August 6th, 2011 | 313 Entries

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313 Entries for “bulb”

  1. A light bulb goes off in my head and suddenly I am clear headed like I have never been before! enlightenment bulb! a house of enlightenment bulbs!!

    By Lynn R. Antisdel on 08.07.2011

  2. Blub? hm. I’ve already done this one but never mind. Last time I talked about the irony of it all because bulbs are both technological and natural thing. Anyway I’m not sure what else to say about the matter but I can’t just write nothing. Although in writing nothing about the topic I seem to have written a lot about this.

    By Xanthe URL on 08.07.2011

  3. Bulbs can light up my room when it’s too dark to read. They let me see things that were not visible before. They give me great ideas. Who knows? I might invent something myself someday. Anyway, it sure is bright.

    By Rasmus on 08.07.2011

  4. a bulb is a short way of saying ‘lightbulb’, which is a thing you plug into a lamp to provide electric light. the lightbulb was invented by thomas edison.
    bulb can also refer to a plant, for example a tulip. im not sure which part of the plant it is – maybe the seed?

    By Ash on 08.07.2011

  5. Illuminating this dreary place.
    Giving definition to each dirty face.
    Clearly showing every hidden flaw.
    Confusion mixed with reality.
    Not quite sure of what she saw.

    By Brooke URL on 08.07.2011

  6. lightbulbs are great. They let you see dark rooms and shit, none of that candle shit they used in like the 60’s. Edison was all like “hells yeahhhhh” electiricty is gonna make shit so much better, fuck candles and fuck matches!

    By Ian on 08.07.2011

  7. a bulb gives light hot light. Dont follow the light. Not now. Play with me in the shadows. Its nice in the showdows.

    By bianca URL on 08.07.2011

  8. bulb is an odd word. there are light bulbs, and some plants have bulbs. The word “bulbous” comes to mind, which is kind of an unattractive but also great word. Payton thinks “moist” is a gross word. I, for one, don’t mind it.

    By Kirsten Bale on 08.07.2011

  9. I was just at the shop, looking for a light bulb. No, not a bayonet style. Screw in. No, the skinny screw in. Yeah, sort of like that. Got anything shorter?

    Remember when all lights were created equal?

    By Henry URL on 08.07.2011

  10. Is what is need to help make light. Why do we need light so that we can read and interact with each other. there are other forms of light. There is candle light and sun light which is my fave. to sit in the sun is pretty amazing.

    By Jennifer Lopez on 08.07.2011

  11. the bulb blew and the room went completely dark.

    By ET on 08.07.2011

  12. And the light bulb in the dark dusty old attic began to hum. The old bulb had been around for years and was near the end. It was covered, in muck, dust and small flies. And the light it gave off to the room in the attic was dull and weak.

    By Amanda jeanette on 08.07.2011

  13. she sat down knelt in the soft earth in the green grass with the warm sun shining down on her, warming her back and she dug her hands into the soft earth, she took one of the baby flowers the almost flowers the waiting flowers and she made a bed for it she hollowed out a bed for it to sleep in

    By Alexa on 08.07.2011

  14. I hate the new light bulbs. It takes like ten minutes to light up and I hate darkness. I like light. These new bulbs are awful. Perhaps I should go on ebay and stock up on the old kind?

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.07.2011

  15. A dimly lit bulb strung up high in the rafters of the attic. A moth flutters around it, attracted to the hazy light it emits. Below, there are cardboard boxes full of memories.

    By Adeline on 08.07.2011

  16. a bubl brings a light for everyone to see, its fragile but bold, one smash and it could be gone but it never stops shining. it refuses and fights to its last moment to light up the way for you and me

    By Anna C on 08.07.2011

  17. Una cipolla ed una lampadina. Per ora non mi viene in mente altro, o forse quello di quel film molto vecchio dei bambini dove c’era alpha alpha che si mangiava le cipolle, appunto.

    By Stefano URL on 08.07.2011

  18. Bulbs are bulbous. They light shit up and represent ideas. This shit is hard, because bulbs are pretty goddamn self-explanatory. Whatever though. Bulbs can be flourescent or incandescent and I spelled some of that incorrectly but for the sake of time I am not going back to correct it. There, this looks nice and long.

    By Detective Fingerling URL on 08.07.2011

  19. Little girls at summer camps don’t like to write. They feel as if they are in school if you make them do anything that could be mistaken as studious. One unit leader asked her daughter to write something, and the small girl submitted it to me, albeit painfully. It was a minute work, but I was able to do something with it. She wrote of Pig Latin, and her example was about light bulbs being hot, suggesting instead that her bunk have fans. I was inspired by her attempt to teach her peers something they didn’t already know, so I did some research and expanded her article by adding directions for other well-known gibberish languages, like ubbi dubbi and double dutch.

    By Coop on 08.07.2011

  20. The light bulb is burnt out. The flame is not lit. There is no more feeling, no warmth, no love. All that is left is darkness, and I am cold.

    By Rox URL on 08.07.2011

  21. the bulb of the tulip flashed with a glowing light that shone like a beacon through the dark night. It showed him the way home. The boy was always thankful of the tulip that showed him the way. He kept it and showed it to his son his son’s son, the tulip bulb was forever helping the boy’s family to find their way.

    By Becky on 08.07.2011

  22. With terrible confusion, I write, yet again, of bulbs. I did this but only a moment ago before registering for this lovely website called oneword, which I find to be immensely inspirational – not only to me but to my newspaper students. I do, however, tire of writing of bulbs.

    By Coop on 08.07.2011

  23. Like the toxic bulb they are touting as green and enforcing you to use; so the captain of the big ship has now exposed himself as the undemocratic puppet he really is, wake up people, it’s almost too late.

    By Jeanie URL on 08.07.2011

  24. sometimes the answers are too obvious but maybe we can’t just see it for ourselves. the bulb has always been lit but we only notice when it’s too late.

    By Dee URL on 08.07.2011

  25. bulbs are from plants. Tulips come out from bulbs. I think the word is funny, specially when people refer to someone’s nose as being “bulbous.” What the heck? is like a potato has grown in your nose? bulbs are also the things we put on lamps.

    By Psychsquirrel on 08.07.2011

  26. The light bulb colored the room in a weird shade of yellow. It made the whole situation look even sadder than it already was. “So, this is life I guess,” Henry said and sat down.

    By VesperMae URL on 08.07.2011

  27. The bulb in the socket shines down and illuminates his skin, showing the beautiful imperfections that only he has.
    A light layer of hair on his chest makes mine stand on end, and goosebumps shiver throughout my skin when I think that this is mine.

    The bulb in my life shines ever so bright because of you.

    By Danny URL on 08.07.2011


    By JULIE SARAH on 08.07.2011

  29. this morning I woke up to see thelight bulb flickering on and offf, its brilliancy striking me. I wondered what was up so i went to touch it, as soon I did I realized that one gigantic moth was laying up on, stuck to the bulb, I opened the door and set it free, and the bulbdid not flicker any more.

    By Alexis URL on 08.07.2011

  30. Bulb. Light, flashlight, plant seed thing, electric, my grandfather?? Ummmmm…the color yellow, my basement

    By Colleen Beamish on 08.07.2011

  31. The curried chicken recipe called for two bulbs of garlic. “No,” she thought, “not bulbs, but cloves. Yes, they’re cloves.” But “bulbs” felt better. They were bulbous and she wanted more, maybe four bulbs. Such, astringent goodness in them, good stuff.

    By Clarity URL on 08.07.2011

  32. There’s different shapes, sizes and colours – just like with people. They run on a complete circuit and they pop when the fuse burns out. It’s a sign of a brilliant idea and a light to guide you in the dark. Perhaps you could plant one and have daffodils for years to come.

    By Emily URL on 08.07.2011

  33. I have a light within me. It’s igniting inspirational thoughts. It’s provoking an idea and fuelling creativity. No light = No Life.

    By Vicky on 08.07.2011