May 23rd, 2012 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “lodge”

  1. Lodged between my eyelids, a familiar insect began vibrating furiously. In vain attempt to shake it off, I accidentally collided my soft spot with a nearby shelf.

    By Marshazzle on 05.24.2012

  2. One weekend, I was sitting in my winter lodge with my boyfriend. He had his arm around me trying to keep me warm. For some odd reason, I’m always cold.

    By Chelsea Stockdale on 05.24.2012

  3. the lodge in the woods was old and run down. it had vines growing up the sides of it, and the paint that you could still see was chipped and falling off. the pourch steps are black and they arnt very stable. they old lodge is i

    By Hannahmarie on 05.24.2012

  4. The wind was blowing hard around the ski lodge I was in. The windows were rattling and the door, not being tightly shut, was bringing in a cold draft. The power lines went out and the only light left was from the fire that was also my only heating source. The snow storm had come in blocking me from my car on the other end of the driveway. Even if I could get to the car, it’s covered with snow and the roads are blocked. I would have to wait here until it passes, cold and alone.

    By Olivia Matthews on 05.24.2012

  5. I don’t understand why there are donkeys, elephants, and a midget running around naked and hairless in the lodge. I decide to join um! “LODGE PARTY” I squeal, smacking the floor with my neck.

    By Gabriella Blanchette on 05.24.2012

  6. Sitting in my winter lodge with my boyfriend, I think of how my life is great. He has his arm wrapped around me to keep me warm. For some odd reason I’m always cold.

    By Chelsea Stockdale on 05.24.2012

  7. Oh no my time is running out. I better write about lodge. Like a mountain lodge. This is thrilling. Wow. I’m having so much excitement writing this. Ahhhh! I don’t know.

    By Paige on 05.24.2012

  8. One day I was in a lodge in Africa. And elephant came and ate the lodge leaving me in the middle.
    “Hello hellafump!” I yelled to him
    “Hello!” He responded and walked away.

    By Olivia Matthews URL on 05.24.2012

  9. Suddenly the whale screamed “Earthquake!!!!” So he rant out of the lodge. He ran as fast as he could but it was too late the lodge ate the whale. It was a sad day for everyone since they lost there dear friend the whale. They had a memorial for the whale, and they buried the whale in a 120 foot deep hole and a 200 foot wide length hole.

    By Kendra URL on 05.24.2012

  10. Mountain lodge. Ski lodge. Lodged between two chunks of ice. Ice cream. Cream cheese. Cheese head. Head stand. Stand up. Up hill. Hill side.

    By Ms. LaFay on 05.24.2012

  11. One time there was a very large lodge. It was so large it was huge. And there was a party for the king of Japan in there. I don’t know where this is going. Goodbye

    By Paige on 05.24.2012

  12. The lodge on top of the mountain was full of quack but no ducks were living aorund this altitude so brother john asked the nearest bartender if he could get some chicken tenders then he said no ducks lived at this altitude so then i told him duck not chicken he game me buffalo wild wings.

    By Blz Plz URL on 05.24.2012

  13. We stay in the local lodge, which masquerades as a tavern on the edge of town. Nathaniel tells me that he used to live there, in the basement. I wonder if that’s why he was able to grow so accustom to living in the underground lab with myself and Haddison.

    He tells me that’s where he met her. That she runs the place.

    When I find this out, I no longer wish to stay.

    By river URL on 05.24.2012

  14. The squirrel lodged an acorn inside of a hole in the gnarled tree. The gray clouds had begun to roll in and soon, the squirrel climbed inside to join his spoils. Thunder and rain came down, but the creature was safe and dry inside of his nest.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 05.24.2012

  15. “Hey, you have something in your teeth.” Jim Said
    I looked in the mirror to find spinach lodged in between my molars and my gum.

    By Hunter on 05.24.2012

  16. Ever since watching a video, I’ve always dreamt for my perfect family vacation – though not with my family, which definitely is far from perfection, or close to anything personal.
    To rent a lodge somewhere out in the mountains, either during Winter or Spring/Autumn specifically. To stay in the lodge as we have fun activities amongst ourselves and play games or just stay indoors, of course once in while venturing out, taking a dip in the river nearby, or participating in winter sports or simply enjoying nature itself.
    How beautiful would that be? Basking under the sunlight, which isn’t too strong or nowhere to be seen, but just under the right conditions.

    By jasmine on 05.24.2012

  17. Your words were lodged in my heart.
    They hurt, internally.
    When you left me there, alone.
    You left me bleeding.
    There was no one to patch me up.
    A hole the size of “no more” seared in my heart.

    By Hunter on 05.24.2012

  18. i lodged alone at the back street, nobody disturbed me there, slowly and quickly was gaining information about my victim , she had fixed routine and i too had one. She was merry but she could not have known what fate awaited her at the end of tunnel. that’s how it works the shock technique, the victim is dead lock and transpires without much ado.

    By filza URL on 05.24.2012

  19. The Lodge had dark curtains that contain memory.

    By Zeke on 05.24.2012

  20. house cabin den room log tree branch dirt ground garbage

    By Jordan URL on 05.24.2012

  21. We were running together, laughing and playing, a prelude to a cozy lodge and war fire. Moving through the forest, breaking through the edge of the trees. What was her car doing there?

    By Jonathan Nell URL on 05.24.2012

  22. The wood building was unimposing from the outside, humble, rough-hewn, and every bit what one might expect in the midst of the countryside. Inside was a different matter. Paraphenelia of every sort of religion or cult that could ever have claimed to have been imagined in the world, no matter how obscure was there.

    By terradi on 05.24.2012

  23. The dagger flew and lodged itself between the two of the woman’s vertebra. It set off a slew of muscle spasms and screams of agony pelted out of her throat. Then she was silent,, passed out from the pain. A useful adaptation this clever apes had gained. The dagger was retrieved and the predator began to slowly eat his pray. He did so hope she woke up before he finished.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.24.2012

  24. I wish I was in a lodge. I wish I was far away and no one could bother me. No one could monitor my every move like they do now. I want to go away to this lodge. And I never want to come back.

    By Archie on 05.24.2012

  25. i think a lodge is a cabin sort of and it is in the snow like a snow lodge pudding cat dog hunter nick tyson heather

    By samantha on 05.24.2012

  26. We get in from the snow,
    socks soaked through and
    teeth chattering,
    to our only oasis-
    the warm, wood lodge
    that sits at the bottom
    of the mountain.
    The fire crackles when I
    sit down, trying to
    soak in its warmth as shadows
    flicker on my frozen face.
    Closing my eyes, I relax into
    the thick, red armchair
    and let myself melt away with the
    frost and snow all over me.

    By Alyssa Scull on 05.24.2012

  27. The little lodge on the top of the wooded hills
    has been abandoned for years. No human
    soul has made an overnight stay
    and returned in the morning.

    The little lodge on the top of the forgotten woods
    has been occupied by the spirits of lost loved ones
    and tiny creatures looking for a place to live.

    The little lodge on the top of the darkened terrain
    has been misplaced. Moved from one spot
    to the next, without a trace. No one knows of its
    disappearance, because no one dares to go near
    the little lodge on the top of the hill.

    By Jaclyn on 05.24.2012

  28. I mean, it’s not even a home. It’s just a place you go and say, “This isn’t there, at least.” Need to get away from the hellscape that is your life? Lodge. Losing the trail of assassins? Lodge. Abandoning your family for a life of solitude in the woods or something? Lodge. It just sits among the trees, not belonging there and man-made. Just lodge a lodge in natural creation, why not? How about a dish sattelite and a sewage factory too, and some noisy neighbors to give parks more character. Lodges are terrible, terrible things.

    By Jimmy on 05.24.2012

  29. dislodged pain;
    bullets in the right
    side of a brain.
    cerebral insan-
    ity with pity down
    with a sickness through wood
    logs in a forest cold
    floor biting your toes
    and robbing them of
    blue blood, red blood
    in gold caps that cancelled
    thoughts that could have
    been your next move;
    removed onto a plate
    like shattered glass.
    Autopsty explains
    a tipsy shot from a
    dreary life in a lodge.

    By Tony on 05.24.2012

  30. i have no clue on this word OK!!!!!!!

    By awsome damian on 05.24.2012

  31. loage is weird i am hopeless i can’t do this help me loage to everybodyy

    By ALEXANDRIA on 05.24.2012

  32. My dads uncle has a 80 acre farm % woods and he has a cabin on it he lets us hunt off the land.

    By Jeff jdog 33 on 05.24.2012

  33. I don’t know what this means.

    By damian on 05.24.2012

  34. I loge thiings into between other things. To consurve space.

    By Christina on 05.24.2012

  35. hotel is my type… lodge is many things…

    By funkey man on 05.24.2012

  36. I don’t no no what loage is. That’s why i have nothing to say. So if think i’m going to tell you what it is your wrong PEACE OUT.

    By Trevor on 05.24.2012

  37. hotel,loaged in something,club

    By blake on 05.24.2012

  38. Lodges are like hotels. I have never gone in one.

    By Eric on 05.24.2012

  39. went to a lodge house and i went with my mom and dad it was fun there was a waterslide there i waz

    By conner on 05.24.2012

  40. I lodge stuff in between other stuff. And I can’t lodge in HUGE stuff. I know, sad isn’t it. Little stuff gets right in there. It’s FUN!!!!

    By Levina Broccoli on 05.24.2012