August 5th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “lock”

  1. my heart is a lock you’re the key unlock me please? lock and key, complete me? there’s a hole in my world & you are missing, where are you

    By katie rogers on 08.06.2011

  2. My friend oleg always prided himself on his lock picking abilities. He’s Russian, you see. Verging on the edge of criminality as a sign of manhood and kicking against the pricks. Commendable really.

    By Jacques Thelad on 08.06.2011

  3. Lock lock stuff. Mørh. Mørh. Mørh. Mørh. Mørh. I’m on my iPhone, that makes it harder D:

    By Daniel Dreisler on 08.06.2011

  4. a lock is an object used to secure things. they can be used for maximum protection. they are used all over the place from jails, to homes, and cars. they are used in a verity of ways…

    By Tony on 08.06.2011

  5. The lock hides things away. It hides away lies and truths. It protects, but it also deceives. It hides secrets, never to be heard of again. But sometimes the lock breaks, and everything spills out into the World. When the lock breaks, people do too.

    By Beth on 08.06.2011

  6. Car. House. Heart. Locker. Safe. Soul.
    Are they safe? Lock them up. Never let anyone in.

    By bex URL on 08.06.2011

  7. I locked the door on my way out as I began to travel through time. I took her hand as she guided me pass all the empty black doors into a dark purple hallway. Once we made our way toward the little white door on the end, she tried jiggling the knob to open it, but it was locked.

    By monique URL on 08.06.2011

  8. lock it up and throw away the key. you don’t want it to hurt anyone else. you don’t want him to hurt you again. it may be tempting to have mercy but there’s no alternative. he exhausted all of the alternatives. you have to protect yourself. you have to lock him out of your life forever. and you have. and you’ve been disciplines. and I am proud of you for that. you have come so far.

    By chilimango URL on 08.06.2011

  9. The locked gate door remains shut. She searches everywhere. Wondering if the white rabbit lost itself beneath the barbed wire. Bloodily impaled. Where did that magic potion go? If she had followed the tiny creature would she still wonder what this gate was doing in the middle of a sunflower field? Or why the clouds stopped moving?

    By Holly URL on 08.06.2011

  10. The lock on the cupboard door would forever haunt him.

    He’d see it walking to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and up the stairs to his room again, ten or twenty times a day. It always reminded him of the days in this cupboard, of the painful hour of being alone in the dark and oh-so-hungry. It reminded him and he didn’t want to be reminded. But despite being one of the most haunting things in the house, it also was a simple reminder of something positive: No matter how bad things were at the moment, it could always be worse.

    As it had been.

    By Lyra on 08.06.2011

  11. he thought he knew himself better than that, but no there he was out on the dock about ready to dive into unknown waters, who was he trying to impress, it’s not like he cared what she thought after all she wasn’t the key to anything

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.06.2011

  12. There is a lock on my iPad, and a lock on my computer. The passcode/password has to be entered in order to access the files. But no lock on my iPhone which holds my brain. Why is that?

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.06.2011

  13. key

    By bhavika on 08.06.2011

  14. locks are really cool, they keep intruders out of our houses. they protect us while we sleep without being worried. i really love locks. i love a lot of things, but i have never thought about how safe locks keep us.

    By Devin on 08.06.2011

  15. cious bark! Oh well, I really don’t have anything worth stealing beside Little Man.

    By Deb on 08.06.2011

  16. Sometimes, it feels bittersweet to feel that someone is still there for you but her heart will be locked forever for you. It is frustrating to know that you had the chance to have her, to love and to hold. But now, it’s just friendship that you can offer to each other. I wonder how this will end.

    By euraine URL on 08.06.2011

  17. lock..key and lock??? i lost the key…for my heart..rather i gave it to some1 special..n i have a key too..for his heart…its soooo nice feeling..being together in love …when he cares about using t the key…….

    By chaacha on 08.06.2011

  18. If I lock away my memories, what will I supress? the ongoing fear of facing them, or the inability to move on? I just wish I knew the answer to what I am trying to figure out. You can lock away anything with a key.

    By Tessa Emery on 08.06.2011

  19. Tight, it brings safety to us. The door is closed and locked. No one can get us here. No one can get us. Bang! Bang! The lock holds tight.

    By Marian D on 08.06.2011

  20. A curl of tender shyness opens, the heavens pour!

    By Harvinder URL on 08.06.2011

  21. It’s not good to keep secrets under lock and key. They destroy the bonds between people; I should know. Instead, give your trusted fellows the key to that lock, allow them to let the secret run free. And no longer will you be burdened with it.

    By Sunny URL on 08.06.2011

  22. Scoffing, the tyrant slammed the contraption shut over her legs, spikes piercing through her thighs. Smiling at her screams, he flipped the lock closed, patting her writhing form on the shoulder as he walked away.

    By heather URL on 08.06.2011

  23. Locks remind me of safety. It also reminds me of my home. We always lock our doors and it brings on a sense of safety.
    Lock. Lock.
    John Locke. Enlightenment. Natural rights.
    Lock. Lock.

    By Delaney URL on 08.06.2011

  24. a key. My heart. A room. A locker. A code for security. A secret. private and personal things inside. Big or small..

    By Annie on 08.06.2011

  25. Down under the boats
    where water shines
    Lies the deepest dark
    of times
    A lonely fish
    A steely whale
    A sunken ship
    Lost in the gales
    And none look more
    For such interesting things
    Then men on metal
    Silver wings
    It is they who shine their light
    Into this dark type of night
    And trust me its not worse for wear
    Secrets are for hiding there
    So leave the secrets
    Leave the sea
    Hide them far away from me

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.06.2011

  26. The protector and manager of security in our homes, banks and accompanied with a chain, your bike.

    By hideaki koh on 08.06.2011

  27. a lock is but an excuse to keep people out. its useless, unwanted material that should be burned and/or lost. BURN LOCK, BURN, you shiny piece of shit. and so you have it. i am back again, another 60 seconds at hand to fill the empty space of this so called ‘oneword.’ and in that moment… LOL

    By lorin on 08.06.2011

  28. I’ll give you a lock of my hair,
    and place a lock on my heart.

    By Paula on 08.06.2011

  29. Your home has all of your belongings, your furniture, your Hugo Boss suits, your iPad. Of all the belongings you’d want to keep from harm, your family. Back in the day, people just went to sleep with doors agape without a care, sadly, such practices today have dire consequences. Then came the lock, the one who you can set your mind at ease about your home’s security, your family’s safety. The lock, leave home without it.

    By eggsBenedikt URL on 08.06.2011

  30. I slipped the key into the lock, breathless. I turned, pushing past the resistance of the rust-filled opening, my heart filled with hope as I finally heard the all important click. I pushed open the door, wincing at the creaking of neglected hinges. I peered through the disturbed dust; heart in my mouth – only to find an empty room, with another door. My footprints were haphazard as I flew to it; tried the handle. It was locked.

    By SophieKate on 08.06.2011

  31. lock me up and throw away the key. keep me behind this barricade so you don’t have to look at me. nothing can hide the truth. no amount of concrete you put between you and me will hide me away, yet you insist on keeping me hidden. a secret in your dark cavern of tainted memories. a hibernation you wish to see once a year and even then, you can hardly look because you keep me locked up so tight – tighter than anything ever before. because if i were to break free, your life would crumble and you can’t allow that to happen – can you?

    By Kim Nicole URL on 08.06.2011

  32. I remember. The look. Your so broken heart. The urgency of it all. The sadness. The lost key in my hand. The defiance. The denial. The hurt. The rawness. The vulnerability.

    By Kaitlin on 08.06.2011

  33. It’s so secretive. So silent. Your broken heart. Your rugged hands. Your scars. The key. It’s light. Your darkness. The silence. So sacred and overwhelming. Heavy and light. Bittersweet. Sad.

    By Kaitlin URL on 08.06.2011

  34. lock and key. lock the gate. we dont have a gate at our house. i hate the suburban ideal of a white picket fence. do gates keep our things in or other people out? have we really needed them? and locks? do things really get stolen that often? and if they do, are they the things we really posess? we can’t lock those things, like family, pictures, loved ones.

    By chromo1969 URL on 08.06.2011

  35. And key. They go to go together. You have the lock to my heart. Katie got me a lock neclace. Could go to a treasure chest. I went scuba diving and found buried treasure so much fun! There was jewelry and gold coin

    By Sara on 08.06.2011

  36. i locked the door last night when i went to bed then i put that thannnng on lock after i hit that motherfucker right in the head. he cried so hard. We locked his ass out. We almost locked katie out. She cried too. I wish I wasn’t so ugly. with big nipps and green cash in my ass

    By Haley URL on 08.06.2011

  37. ^
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    By Sara on 08.06.2011

  38. i lost the key to my friends bike lock in san diego and had to buy him a new one which set me back 26 dollars which was shit but i loved it so much there that i didnt really mind having to buy him a new one which was worse than his old one.

    By Mary on 08.06.2011

  39. There´s a lock and I can´t open it. I tried and tried, but I can´t. I have to solve this problem first, before the lock will unleash it´s power and let me go through the door to happiness. But what are the problems I have to solve?

    By VesperMae URL on 08.06.2011

  40. you lock my heart up every time you think about leaving. my mouth locks shut and i dont know what to do when youre mad. my eyes lock shut when i try to hide all the tears from you!

    By mikayla on 08.06.2011