November 21st, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “perplexed”

  1. I am perplexed by it all, my man. The anger and confusion regarding the freedoms we’ve held dear for over two hundred and forty years. I see them raise their arms in a salute that should have been banned almost a century ago. The roars swallow up the stories of good men. The tales of brave women are drowned out by hatred and frustration. The echo chambers are bigger than ever. I am perplexed by it all.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.21.2016

  2. Perplexed.
    I’m perplexed.
    Perplexed by the world as it is today.
    Perplexed by people.
    Perplexed by our attempts to unravel community, that thing that saved us from being eaten by leopards, us without claws or fangs or fur.

    By Alia on 11.21.2016

  3. I am perplexed every time I see people cheating others. How illusioned they are to realize that whom they are cheating is not somone else but their own self. Perhaps, we could learn and not cheat ourselves.

    It is indeed perplexing as I wrote the above thing that I do find enough courage and motivation to pursue my dreams and my ideal life.

    By Achal Kothari on 11.21.2016

  4. My perplexion is bad today. So many pimps to pop. I confused my finger to my face.

    By John URL on 11.21.2016

  5. Ian stared perplexed at Molly as she walked up to the edge of the building.
    “Do you trust me?”
    His eyes wavered but his voice didn’t, “Yes…”
    She grinned, “Jump, Ian.”

    By Rusty on 11.21.2016

  6. His brow crinkled together like the folds on a bulldog. Even though it was Friday, his cheeks drooped to the floor and dragged his eyebags down. The others chuckled and clinked their sloshy drinks while he circled the rim of his glass with his index, as he had been for the past hour. Occasionally, a friendly-faced gentleman would come and pat him on the back but every time he would slowly shake his head with eyes cast on the condensation melting away and diluting his beer, already beaten by the ice cubes.

    By Helianthus on 11.22.2016

  7. I feel perplexed when I think about all the people on the planet at this time with such different dreams and ideals. Or do we fundamentally all want the same thing?

    By Diana Probert URL on 11.22.2016

  8. Wow. I cant believe you just did that.
    Like, I’m so freakin’ perplexed right now!!
    Hi family.

    By Amazing---Catfish on 11.22.2016

  9. He was perplexed. He arrived thinking she would be there, but the house was empty. Her things were thrown all around the house, giving him a benefit of doubt. She might be in danger he thought. But, she was at ease when she called him, inviting him for a cup of coffee to discuss the prospective business proposal.

    By Nandana Bommareddy on 11.22.2016

  10. This entire thing perplexes me. I’m still getting used to it, but I’m getting better. Today is the first day I’ve dived straight into writing something, rather than agonising for a good twenty seconds. But sometimes it’s okay to be perplexed, yknow? That’s what I’m starting to realise. That it’s okay not to know what you’re doing sometimes, because you will other times. That things will be fine anyway. And that’s a healthy place to start.

    By sncwberry on 11.22.2016

  11. The people in this town leave me perplexed. Having just got here from a city that was so fast so loud that couldn’t contain itself, to this place where even the roads are lined with beachy sand. its quiet is disorienting.

    By M on 11.22.2016

  12. To write without thinking. To think without writing. To move fast enough just so that you’re not left behind, perplexed, looking at the now small figures of everyone that’s rushed ahead of you.

    By M on 11.22.2016

  13. The teacher shared the problem. I was so perplexed. How were we supposed to know the square root of 18743 divided by 3948847 multiplied by 384? WTF?

    By Maika on 11.22.2016

  14. I am perplexed at why I have the same word again.
    summons confused monster from the grass

    By Maika on 11.22.2016

  15. What is this world that makes me not perplexed and wonders if life is meant to be this way or I am the one at fault.

    By unsynced on 11.22.2016

  16. The feeling that you can’t breathe because you have been standing, mouth open, eyes wide. What exactly has happened? Was that reality or imaginary? What can you do to remember to remain grounded, that feeling that you are you, living in the world as others see it, not just how you do.

    By Michelle O'Connor on 11.22.2016

  17. perplexed
    but I’m ready to flex, on whatever stomps my path
    feel the wretched, the withering wrath of
    my ambition’s sass
    abate any word amid the clear air that droops down clouds
    everyone has their own chicanery;
    disseminate the truth and watch your wings grow wings
    I already gainstayed to my flaws, and now I’m ready
    to feel the reflected awe
    therein, on that mountain high-steep-peak I’m now steady
    life is like a roller coaster, accept the heart-dropping moments
    and chew them
    reflect on the heart-stomping moments
    and anew them
    one failure is the precursor to another succession
    the mind undergoes bliss-recession every second!

    By Milad URL on 11.22.2016

  18. What is the meaning of what you’ve just seen? why are your eyes wide and your jaw stretched? Is this something imaginary or something real? The ground is starting to shake because you cannot fathom what this feeling is. What the confusion is and who caused this enormous energy wave.

    By Michelle O'Connor on 11.22.2016

  19. I am perplexed. My mom gave my sisters both phones, even though they hadn’t turned ten yet! That’s what my mom told me. I mean, Why did I have to wait but they didn’t?

    By Samantha on 11.22.2016

  20. I saw but I didn’t understand. I had been so confusing. I didn’t want to understand. She left me to think, but thinking didn’t help. I was sad and confused. I saw that she didn’t want me but it perplexed me.

    By Ace Lucan on 11.22.2016

  21. my mom texted me and apologized for the word boner in words with friends, she did not mean it in a bad way, and i was perplexed because i dont think of the game in that way, whatever word you have, so long as you get the points, who cares?

    By coffeeturtle on 11.22.2016

  22. i was puzzled. perplexed and bewildered. confused by the sight before us. a cacophony of sights and sounds cats and hounds, my mind thinking in leaps and bounds. a jump to and fro to knit and sew this thought, these thoughts make no sense. what’s the sense in nonsense. i’m bewildered, perplexed and puzzled

    By Daisy Leason on 11.22.2016

  23. The hand of intention is lead by perception. In this frame of mind coordination is to causation as subtly is either to pleasing effect or outright manipulation. Ideas stack upon themselves. Build like a box with pieces reorienting to fit the narrative. You say “Wall!” and I say “Where?” as I walk through the places I’m told not to go. I have no choice. The barriers are always there.

    By Chameleon on 11.22.2016

  24. I’m completely baffled by this one. You could say that I’m perplexed. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

    By Diana on 11.22.2016

  25. Perplexed, he sat there staring at the problem, wondering where to begin. Sure, he had solved problems like this a million times, but he always froze when it came to tests. Why?

    By Guinnessman on 11.22.2016

  26. “I don’t understand, it was here a minute ago.” I let the smile fall from my face as I turn back toward the screen, panic starting to set in as I search the files.

    By Emma on 11.22.2016

  27. He stood, frozen, in the doorway. His eyes scanned back and forth, unable to make out anything familiar. His room looked as if it had been completely turned upside down. His jaw dropped when he noticed that one thing still sat in the very same place; the thing he had initially suspected led to the ransack… but why?

    By Lexy on 11.22.2016

  28. she looks into his eyes
    she sees the colors intertwining
    like the waves of the ocean
    she knows not his story
    where he came from
    who he is
    is she falling in love?

    By madelyn dawson on 11.22.2016

  29. I wandered from room to room. There were seemingly random objects strewn about the place, and yet I was told that they served a greater purpose. At this rate, it seems I’ll never know.

    By Elizabeth on 11.22.2016

  30. “Perplex me,” she said, “And then I’m yours.”

    “It’s not your blonde hair.”

    “O.K. I didn’t think it was.”

    “Is it my blue eyes? My 38 DD bra size? My rosy cheeks?”

    “No, none of that?”

    “Then what?” she says.

    “See, I perplexed you. You’re mine. Except, now that I think of it, I don’t want you.”

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.22.2016

  31. I was perplexed about seeing this word. It’s a word that doesn’t get used very often but I really think people would benefit from using it.

    I’m Perplexed
    He’s Perplexed
    She’s Perplexed
    They’re Perplexed
    We’re Perplexed.

    By ElwoodSwarley on 11.22.2016

  32. When you tell me to be quiet,
    I honestly try, but my thoughts
    are volcanoes and my insecurities
    bubble to the surface until I fidget
    with the urge to move off the burner.

    I need to fill the space;
    my room has framed quotes
    everywhere, and scattered clothes
    and pencils and pages,
    I need to fill the silence, too.
    I’m a filler. It’s what I do.

    When I am able to do so
    without inhibitions, and
    you tell me to be quiet,
    you are the hand shoving me
    into the dark, and I remember
    why it is I like being there

    By Pandatry on 11.22.2016

  33. don’t stop,
    avoid the vex,
    solve the puzzle,
    three coins per plex

    at the top
    where the apex meets the vertex,
    find the muzzle,
    put it on the t-rex

    past the swamp
    at the mountains’s volcano annex
    sip, don’t guzzle,
    the magma in the lava duplex

    stomp the thwomp
    take the poleaxe, grab the choice specs
    fight through, use your muscle,
    flex your pecks to unveil subtext

    up next
    the final test
    confront the nexus
    so he doesn’t wreck us
    – here take the lexus –
    use your eldritch epilexis
    to win the epic perplexus

    By omqwat on 11.22.2016