maroon is a color, the color of maroon is interesting to me since I am a man. I don’t think I am very fond of maroon, unless the girl I love is wearing maroon. But no I would never be caught wearing anything maroon color.

    By Matthew Felix on 07.07.2011

  37. This is such an ugly fucking word. Like what you had said to me last night. I can’t be angry, because I’m not allowed to. I have have feelings for him, because I’m not allowed to. That’s bullshit and I shouldn’t be treated like that. I shouldn’t have to worry about you because you have more than enough guys wanting your nuts.

    By Ellie URL on 07.07.2011

  38. maroon is a color. It is a deep redish sort of color. Maroon 5 is a band. Some of their songs include this love, she will be loved, and sunday morning. The color is not associated with the band, though maroon is in the name.

    By alex on 07.07.2011

  39. when we were small
    my mother drove a maroon station wagon
    man that thing had seen it all
    a thousand road trips
    and it always smelled a little funky
    but we loved it

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.07.2011

  40. The maroon color of her dress was to die for. In fact, someone had died for it. His body stretched out on her couch, while she hid her gun out of sight. She had gifted him his own maroon attire.
    Don’t mess with the lady in maroon; The color of blood.

    By Anna URL on 07.07.2011