February 22nd, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “mango”

  1. A mango daquiari. That’s what I need. Maybe I can recapture the summer days — that feeling of sitting on the beach, salty breeze kissing my face. I feel I haven’t seen the sun in months.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 02.23.2011

  2. yummy i love mango water ice in the summer it the best on a hot day or any day of the year i can eat it all day long

    By umom on 02.23.2011

  3. When i hear the word mango my mouth starts to water as i crave this wonderful fruit.

    By Stormy on 02.23.2011

  4. They are juicy… but the texture is really grainy. I like them much better than guava and prefer them over bananas as long as they are fresh. Mangoes provoke a tropical feeling though, so I enjoy them.

    By Molly on 02.23.2011

  5. I love mangoes. The word mango is delicious, just like the fruit. I could say mango a million times and not get sick of it. It evokes feelings of exotic heat. Only a mango’s juicy flesh could quench the thirst that comes from such heat. I think of my home state of Florida when I think of mangoes because I think of how many times mangoes have cooled me off in the Florida swamp-ness.

    By dandyjams URL on 02.23.2011

  6. Mango the Youtube song! A good fruit! I like Mangoes! Mangoes grow in trees! EVERYONE EAT MANGOES AND LIVE LONGER!!!! YAY FOR MANGOES! GOD CREATED THE MANGO. :O HOORAY!!!!

    By Madeline on 02.23.2011

  7. Mango was a beautiful bird. But what people did not know about her, what that she was once a person. She was turned into a bird by a wicked witch. The witch wanting one thing from her. Her life.

    By Camille URL on 02.23.2011

  8. The most delicious fruit of all time, in my opinion at least. Found in beautiful tropical places, coming to a faraway place bringing its tropical flavors. Absolutely delicious I cannot begin to explain it.

    By N/A on 02.23.2011

  9. Biting into a mango is like sinking your teeth into an interesting textural paradise. The color is beautiful and the idea of a mango evokes a tropical, summery feeling. It’s a pleasant, funky fruit.

    By Molly URL on 02.23.2011

  10. salsa on chips. sweat but not sweat enough to override the peppers and spice. who likes mangos? who likes salsa? who knows. that is all there is. monkeys eat mangos. in trees. while screaming. and swinging. maybe monkeys like mangoes. who knows

    By jason on 02.23.2011

  11. mango is a fruit?! don’t really no what else to say about it. i don’t really like it if totally honest, don’t think it has much of a taste… but then again i haven’t really tried it that often… i wonder what it tastes like properly, i have tried it for a while. maybe it’s really good… i like pineapple more!

    By louise on 02.23.2011

  12. Orange, sliminess with a varigated green skin. This fruit is exotic, and reminds me of Jomar. When he came from the Philippians, he loved all tropical fruits, and we discovered, in sharing with him, that we did, too. Except mangos, yuck!

    By Catherine on 02.23.2011

  13. really? mango again? Should have said “sweet”. Sweat is different, and not all that similar to a mango. Except for tropical climates that entail sweating while eating sweets. Maybe you know. After all.

    By jason on 02.23.2011

  14. I know nothing about mango. Outside of the Chris Kaatan SNL sketch. It’s tangy. It feels cool on your tongue. And I probably don’t eat enough of it.

    By sammy on 02.23.2011

  15. fruity, juicy, summer, mouth watering , orange, dirty hands, melting, pip london, fruit market, grandmother, picking the ripe one, peeling

    By anthea URL on 02.23.2011

  16. Cavemen are supposed to be extinct, so I say “Mango chutney this mutherfucker” to the geico caveman as I blow his head of with a sawed off shotgun. And as for you, you little lizard, geckos are not native to England so what’s with the fake accent. I’m afraid I’m going to have to squeeze till your head pops off and your innards spurt out all over the place.

    By Dee on 02.23.2011

  17. i had this thought this morning and i am absolutely blown away that this word should appear to me right now. my life is to become a writer
    there is something important and powerful with this idea.
    i cannot believe this is happening right now. what does this mean? am i being watched?

    By pdan on 02.23.2011

  18. I delicious fruit which I once drew in studio art during my freshman year of high school. I used pastels and then made a stamp with my mango drawing on it in photoshop. I also enjoy eating mangos. They’re one of my favorite fruits.

    By Maya on 02.23.2011

  19. sticky sweet smoking, buzzed and happy on the russian river. trash comes from the korbel winery up the river and litters its way out to the ocean. No one is doing anything about it. Good champagne.

    By angela on 02.23.2011

  20. its a fruit of some sort its pretty good to eat i love to eat mangos you got to peel them thoe unless you like the skin it will not kill you

    By luke090 on 02.23.2011

  21. yum fruit love fruit i can eat that all day i love mangos delishos

    By eman URL on 02.23.2011

  22. I split the fruit into the shape of my heart. Battered and bruised, it sank to the ground and she bent to pick it up, collecting the pieces in her hands. That meant everything to me as she did. Everything and then more, and it then warped into the shape of the moon to hang over the sky and our love forever.

    By trq URL on 02.23.2011

  23. A mango is a type of fruit. People make juice out of it sometimes.

    By .trista. URL on 02.23.2011

  24. I like mangos. Their are good to eat. And they are heathy.

    By alejandro URL on 02.23.2011

  25. Mango r good fruits.

    By smalls08 URL on 02.23.2011

  26. Blah blah blah! i’m bored hey did the song say mango? mango mango mango mango! Hahahaha!

    By mysticaldeath URL on 02.23.2011

  27. The orange outer shell peels away as the thirst for the sweet thrives. The small spurt of juice tickles your senses, now alive.

    By Sydney and Cynnie on 02.23.2011

  28. a Mango is a tasty thing, a mango is my favorite thing from drinking mango juice to biting the fruit itself a mango is a treat to eat.

    By Michael URL on 02.23.2011

  29. I saw the word was mango, and it made me think of you, and I smiled. It makes me think of us in your kitchen, making pancakes, and how you insisted I try the pineapple, and now you want me to try the mango. You always get me to try stuff I’m afraid of. You force me to take leaps.

    By besia Friedel URL on 02.23.2011

  30. fruit, reminds me of that book which i know is vague because there are alot but it was a french man and i think its called “the orchird”.reminds me of water and just tropical island, smoothies, and beaches, also the boardwalk smoothies and fish many weird things.

    By Corwin Rhynes on 02.23.2011

  31. yellow. mango smoothies. tropical islands. papaya. yello, rough skin. soft juicy inside. sweet. island paradise. orange fruity smooth. mango orange smoothies. foriegn. hispanic. globs of deliciousness. i havent really eaten a mango whole before, but now i’m tempted to. school is almost over. i think i really will go to the store and buy a mango and cut it open and taste its real

    By erica on 02.23.2011

  32. fresh, sweet, fabulous. reminds me of summers pass. goes great with fresh tuna. mango.

    By Kimber URL on 02.23.2011

  33. orange on the outside. red on the inside. tastey. sweet and tangy. I love mangos. Reminds me of a tropical place. Oh how i love warm weather. Hawaii is the place to be. Do mangos grow in hawaii? I wonder if they grow on trees? Weird…i wish I knew. I want a mango tree in my yard.

    By Jenae Kopf on 02.23.2011

  34. The Mango King, alongside his Guava Queen, lived happily in a castle with the Strawberry Princess and Avocado Prince. Together, they ruled their wonderful and happy fruit-world of feudalism. They were benevolent rulers, loved by all, including the lowly papaya serfs.

    Despite their unpleasant smell and rotten taste, the papaya serfs, by the gracious order of the Mango King, were allowed to engage in the festivities of the kingdom’s fruit-salad gatherings hosted by the royal family. Time and time again, the papayas were left alone to rot, making the cleanup exceptionally tedious, and yet, the kind-hearted king would not repeal the order that permitted their attendance. He hoped that fruitsociety would one day accept them as equals as he worked toward political reform. As a result of his efforts, the other fruits in the kingdom even came to welcome them into their exclusive blender clubs, which sought to create tasteful and diverse smoothie environments. Here, even the unsavory papayas could dance and mingle among fruits of all ranks–the banana nobles, the pear lords, and everyfruit in between–and order sugar and milk and ice cream from the bars.

    The Mango King and his Guava Queen worked tediously in their attempts to establish a more egalitarian fruit-nation and relinquish the dated system of feudalism that had been established by their predecessors; fruit rights for papayas was their first step. As the kindest and wisest fruits in the fruit-nation, however, they wished to maintain their power to rule, knowing that they would not abuse it, and that they would use it instead to create an ideal world in which all fruits could work alongside each other and share in the victories of their toil.

    Their intentions were untainted by evil, and to begin to work toward their goal, they knew they faced the arduous task of dispelling all preconceived notions of inherent social differences among their fruit subjects. Of course, some tasted bitter and some tasted sweet, some were berries and some were pomes, some looked shiny and some looked dull. But these did not dictate the merit of their value as fruits, and these did not dictate the contributions that they could make. They all lived in the same kingdom under the rule of the Mango King and Guava Queen. They shared the same earth. They shared the same sky. And they shared the same kitchenshelf fruit-world.

    “Perhaps you were segregated before,” began the Mango King in his address to the kingdom, “in the terrifying grocery stores from which you came! But here, here we seek to foster an environment of peace and equality! Here, we will work to show you that you are no less than other fruits! So, let us rid ourselves of our flawed way of thinking! Let us relinquish any thoughts of superiority so that we may work together to create our ideal kingdom, and let us transcend this cursed paradigm of feudalism and class differences! We must realize that we are all fruits together, and together we have the potential to thrive and see much greater advances! So let us end this era of oppression, let us see each other instead as brothers and sisters, recognizing that we are the same, setting aside our differences to create the greatest fruit-nation this world has seen!”

    And all the fruits cheered, eager for their kingdom to thrive, knowing that with their cooperation under the rule of the strong Mango King, they could accomplish anything. So the fruits worked tediously for generations to end oppression and to clean their fruit-world of the horrors of the feudal system. And all the fruits were happy, and they thrived together as the Mango King had envisioned.

    The end.

    [Unfortunately for the fruits, the higher beings that ruled them ultimately dictated their fate and their position. Unbeknown to the Mango King and his fruitsociety, the higher being that governed this particular fruit kingdom happened to hate papayas, and so the fruits were right: there were inherent differences in their value as fruits, and papayas would remain the lowliest fruits in the eyes of the human. But at least they received some liberation among their fellow fruits. And they stood some chance; her lover approved of papayas. He was a much kinder higher being to his fruit-world than she was; she admired his love of all fruits. Perhaps, then, papayas couldn’t be all bad. Maybe she will soften up and give them a chance….]

    (There’s a running joke about this between my best friend and I. Needless to say, I spent well over a minute completing the story.)

    By Jenny URL on 02.23.2011

  35. The way the sweet juice spills over my lips. The sweet and spiciness of this fruit, always reminding me of you, my little Mango. I miss the way you used to touch me, the way you used to look at me. My darling little Mango.

    By Gailyn URL on 02.23.2011

  36. a mango is a difficult fruit – under-ripe and it is hard and bitter. Over-ripe it is delicious but uttelry messy. Dried mango is the toughest and most difficult of fruits. I did a gig once with a lady named Jo Mango.

    By nancy on 02.23.2011

  37. mango actually happens to be one of my most favorite fruits. Its pulpy, sweet-sour taste tastes like bliss on a hot summer afternoon. In particular i love mango juice. Mango shakes happen to be my favorites too. My grand-mom abstains herself from mango because she gave up eating mango a long time ago.

    By Anshul on 02.23.2011

  38. The package refused to cooperate.

    ‘A mango!? How the hell did they hide the gun in a mango? Why don’t we check these things?!?’

    With a quick wave of my hand and a sharp glare at the waiter, I opened the door and walked into the next room.

    By Chris on 02.23.2011