July 8th, 2011 | 402 Entries

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402 Entries for “chores”

  1. I hate doing chores, especially when I do them and my step dad complains about how they’re half-ass. I’ve been thinking about telling him that if he can’t appreciate that I even do them at all, I’m going to stop.

    By Alix URL on 07.09.2011

  2. In the summertime, children long to be able to play. Parents have devised the best method to prevent their enjoyment. Chores are the bane of a child’s existence. They are only put in place if children are too rowdy. Children may attempt to rush through this insidious plots of parents, but if the tasks are not completed perfectly, the children must repeat them. Chores hate children. Children hate chores.

    By Zeke Rutherford on 07.09.2011