July 7th, 2011 | 441 Entries

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441 Entries for “maroon”

  1. The same color stained the paper as Marilyn wore for her blouse. And the poster paint didn’t really even show up. It was kind of… Reddish. Rusty, except darker, and less brown. She didn’t have a word for it. Just dark red, but not red like blood. Red like some stars could be, on days when the atmosphere was a little thicker, a little closer to earth.
    Red, Marilyn thought, and smudged two more fingerfuls of the paint on herself; no one even noticed.

    By Lancir URL on 07.07.2011

  2. This color began the gang known as the Magoonz. We’re the toughest there is out there with our matching maroon jackets and cardigans. We do hoodrat things together. The founders, also known as Chrystal and Brandon, may possibly be the coolest people to walk the earth. All hail the Magoonz!

    By xstal URL on 07.07.2011

  3. A color
    preferable to red

    the garish sight of blood
    the brightly painted lanterns.

    Who wants to see that harsh color
    so gaudy for such a scene

    when maroon is a deeper, mature glow
    with darkness in its passion
    and moonlight in its shadows

    no over-cheery cherry red here
    just maroon.

    By Beebee URL on 07.07.2011

  4. I was on an island, well on my way to an island. A different one than the one I’m on now. It’s not a sad story because I eventually learned to like where I am but it was never in my head until I had been forgotten by my plane.

    By raquel on 07.07.2011

  5. I think i may be dyslexic. Whenever I see ‘maroon’, I think of the word moron. Maroon. Moron. Maybe I’m just the latter of the two words. Or maybe not dyslexic, just illiterate. Either way, I’m screwed as a writer.

    By Delaine URL on 07.07.2011

  6. They say
    no man is an island
    and how right they are.

    The sailors had the right idea:
    they know all too well the need for contact
    the reaffirmation of existence

    and so when they, who were alone already
    abandoned to the wilds of storms
    and who knew the touch of lashes and the fear of keelhauls
    left someone alone

    to live or die without existence
    they knew the torture it would be
    and that no better punishment could be devised.

    By Beebee URL on 07.07.2011

  7. The maroon tint to the locals skin gave me pause, but I had nowhere else to turn. I definitely wasn’t from around there, and I literally had no idea how to get back home.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 07.07.2011

  8. marron is a color i love maroon its one of the colors of my school, the school i hate. the school i wish i could get out of. marron, the color of hate, nlood , love , lust ? colors of my school all things that create heartbreak, oh no.


    By Alfa URL on 07.07.2011

  9. In Peter Pan, Peter and Wendy are marooned on a rock in the middle of the ocean. To save her, Peter gets a bird to let Wendy in its nest and ships them off to sea. He couldn’t fly away because Hook wounded Peter and took away his flight somehow.

    Isn’t that beautiful?
    It’s love.

    By Becca on 07.07.2011

  10. My mom used to have a maroon mini van. It was really old fashioned. All I remember about it was going to McDonald’s for ice cream, and I had to feed my baby cousin and he wanted ALL of my ice cream. She sold that car when I was in third grade and bought a silver Hyundai Santa Fe. The Santa Fe is going to be mine in a few months when I get my license… Time flies.

    By Kayla on 07.07.2011

  11. Maroon. Like the color? Right. I like brown, I mean, maroon because it is the color of nature. I like green. And red. And orange.

    By Grisel URL on 07.07.2011

  12. I love this color honestly. It’s the right mixture between red and purple. It’s like a mixture of my best friend and I, she loves purple, I epitomize the color red. So it’s like the best of two worlds for the best of two friends.

    By Angelina on 07.07.2011

  13. maroon 5 is a piece of shit band. they have terrible lyrics, and sound. if i was in that band i would hide in a deep dark hole until the world ended, that way nobody would ever have to see or hear my terrible music ever again.

    By phillip on 07.07.2011

  14. It’s a beautiful, dark red color, that makes me think of Autumn. Autumn’s my favorite season. Leaves that fall off the trees are often maroon. Bricks are sometimes maroon also, I like the color. It’s pretty, and sensible, looks good on everybody. :D

    By Kayla on 07.07.2011

  15. maroon street
    guns shot pops on the beat
    mangled meat
    lyin’ tangled on the concrete

    By Park URL on 07.07.2011

  16. A meadow of flowers all in pure yellow hues
    They contrast with the red and maroon dress she wears as we
    dance along in this starlit night.
    Pure innocence

    By Patrick URL on 07.07.2011

  17. The world is a nutshell we have to try and open. The color maroon embodies the darkness and unknown that is this nutshell, that hides all the color and life within.

    By H. K. on 07.07.2011

  18. Daniel growled and leaned back against the cement wall. He sighed in agitation and threw his head back to look up at the glaring fluorescent lights. His white lab coat and maroon shirt were covered in dirt from the scuffle at the bar and residue left over from the dirty cell floor. He needed a cigarette. Badly.
    He ran a pale hand through his long, copper-colored hair that fell in utter disarray. People were staring, he knew that much. He refused to let them get to him. He knew what he was there fore, and so did they. He was an example.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.07.2011

  19. We stood side-by-side at the mirror in our maroon and gold cheerleading uniforms. Shiloh looked like everything that she was, while I was the girl who was friends with Shiloh. They accepted me only because they accepted her. And when she was gone, I went back to being no one.

    By trish URL on 07.07.2011

  20. Maroon 5 would have to be one of those bands that hits the nail on the head when it comes to love songs. The lead singer has looks to die for and the right words. And then you realize he is a cheating love rat. The words are just words. And it reminds you of every ex you ever had…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.07.2011

  21. The color is all I’ve ever seen. Every tree, rock, chair, table, person, everything I’ve seen, I see it as maroon. I don’t know why; the doctors say it’s like a glitch in my brain. People have tried to explain to me what red and green and yellow look like, and I just can’t understand. So eventually, I just stopped mentioning it, and people forgot. I never knew it could be this important.

    By maddie.rae URL on 07.07.2011

  22. His face turned maroon with an anger I hadn’t seen from him before and he lifted himself off the counter and piled into her head first knocking her to the ground. He pulled his fists back and we watched, dumbstruck and fearful of the horror that was expected next.

    By Dan on 07.07.2011

  23. Maroon, the color of the cars I loved as a kid. Maroon the color of depth and stability. Maroon, the color that one sinks into in a caccoon. Maroon.

    By David URL on 07.07.2011

  24. Hahaha! My uncle uses this as an ‘endearing’ nickname for me whenever I do/say/accomplish something silly or otherwise unorthodox. It’s quite an odd nickname and never fails to have me laughing whenever he uses it.

    By Vanatron URL on 07.07.2011

  25. maron wait what okay i like to eat marornos and marons are dummies done or howa bout i like both maroons and marons done brown sausages are delicilous

    By JODY WHATEVER on 07.07.2011

  26. maoon 5 a boy band

    By maddie on 07.07.2011

  27. The canvas is splattered in shades of blues and greens, creating the image of a cool summer ocean.
    I glare at the peaceful colours; it was not at all what I wanted.
    Looking at the palette of colours, I grin, and dip my brush in the bright maroon, and turn my picture into a scene of bloodshed.

    By Peri URL on 07.07.2011

  28. I don’t know what this words means, what is marroned? does it mean that you are like, high? or that you don’t know what is happening in the world? I heard a pink floyd song that talked about it. it’s called marooned.. actually. but whatever. what else is new? is marooned an important word to society? that is my biggest question! hahaha.

    By Sophie URL on 07.07.2011

  29. maroon reminds me of this bad i once like but now hate, also reminds me of being 13, probablt cause thats when i liked the band, bands represented that time in my life they connected me to my best friend, a person i will never forget.

    By Crystal on 07.07.2011

  30. its a color no one understands. not even I understood. but thats because Im a moron.

    By Dakota on 07.07.2011

  31. one of my favorite colors to wear.
    its unusual, because everything else seems to wash me out, but not this.. it adds to my pinkish hue i guess..

    By katie URL on 07.07.2011

  32. Maroon? Um, to be honest, I’m not sure what a maroon is.

    By Allison on 07.07.2011

  33. Lucille hated the color maroon, she never could like it. It was distasteful, but Gabriel, he loved it, he even gave her something of his that was maroon; Lucille believed that was the only way she could like it, because Gabriel gave it to her. It was a ring with maroon stones in it, a rose gold ring, and it was precious to her. Maybe, maroon was not so bad after all.

    By Anne Harlow on 07.07.2011

  34. I feel like a maroon for not knowing the meaning of this word. I know that it is an insult or maybe a color, but either way i should probably stop writing and just google it already.

    By Tyler URL on 07.07.2011

  35. my skies have turned maroon, as i sit alone in my room.
    no one left me here, i steadily choose my fate
    yet everyday i take the wrong escape.

    By gerald on 07.07.2011

  36. Maroon and white…. Ahhh, my alma mater. What can I say except – Go Tigers!

    By Jbyrd URL on 07.07.2011

  37. to leave. to cease and desist. to betray, by inaction, your duty. and to add guilt to the pantheon of feelings you will feel when you look me in the eye every morning.

    By Jez Owen on 07.07.2011

  38. it was finally her’s.
    the simple gem had been passed down as long as her elders could remember, and now she finally was able to grasp this piece of history in her hands.
    it was just a simple gold chain, but at the end, was a small, heart shaped ruby.
    as she grasped it, she realized that it was no ordinary stone.. it was a dark red, a maroon of some sort.
    even in the light, this stone would not shine, it just seemed like a deep pool of color that continued for an eternity.

    By katie URL on 07.07.2011

  39. “I won’t go home without you…” Maroon 5 played on the radio next to her desk. She flipped her hair out of her eyes and didn’t look at the instrument as she continued to write.

    By Alanah on 07.07.2011

  40. the color maroon, the red, the brown, the dress, the belt, the smile… maron, maroon, nothing comes to mind. i have no association with this word. isnt it great, to have nothing in yourmind. i don’t think so. i am empty and ready to be filled. and my back hurts again. every time i want to consider something, my back tells me, no, don’t do it.

    By Fire on 07.07.2011