August 5th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “lock”

  1. Sometimes people keep you in a cage with a lock. Sometimes you keep yourself in that cage with a lock and you never wanna escape because you’re scared of what you might face in the world outside. Marilyn was one of those people that was in a cage with lock. She didn’t want to see what was outside. She heard terrible things about that world. And they all frightened her. She wasn’t a caged bird who sang the blues. No one put her in that cage. No one put the lock there. She did, and deep inside her she knew it was her fault, but she still kept blaming others. Marilyn wasn’t the caged bird who sang, she was the scared prey that hid from the predator and stayed in hiding.

    By tani on 08.06.2011

  2. Lock my heart out again.. because you know its going to hurt me if you throw away the key.. but you will anyway because your a jerk.

    By Karla on 08.06.2011

  3. The sound of the lock on the front door was possibly the loudest thing she had ever heard. It echoed through the hallways, bounced off the walls, and hit her ears in the worst possible way. She missed the way he’d fill the silence wiht random humming.

    But he’d never be back, not anymore. It hurt her to think of it, but it was for the best. Wasn’t it?

    By Sara URL on 08.06.2011

  4. A key doesn’t fit but still you can try to pick it open. Try the leavers. Try a new pick. Keep going. Because getting past the lock isn’t the hardest part. Uncovering the hidden secret and understanding it is.

    By Cass on 08.06.2011

  5. i am a lock, still looking for my key. greek mythology says that humans were born with 4 arms and legs, and two heads, and they were split apart. They are to find eternity searching for their soulmates.
    i will find you, key <3

    By rachel URL on 08.06.2011

  6. I guess when I think about the word lock, I think about the lockers we had in high school. Lockers entered into the structured life of a high school student this sense of randomness. People could create cliques, they could eliminate opportunity, but they could not change the fact that you might be right there. And maybe you were worth their trouble–no matter what they did to keep you out.

    By Zach G. on 08.06.2011

  7. I locked door. That’s life isn’t it. One fucking locked door after another. Things we’re not allowed to know yet. Things we wish we didn’t. But would we want to open those doors. Relive those things we vowed never to see again? Or know those things in our future? Would you? Cause those doors keep me from stabbing myself in the chest.

    By Jaime URL on 08.06.2011

  8. the lock on the door
    It’s cracked
    toasted, seeping at its core
    Let me out

    Give me space,
    give me the time to open my mind
    untangle the words broken inside

    By Derrick on 08.06.2011

  9. I got to the end of the road and saw a lock on a wall. It made no sense whatsoever, but I decided to break the lock. Behind the lock was a man in white who was about to suicide.

    I locked the wall and did not return there again.

    By henshinger URL on 08.06.2011

  10. i dont have a lock on my door there is keys to locks i have locks of hair and i cant lock myself in any room because its impossible for me to lock the outside of a door when im inside the word looks like look

    By Lucy Pierro on 08.06.2011

  11. I held the gun to my shoulder – waiting for the dog to start after the bird – the old man beside me me gave a quiet sigh – o the glory of the thing – he wheezed – and dropped to the heather-when the bird flew -goback goback– I was bent over the prone body of the man I remember as the spirit of the hill

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 08.06.2011

  12. Use it to make sure people dont steal your stuff
    You use a key to open it
    or a combination
    it depends what kind of lock it is

    By MIMI URL on 08.06.2011

  13. everything needs safety and security and for the purpose what comes first in mind is a lock. we have locks to keep things safe. we even use locks in our dress. and also we experience physical locks which happen

    By abdul on 08.06.2011

  14. why am i trapped is it my own fault. no one can say. i refuse the caps, the lock makes me want to avoid it. how can i think and type with any kind of lock associated to it. Why bother. you must be available. or must not. no lock is key to life. live your life to do as you wish

    By Brian White on 08.06.2011

  15. made of metal or plastic
    need a password or combination to open whatever is locking
    keep you love locked down
    locker room?

    By Adriana on 08.06.2011

  16. I’ve done this thing already, what do you are trying to do? don’t you have some other word? I’m not happy. Lock something! Lock lock lock.

    By altm8511 URL on 08.06.2011

  17. She had her heart locked and her secrets hidden. Ever since she was broken beyond repair, she has had a lock on her heart and a lock on her lips. She never opened up; never let anyone it. Until the day she met you.

    By Yazzy URL on 08.06.2011

  18. Lock? There has to be a lock somewhere! Just go look for it! I am not going to leave this shed open, not with all these lovely plants in it! I can just see coming home to an empty shed, and some person happily planting away … planting my plants in their yard!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.06.2011

  19. The lock was secure. TIght and hard. There was no way she was getting out of this. She tired to move her arms, but her hands were bound tightly behind her back. She could just make out a piece of sunlight coming through a crack in the side of the car as they sped along.

    By anne saan on 08.06.2011

  20. its locked, the key has fallen behind that dresser over there, the one that keeps the memories you don’t want any more. try getting on the ground and looking underneath it.. but you may not be able to reach it. thats just how some doors are.

    By chelsea URL on 08.06.2011

  21. Lock can be a really depressing word, if you think of it as that. Lock out everything. A lock is for a person that needs to be away from others. Away from life itself. Sometimes it is necessary, other times, not so much. What that person needs to do, when locking themselves out, in find the key to their own life, and undo the lock holding then back.

    By eleanormorrice URL on 08.06.2011

  22. The lock on my door was forced opened and I thought that I heard someone in the living room last night. I quickly call the police and waited to see who their would arrest.

    By victor URL on 08.06.2011

  23. unlock the car, the keys are inside of it and we are not sure what to do. There is a rabbit whose name I cannot recall. This person, uh rabbit, lives under the vehicle in question. Reader, please do not fear b/c this rabbit is not in danger nor will it harm you.

    By erik on 08.06.2011

  24. I like lock myself in the room and dance all day, just because there’s a guy trolling outside.

    By Yenleng URL on 08.06.2011

  25. It is a a iron cage closing tight against my skin. It is the very feeling that I know now that means that I have chosen the wrong thing, I am with the wrong one. I do, should never have been said.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.06.2011

  26. It’s like all of a sudden he just can’t give a damn. He doesn’t try to pick the lock so it can be used again later. He takes out his gun and shoots it to pieces, then grabs my arm and pulls me inside, slamming the door behind us. I stumble over to the nearest dusty chair and slump into it, wincing as sharp pain blazes behind my eyes. He’s quick to follow me. He tilts back my head with unusually gentle hands and analyzes the deep wounds on my face, the bloodied bump on my head. He lets out a sigh; a long, relieved sigh that tells me I’m alright. Nothing too serious. And even though he’s worn and exhausted and cradling what I think must be a dislocated elbow, he flashes me a reassuring smile. I just see it through my eyelashes as I pass out. I sleep easy because of it.

    By Veerin URL on 08.06.2011

  27. “You need to lock all your sick, sick ideas in your head, all right?” Ms. Brown told him, her voice a hysterically high pitch. “Don’t you ever, ever write about those things again, did you hear? Certainly not in my classroom.”

    By Anya Marina URL on 08.06.2011

  28. why is everyone so locked up into writing up definitions of the word of the day? this place is for people to write blah, whatever floats into your mind, perhaps a creative gem begging to escape the confines of mundane daily life.

    By Luke Z URL on 08.06.2011

  29. the unbreakable lock holds the unopenable door into the impenetrable room all within the safest house and deep inside sits a lonely person just waiting to be set free. There is no impossible.

    By Lena URL on 08.06.2011

  30. a lock that locks?
    locks doors , bikes and more?

    By sdhnf URL on 08.06.2011

  31. the lock was always one of his obsessions. he couldnt just walk away from the car. he had to check….and check …and check….and………yep…check. why? was he mental? or is it just that he kept thinking back to that time when

    By boristabasco@hotmail.co.uk on 08.06.2011

  32. A lock of your hair is all I have to remind me of that night forty years ago when you said you would love me forever. It sits on my bedside table framed and revered like some saintly relic in Rome.

    By Barnesdave on 08.06.2011

  33. A lock is a simple device that can lock, as in close something that needs unlocking, doors, windows, car doors etc. To lock something you will mostly need a key to do so, however that’s not always the case as some doors have a mechanism that does so itself.

    By Rojan on 08.06.2011

  34. i ran and ran and ran. it was getting closer. i could sense its warm murky breath near my neck. i finally got to my house. i just needed to enter there to be safe. i pulled the door. It was locked! and so there i stood helpless pray for that terrible monster.

    By Corinne URL on 08.06.2011

  35. He locked the door as he always does when he returns home. This time felt… different. As he heard the click of the lock, something then clicked in him. He unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen.

    By Banana on 08.06.2011

  36. Lock and key. Those two words go together as well as yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly, day and night. Most people use locks to hide stuff, or keep things secrets. Imagine a world with no secrets. Would that be paradise? or Chaos?

    By varsh URL on 08.06.2011

  37. lock is the word on the screen. I have been given the irritating job of writing about it. And what’s worse, my brain’s locked. LOCKED. Sorry. Access denied!
    Write more?
    MORE? You’re barking mad.

    By Abhinandan Sridhar URL on 08.06.2011

  38. Keep the people out. That is what he seems to think. But I don’t think anyone is trying to get in. I really don’t And when You shut people out they sense it, and that is when they try to get in.
    You can feel secure and safe without having to bar people. And I think a lot of it is just the idea, not the actual presence of an intruder.

    By Betty on 08.06.2011

  39. give me a break. the crown jewels were under lock and key. It’s just that I forgot to lock the safe when I went to the loo. it’s not my fault. too many passwords and combinations in this day and age. I can’t remember it all.

    By E.P. Hantera on 08.06.2011

  40. It was closed shut. I couldn’t open it. My heart was forced down by the weight of your smile. I couldn’t open it to anyone but you, but you won’t let me open it will you. No you won’t. You’ll smile, looking past me, not at me. Never directly at me. Although I know you want to. We both want to. but we can’t. We’re both locked. Shut tight. It’s all in the past.

    By Tijana URL on 08.06.2011