August 5th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “lock”

  1. the doors had changed many time but the lock was same, destinations were many but the hurdles were similar. the earnest of being honest bore no fruit, for he desperately toiled for success, the paths never glowed.

    By rndm URL on 08.05.2011

  2. stop

    By Nikki Corleone URL on 08.05.2011

  3. If you want to get people interested in something, lock it up – and provide a peak-hole. Musea should do that more often.

    By Petra Baumann URL on 08.05.2011

  4. Sometimes we leave it open sometimes we lock it. Protect, preserve or forget. Theres nothing we can do but lock it up and lock it down. Our doors, our minds our hearts.

    By Ray on 08.05.2011

  5. I’m going to lock up my words
    and not toss them carelessly
    across sidewalks and buildings and empty static
    but treat them like treasures
    waiting to be used
    by the one
    who finds the key
    to their chest

    By SprawlingInk URL on 08.05.2011

  6. He was laying there all day, waiting for him to go out to catch the paper, take the sun or do whathever normal people do to go outside and stare at the window. Too bad he didn’t knew someone had him in his aim.

    By Felipe URL on 08.05.2011

  7. Lockdown. Always remember to lock the door. Don’t lock yourself or your heart from other people, unless they deserve it. Lock and key. Maybe that’s the point, only give the key to certain people.

    By Shannon URL on 08.05.2011

    Well shoot stimpy. get the key, quick!
    Don’t you ever clean that thing out?
    It’s hard. what are we going to do?

    By julia on 08.05.2011

  9. the door to the sky and see the key up in the stars that fall onto our heads so close to the loud knocking of the pizza delivery boy who sells his goods to open windows and cars that fly from indigestion and a lack of sheep.

    By Jefferson on 08.05.2011

  10. lockjaw, locked doors and locking eyes to not know what’s going on beneath them.

    By alyssa moore URL on 08.05.2011

  11. the key cannot be found to my heart – I lost it long ago. If you think you can find it – I have my doubts. Don’t despair. Lucky for you the key was lost when my heart was open.

    By Valerahaha URL on 08.05.2011

  12. A device to keep things safe…. To keep the unwanted and uninvited from you “things”… But if we profess to be immaterial… And few do anymore in our disposable and instant society… Then why do we need locks? I grew up in a neighborhood way outin the country where no one ever locked their doors. Somewhere along the line it all changed though. By the time I was a teenager the door was always locked at night.

    By Jackie garrison on 08.05.2011

  13. Lock. I feel like I tend to lock myself away from others. No matter how much I deny it to myself that I am my own prisoner, I just can’t stay away from the fact that I just need to be free. Lock. I can’t do this anymore. The lock needs to break. Soon. Today. I am freeing myself.

    By Sharmaine Olay on 08.05.2011

  14. Its under lock and key
    This heart of mine
    Try your best
    Take you time

    Perhaps if you ask
    Or take the risk
    Pick the lock
    Or use the key

    Either way
    The hearts yours

    By Ash Lee URL on 08.05.2011

  15. Lock me out
    Protect your sanity
    Dance around words 
    Like your feet move for me,
    But they don’t.
    And I know.
    I’ve grown up and changed
    And tomorrow is too close
    to continue this game 
    Of ‘yes we do, no we don’t.’
    Don’t trouble me with words of distain
    Just lock me out
    And we can pretend there’s no rain

    By Mac on 08.05.2011

  16. My heart is forever locked to yours. Lock..Jock…Joke..

    By rexcel URL on 08.05.2011

  17. i locked the door and walked out. it was such a beautiful day upstate. as i walked across the campus i noticed all the teenagers stumbling across the grass feild were wearing yesterday’s clothes.

    By Sarah West on 08.05.2011

  18. It was an accident, I swear.
    No one believed me.
    I never meant for it to end this way.
    Still no sympathy.
    I wish I could take it all back.
    They’re locking me up for good.

    By Emaline URL on 08.05.2011

  19. The canal lock was the only evidence of his disappearance. A scarf floated to the surface bright red in the dawn’s light. Ice broke on the surface. A single oar lay abandoned on the bank.
    A strange call of bird song broke the silence.

    By david lloyd on 08.05.2011

  20. Lock. Locks and keys. It applies to everything. Everything has a lock. But everything has a key, too. Homes. Cars. People. I’m so happy I finally found someone that could unlock me; could unlock my heart.

    By Jessica Renee URL on 08.05.2011

  21. The difficult process of breaking the lock was worth it.
    An abundance of riches lay in the vault. Gold bars sat piled up to the ceiling.
    In the corner a tiara glistened against a single lit candle.

    By barneswriter URL on 08.05.2011

  22. locks are too definite… what do you do when you’re too afraid to lock the door and terrified to open it? do you just leave it closed? what good does that do for anybody?

    “the wisest advice to me, that I didn’t teach, was to lock up the heart but keep the key within reach…” (carbon leaf, raise the roof)

    By Park URL on 08.05.2011

  23. You can lock many things. Lock your doors to keep others out. Lock your heart to keep out commitment and pain. Lock your words and thoughts inside to keep your privacy.

    By Emily Hope URL on 08.05.2011

  24. it always needs a key
    can never be open
    always in your mind
    keeps secrets away from other
    hides the most important things
    part of your life
    the world is a lock waiting to be open

    By Cam on 08.05.2011

  25. Can the turn of a lock change your life? It did mine. That day when we opened the cellar door a hundred year old secret was uncovered. Each of us knew that we would never be the same. Our destiny was this shared knowledge and the horror of it all.

    By barneswriter URL on 08.05.2011

  26. There was a big black lock on the door, a heavy padlock. I always was scared to touch it, even if I had the key, which I didn’t always have, since I thought it was made of lead. I assumed it was cold when the weather was cold and hot when it was hot out. It took me a while to realize that people’s hearts weren’t supposed to work that way.

    By gabí URL on 08.05.2011

  27. the lock was not working and i was getting suffocated as i could not get out.

    the lock finally ticked and i had a sigh of relief.

    the eyes were locked and they could not look away inspite of the fact that there were so many people looking at them

    By mehro URL on 08.05.2011

  28. Locks are something I feel give people a false sense of security. They are broken all the time and hiding behind them won’t last forever. I think that locks signify distrust in society.

    By Miranda Blackstone URL on 08.05.2011

  29. The lock to my heart is burried underneath the hurt, the lies that you fed to me. You once had the lock, but now it is lost forver, no way to get it back. This lock is only given to those who care, and you once cared, but now it’s over.

    By Rachelle URL on 08.06.2011

  30. a lock is something that can block out a lot of things. sometimes it’s a guard that goes up around your heart or soul or something like that. a lock can often be unlocked by a key, but a special person or thing holds that key. special. yeah, and the key is also hard to get to. and the lock is hard to break more often than not. a lock, sometimes sucks, but once they are unlocked, it’s a lot better.

    By Allegra on 08.06.2011

  31. her eyes were scanning the surrounding area. nothing seemed to be helping her out. there wasn’t anything that indicated it would be able to free her from this locked room. she needed to escape. she needed out.

    By cam URL on 08.06.2011

  32. What comes to mind when I think of that word? Strangely, I’d have to say it’s that book I read when I was a child – The Indian In The Cupboard. I don’t remember exactly what it was all about but I do remember that it wasn’t the cupboard that magically brought the Indian to life, it was the key. Any lock that the key fit in to aided the transformation of a little plastic figurine in to a little, fully alive, person.

    By Miss Lizzy. URL on 08.06.2011

  33. Lock. The lock had broken long ago, rust littering the previously glimmering gold that shone in response to the sun’s touch. For something meant to keep others away it seemed to do so more now than before, it’s state of disarray uninviting, repelling.

    By Lauren on 08.06.2011

  34. I locked the door behind me. Tears streaming down my face as the memory of the night came rushing back with full force. The kisses, the ring, the new girlfriend. I don’t hate him. I hate how he’s made me feel.

    By McKenna Louise URL on 08.06.2011

  35. I just did this a minute ago, and didn’t want to put my comment in the public arena possibly. But this will suffice. Locks are for doors, but the biggest one of all is my heart. There’s a guy that I know back in Chicago that has the key but he hates me. i think.

    By someguyfromiowa on 08.06.2011

  36. Locked. Roderich cursed hell, earth, and the high heavens above. Why Gilbert had locked his bedroom door was obvious, but that didn’t mean that he was any less angry about it.

    By Raegan on 08.06.2011

  37. Lock. They tell me ‘don’t think just write’ so for the next minute or so im gonna lock up my mind. Lock up the philosophies I try to make so profound and intelligent when in actuality they’re as common as the thought in my neighbors mind. Lock up the insecurities and inhibitions telling me that maybe im NOT gonna be alright. Maybe i’m not gonna be something worthwhile one day. Just lock it up. And then rejoice in the fact that you have the key to anything you wish to lock up and keep bound and stored away. Lock

    By Char Adams URL on 08.06.2011

  38. it requires a key.to open it basically used for doors or to lock things up. it provides or ensures security.

    By clyton on 08.06.2011

  39. Lock the dreams you once had, in a star spangled box.
    Pick it up and feel its warmth, the possibilities and potential you once had.
    Now walk to the edge of your mind, say a prayer and let it go.

    The dreams you once had do not fit into the reality of what is.

    Start the dreams again, this time with a clear eye and more power than before.

    By Mama Singlet URL on 08.06.2011

  40. Merc stared at the door. He’d been fumbling with the knob for several minutes now, as if it were suddenly going to decide to open for him, key or no key. The door was never -locked-, and if it was, certainly it would open for him, wouldn’t it? He wasn’t going to try and force it; he didn’t think that way. That wasn’t Merc. But he’d fiddle it a few more times, lean a little at the hinges in the hopes that it’d give way. It didn’t.

    By Aces on 08.06.2011