November 20th, 2016 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “loading”

  1. the brain is a loading try for ideas. Pending and pending until you find a worthy candidate to speak out. The loading tray is full of rejected candidates. The invention you once thought of, and the easy way to get toast out of a toaster. ideas are loading.

    By Payton on 11.21.2016

  2. Load the camera. Perfect the pout and pose for the camera. Show the world your smile. Only the smile. Not the pain and worry behind them. There are people you can talk to. The camera won’t understand. It will judge you. It will shame you. It may be a cry for help at first, but the help you’ll get likely won’t be what’s good for you.

    By Tricia on 11.21.2016

  3. He waits, sweating. Eyes darting to and fro and forth and back. Suspicious. Cut by a sense of impending doom.
    Can’t let the librarians know he’s loading porn.

    By davy on 11.21.2016

  4. loading is probably hated by a lot of Americans. you can understand why.this generation is the answer, with all this technology around.

    By Julie Brown on 11.21.2016

  5. My love story was like a heavy duty web page, half loaded , while rest of it were shown as still “loading”, leaving me in the eternal confusion whether to restart or to wait for it complete the loading.

    By vinod on 11.21.2016

  6. waiting for everytinhg. Life seems to be loading sometimes. sometimes I want my mind to load faster, get to an idea faster! what else could make it faster, or will I just continue buffering.

    By Jessica on 11.21.2016

  7. fucking loading screen and loading a gun, a shotgun. and metallica’s load album. and the Word loathing. waiting and waiting

    By Roland on 11.21.2016

  8. “Your computer is now loading.” Siri said. Siri had taken over the world, and is now controlling a lot of the male population. Now all females must play video games for all eternity. Even the ones we have already beat. What’s worse is that if you fail to complete the game in 5 hours, you are forced to play ET for Atari.

    By Samantha on 11.21.2016

  9. Loading loading loading, she sat impatiently tapping at the mouse, her posture eagerly tilted towards the flashing screen whilst her restless eyes scanned the page. She was gonna run out of time she thought, glancing briefly at her watch as the seconds were steadily eaten away before her sleep deprived eyes, she wasn’t going to make it.

    By Effie Peters on 11.21.2016

  10. Staring at my screen, I was waiting for the word to load. Little did I know, the word is infact “loading.” I used to hate this word. But now, grown and patient me has learned to love it. Time is fleeting and loading gives back time.

    By Will on 11.21.2016

  11. the doubt behind your eyes
    meets the cliff, and I wait.
    I wait, and I watch
    the waves hit the rocks
    at the bottom,
    and I wonder if you will ever
    meet me in such a way,
    if you will ever want me in your life
    so much that you wear me down
    to drag me back to you, in pieces.
    I wonder over the definition of depths,
    and how warm or cold yours will be.
    I wonder if there are riptides.
    Your expression hesitates in transition.
    You jump.

    By Pandatry on 11.21.2016

  12. I kept looking over my shoulder, sure that someone would find me at any second. My mind was almost blank with terror. I watched the little bar at the bottom of the screen. 36%…37%.

    By Emma on 11.21.2016

  13. Why in the FUCK do I always do this to myself-
    My mind is always thinking about shit, which makes me do dumb things.
    Like chase boys around for no reason,
    I’m so lonely all the time
    Where did this come from?
    What the hell happened-
    Always incomplete thoughts are what are in my head. They never seem to finish themselves..
    Fear and Loading-
    Those are my emotions lately-
    I have no idea what is going to happen, but now that there are feelings involved on both parties- Yikes..
    I hate how I am sometimes..

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 11.21.2016

  14. The loading of the goods at night was a challenge in and of itself. But by daylight we were on the road back to the good old US of A. Racing through the light, the horizon in sight, this time we are going to make it for sure, we might.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.21.2016

  15. wait
    i’m loading
    i need a machine to process what i can’t
    that way
    I can keep up with you
    I’ll stop glitching
    You can stop pausing me
    Hoping I’ll be a little faster when you push play again

    By celeste URL on 11.21.2016

  16. She wheezed against the weight of the big black case as she heaved it roughly into the back of the truck. Taking a moment to catch her breath she leaned against the car and reluctantly looked over at the many instrument cases littered across the alley, waiting to be loaded. “Why did I pick today to volunteer for the pep band?” She wondered aloud as she stooped down to pick up a wayward drum stick.

    By Stella on 11.21.2016

  17. My life is #loading. Pixels inching one-by-one towards the end is at once exhilarating and in the same exhale it is sickeningly frightening. What happens when it’s completely loaded!!? The end? That’s it? Loaded. Done. Dead. @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.21.2016

  18. As I was loading the last box, I looked at all the things I had decided to leave. I didn’t load the bear from when I was a kid, the first rose my now ex gave me…. I was leaving, and only taking what I would need to be happy, even if there was a weight on my shoulders that I just couldn’t shake. I knew what I had done, but no one else had to.

    By annies on 11.21.2016