July 7th, 2011 | 441 Entries

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441 Entries for “maroon”

  1. Her head hung high as the mother delicately braided the maroon hair.
    “Are ya done yet?” softly spoke the girl. No response.

    By Ife Adeyinka on 07.07.2011

  2. A family friend once told me: he feels marooned. Lost in a sea of mortgage. Forever thrown about by working limbo. Storms of debt.

    By Antonio URL on 07.07.2011

  3. She slowly strummed through the books until she came across the maroon one. Scared, she continued looking, without any remark about this novel, this collection of words.

    By Ife URL on 07.07.2011

  4. Maroon is a color. I really like it, it’s a dark reddish and purplish but more reddish. It’s actually one of my favorite colors. There’s also the band Maroon 5, which came out with that song “she will be loved”, and i remember when i was a kid and we were coming back from a soccer game on a school bus and everyone was singing it. Maroon… postive energy.

    By Michelle on 07.07.2011

  5. its a beautiful color. a mixture of blood and dirt. combines elements of magic used for potions and spells.

    By Your Mom on 07.07.2011

  6. maroon velvet, it was her favorite. he didn’t know why. Velvet was kind of old fashioned, and people made fun of her for it. but watching her sit there and run her hands over whatever piece she was wearing was like heaven. her eyes would light up, her skin glowed. she would be at peace with the world.
    the day she died, he covered her with the maroon velvet dress she had been oggling in the store, wrapped her up in her favorite blanket and left her on the dock of the dried up river they used to hang out on. an old mattress they had dragged out served as her resting place.

    By Vivy URL on 07.07.2011

  7. maroon is a pretty color, it is the color of my car, i am confused as to wether or not maroon and magenta are the samek my alarm just went off in class so it kinda cut me off from writing for 60 seconds iwas very emberassed this sucks my face is all read but the teacher handled it well

    By shayna on 07.07.2011

  8. THere was a maroon blanket that my mom made me. She gave it to me the day before she left. I still have that blanket. It’s like a little piece of my mom that has stayed with me. Even during the 15 years since she walked out on me, my brother and sister, and my dad. I hate that blanket. I hate it more than anything because it makes me think she loved me but everytime I look at it, I think of her and hope she’s dead. Either way, she’s dead to me.

    By Holly URL on 07.07.2011

  9. The feeling I had been marooned on this thought made me wonder if I could ever get over life as it appears to be at the present. I can’t seem to change me enough to be sincere and happy at the same destination. I guess I will remain on this Island forever. Never a ship to save me. Nor a companion to understand.

    By visiontest URL on 07.07.2011

  10. maroon lips. tanned skin.
    its monsoon season and her hair is down.
    the gold around her ankles jingle as she dances to the water.
    my heart aches to be the gold intwined in each of her fingers.

    By mARTha URL on 07.07.2011

  11. Maroon walls, we’d chosen the color for no specific matter, just the color was warm, inviting, and we didn’t want anything too vibrant. Maroon walls surrounding me, and only me now. You left with no goodbye.

    By Krista Roden on 07.07.2011

  12. maroon
    marrooned on an island off to sea
    too spacious this water can be
    like a saucer dipped in catastrophe
    you are that to me
    please, bring along your chi
    sip tea
    dwell in songs, words written just for thee
    too deep i think.
    too deep and i’ve left your standing with a reason not to subside your answers
    but a tantamount bit of energy to leave you spotless, spacious.
    love me back or i’ll take your hand and make aces with them
    take you back to memories of card playing and hems
    hem along your broken words to my sleeve
    like a broken heart too dumb to not be seen.

    By Wendy URL on 07.07.2011

  13. i felt the fabric of the maroon dress on the rack and imagined myself siting at a fake french restaurant with him, crossing my legs under the white table cloth and laughing at a joke. i imagined him sliding his hand across the fabric after dinner, and whispering something in my ear. then i looked at the price tag and walked away, blushing at the sales clerk.

    By jess tv URL on 07.07.2011

  14. the dead meat was red behind the clear plastic wrap, the blood maroon. “have you ever had raw meat before?” i teased, and leaned on the shopping cart’s handle. she looked over her shoulder and wrinkled her face in disgust. i prodded the slice of beef one last time before squeaking after her highness.

    By jess tv URL on 07.07.2011

  15. maroon on an island
    we are
    how are we ever going get off the island
    help please
    God please don’t leave us
    hear our plea

    By jen on 07.07.2011

  16. Maroon was my favorite color as a child. Maroon is like a dark red. Maroon 5 is a BA band. I had their song “Harder To Breathe” as a dance song. It was very sexy for a child dance choreography. Maroon sounds like Maureen. Ew.

    By Tiffany on 07.07.2011

  17. I have a connection to Maroon 5 with a girl that began at least 8 years ago. I ended up dating her for a little bit, where we fell in and out of what we thought was special. It was, but there’s a part of me that wishes we hadn’t, because now that song, that band, that entire thought that had such a lovely, adolescent emotion tied to it, is now tainted by the real world, by politics, and by the needless pain we went through. It blows…it was a good song, too.

    By Travis URL on 07.07.2011


    By BK on 07.07.2011

  19. The color of my old school. My first school. That, along with gold, were the first colors that I could recognize. The first colors that I knew MEANT something. Because they really did, and still do, mean something. Now, in a sea of red, black, and white; the color maroon haunts me every day and every night. It asks why I left my first school. It wonders if I miss it. It ponders my future. It dwells on my past. Maroon is my past. The beginning of my childhood. Maroon is also the ending of my childhood. As soon as I left my first school, I was thrust into a world of sex, violence, drugs… I was too young for that. I wasn’t ready. I still am not ready. I never will be. But I will always know that maroon will be there to comfort me.

    By Kaylee on 07.07.2011

  20. A maroon blanket with colors of polyester white and dusty azure. It covers me, keeps me safe and warm. But what I have been told is not true; I may leave that comfort, and find that same warmness elsewhere. Long live the red, white, and blue.

    By MJ on 07.07.2011

  21. It didn’t come out red. It was more like… a maroon. The sweater was just too ugly to present it to my mother, I knew what she would say. “My favorite color is red! What the hell is this?”

    By Lynnsey on 07.07.2011

  22. maroon 5….. She will be loved. Just about the only song I like by them. I love the lyrics. Often times people do find them self falling for someone they can’t quite reach.

    By AmyMae URL on 07.07.2011

  23. The color maroon! A deep shade of red. I also knew this guy named Tim Maroon in 8th grade, who scared the crap out of me because he told me he was Jesus and to bow down to him. At the time I was a very faithful Catholic, and hearing that shit coming out of his mouth made me very angry.

    By Emilia URL on 07.07.2011

  24. five hours was all i had left in my room. the paper cranes were torn down and streamed across my floor. i felt like i was suffocating. he forced me to kiss him and i forced him out. shoved him out and locked the door. i decided to think, finally, about how i felt. it hurt, so i stared at the wall instead, listening to drunken people outside my window laugh.

    By roberta URL on 07.07.2011

  25. the maroon scarf flew quickly off her neck as she rode with her friends in the con-veritable corvette, her hands in the air,, shes having the time of her life, her maroon scarf slowly drifts down to the ground as they speed away.

    By Kaitlin URL on 07.07.2011

  26. The sky is a dull gray as he runs out to the hill, slipping on the snow, his raincoat not enough to keep the damp from his skin. When he reaches the top of the hill and looks behind him he sees his pursuers have fallen back into the trees, waiting. He plunges on into the poppies, struggling through the unexpected spring snow.

    By Fash Darwell URL on 07.07.2011

  27. deep reds and dark hardwood floors. expensive leathers matched with purple and red paint. red wine.

    By lyris on 07.07.2011

  28. Maroon drips to the floor
    Covering the space you walked before.
    Everyone cries and declares accident
    But this loss of life serves no precedent.
    It was suicide, you and I both know;
    This was your final act, turned a canceled show.

    By Amanda URL on 07.07.2011

  29. i just got this word i feel jipped. gipped? jyipd? jiped jypped jypd gee-yip-ed.

    By Vivy URL on 07.07.2011

  30. The maroon walls clashed only slightly with the forest green leather couch and chair set. The fireplace and large black TV stood almost side by side, the stairs to the upstairs separating them.

    By Elly URL on 07.07.2011

  31. not pink, not red, but somewhere in the middle, like a dark fuschia. it’s like that dress i have that everyone loves. there isn’t really much to say about a colour that lacks specification.

    By kelsey on 07.07.2011

  32. Maroon, not to be mistaken for moron. Nor should it be mistaken for marooned. All of these words have different meaning, however, they could be connected withtthis simple statement. I was marooned on an island after my brand new maroon colored schnoor broke apart during a storm at sea and because I didn’t bring any emergency equipment with me on this three hour tour I am probably going to die on this tiny little island. I am such a moron.

    By pam clutson URL on 07.07.2011

  33. The maroon sweater was ugly but comfortable, so he worn it anyway. Besides, the fact that his best friend had given it to him for Christmas was something. That man had always known him better than anyone else. Something to knock around the house in was just the ticket for a cold winter’s morning.

    By Bookhobbit URL on 07.07.2011

  34. A flash in the sky. A bang. A ratatata of machine guns. A bloody child. A bloody soldier. This is of our doing, of maroon company’s doing. This is war.

    By Skippy on 07.07.2011

  35. Maroon, sitting there in a maroon jacket on the edge of the rocks, the water’s lips touching her toes with each passing speedboat. Her hair fraying behind her in the salty air, even though it wasn’t really salty, since this was Lake Erie.
    Her arms so naturally held behind her that they seem a part of the scene, a part of the rocks. Her eyes brightened, specks of light from the dim sunset, with a flash of recognition and a half-assed “Hello.”
    Something is on her mind.

    By annie URL on 07.07.2011

  36. maroon is actually one of my favorite colors. the color of arizona state university, the color of something or someone’s passion. the color of the pioneers headed west next to their gold’s and rabbit hats on their heads. i dont know if that’s true but i’m just assuming because i was a simi valley pioneer in high school, those were our colors.

    By jonni cheatwood URL on 07.07.2011

  37. a simple treat at grandma’s house. Maroons, or are they macrols? or macaroons? Something it was simply divine on a sunday morning. A treat for a wonderful child.

    By Kristen on 07.07.2011

  38. one word to say all of these things? About wonders and life and confusion? What can I do to improve myself of these inadequate thoughts that describe this one word. Love. I can’t decide on how to take this. I hope that you can somehow figure it out because I know I can’t.

    By Terra on 07.07.2011

  39. I am not a good thinker so obviously I can’t think of what to write about “Maroon.” I guess I’ll start by saying it’s my least favorite color. Maybe I should try out new things and make it my most favorite, or I can just go listen to some Maroon 5. After all they do come from my state. Sigh my state is not a good fit for my state of mind. I think I might not be sane. After all I messed up my original One Word doodah…Oh well!!!!!!!!Maroon rhymes with balloon XD

    By Terra on 07.07.2011

  40. When I was in elementary school, the school colors were white and maroon. I still have the maroon shirt that i was given when I joined the basketball ‘team.”

    By Holly on 07.07.2011