May 22nd, 2012 | 129 Entries

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129 Entries for “monitor”

  1. the hall monitor job brings on great responsibilate so that helps students with home and all sorts of other helpful things lik in a classroom a pet moniter brings on the responsibility of takeinng care of that pet so become a monitor today!

    By isabella on 05.23.2012

  2. Monitor my heart to ensure that it beats, beats. A cold green line spiked on a screen of black. It does not measure pain or pleasure, but rather existence. The existence of the organ, but not the blood that powers it, nor the soul that makes the blood flow. You have stopped the flow, yet it still beats, beats.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 05.23.2012

  3. become a pet monitor is a very important job it cause thinking and response ability learn how to become one at monitor today

    By isabella on 05.23.2012

  4. monitor your life with you teachers and parents guidance then follow your heart.

    By isabella on 05.23.2012

  5. come aboard and bring along all of your hopes and dreams together we can find everything that we’r looking for ONE PIECE.

    By Jordan URL on 05.23.2012

  6. computer screen,

    By Hayden on 05.23.2012

  7. The nurse looked at the machine monitoring the man’s heartbeat. She frowned for a moment because she thought the machine was malfunctioning. But it wasn’t. The man had two heartbeats. Suddenly, the man woke up.

    “What am I doing in a hospital…,” the Doctor said. He looked up at the nurse who looked utterly confused. “Oh, hello! I’m the…John Smith. I’m John Smith.”

    By Damaris URL on 05.23.2012

  8. I couldn’t stand to watch him breath. Even from across the safe distance the cameras provided. But I had to wait until there could be no suspicion of my innocence. I had to make it seem like he died on his terms. To achieve this I had to study his day carefully. From the time he came into the parking lot, until he left the building at night.

    By Ruben URL on 05.23.2012

  9. machine overlooking my work. box. but box looking at me. Maybe even judging me sometimes. frowning sometimes.

    By Akanksha on 05.23.2012