November 20th, 2016 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “loading”

  1. Oh. Loading is the word, the prompt. Oops! I sat looking at that word and burned up about 10 of my 60 seconds, waiting. “Loading” is the time-between, the impatient pause where we are left in limbo looking at our own blurred stupid face staring back at us from our computer screen, wanting data, wanting info, while the whirligig turns or the sand runs through the hourglass. Loading: deferred ambition, deferred critical thought, deferred analyses, deferred acknowledgement. I have been in a state of “loading” all my life

    By Danielle1 on 11.20.2016

  2. the application of a mechanical load or force to something.
    “the branches of a tree diminish in cross section according to their loading”
    the amount of electric current or power delivered to a device.
    the maximum electric current or power taken by an appliance.
    the provision of extra electrical inductance to improve the properties of a transmission wire or aerial.

    (of a gun, machine, or lorry) loaded in a specified way.

    An amount that is built in to the insurance cost. This amount covers the operating cost of the insurer, as well as the chance that the insurer’s losses for that period will be higher than anticipated, and the changes in the interest earned from the insurer’s investments. This is added to the amount required to cover losses, known as the pure insurance cost

    By Tabish URL on 11.20.2016

  3. A “loading dose” is the amount of medicine it takes to get you to a state of catch up. Yes – before you even start, you have to catch up. Chase the infection, chase the intruder, chase the ghost. Overwhelm the infection.

    Certain drugs are purged from your system slowly, so for effectiveness you start with a wrecking ball. Then you titrate to sledgehammer. Then downgrade to a hammer. The gentlest dose: a knock on wood, by now your system has been subdued and will listen to reason. By first being knocked cold, you have been suitably softened for more calibrated and discerning treatment.

    By Danielle1 on 11.20.2016

  4. As the three men in disheveled jeans and white bandanas were loading the last few boxes into the moving truck, I heard a shuffling of shoes from behind me and was startled to see Vanessa approach me. She was shivering in a thin, frayed hoodie, her eyes averted to the pavement as she stepped onto the driveway by my side.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.20.2016

  5. Before going out I used to engage in pre-loading. Drinking first and drinking fast enough to get a sparkling, insulating edge on before beginning the real work of drinking steadily (and – with hope – imperceptibly) in the company of others. Parties make me lonely. People, in their satisfactions, accomplishments, successes, and joys, make me feel distant from my own dim desires ever being realized.

    By Danielle1 on 11.20.2016

  6. loading up was the answers in his cerebrum
    he had them all, stored away, somewhere in a calm, de-stressed
    lavender-sulfur hot springs, minute-vacation
    laud the power of a break
    even if your hashian
    garrulous thought swarms the front lobes when sitting at home becomes the one and only chore!

    By Milad URL on 11.20.2016

  7. She shifted the last box into the trunk and closed it gently. Done. There was nothing else left in the house. She dawdled slightly. She wasn’t ready to get in the car. She still had a faint hope that he would show up to stop her. He knew what time she was leaving. He would be here by now if he were coming. Maybe he’s running late? All of these thoughts sounded cacophony in her brain, competing for attention.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.20.2016

  8. watch the bar spin around and around
    your eyes trapped, bound
    not sure how you got here
    don’t know how to disappear
    wasting life away
    just for one more day
    keep on suffering
    the end is buffering

    By vanikey on 11.20.2016

  9. He gazes idly at the screen. Loading. 23%. There are so many things he could be doing right now, but he doesn’t, he just stares. 46%. He thinks about the things he could be doing, sure. 78%. But he doesn’t do them. He just stares, and waits, waits for it. 99%.

    By sncwberry on 11.20.2016

  10. It had been a rough Sunday for them. Waking up to a harsh and urgent phone call, the head chef of the family had been involved in an accident. So it seemed at the time for the police investigator. Emotions on the roll, death had been busy among that family.

    By lyrics on 11.20.2016

  11. I’m unloading her car. Boxes keep piling around with no end in site, like there are an infinite number of secrets I’m trying to move from the car to the $100 storage unit.

    By Laura J. on 11.20.2016

  12. loading….

    “Come on! You stupid computer!” Brian had absolutely no patience what so ever when it came to waiting on technology. He was the kind of guy who was used to getting everything he wanted right away.


    “AGGGHHHH” Brian said violently shaking the computer, as if somehow that would make it work faster

    By Julie Lynn Renaud on 11.20.2016

  13. Waiting, waiting, waiting. My leg jiggled up and down hurriedly. I kept glancing around, turning my head around.

    By Emma on 11.20.2016

  14. loading
    says the screen
    i panic
    and scream
    says the screen
    i try
    to wipe it clean
    says the screen

    By Maddie on 11.20.2016

  15. loading…

    it’s all i’ve seen for the past 5 minutes. the anticipation is killing me. all i want is to talk to you, but technology won’t cooperate. i hate this. i hate that i have to do this. the waiting makes my hair stand on end.

    By stranger on 11.20.2016

  16. Loading is the time I was able to turn on the computer and wait for something to happen. It is the ability to create patience while sitting. Loading is a technology term that means slow down.

    By Tyson Volk on 11.20.2016

  17. loading, i first thought that the actual word of the day was still loading. oh the irony of it all. loading, i hate when things load, but then you think of the time before loading to the time that happens after the load and you see that the load was all worth it.

    By c on 11.20.2016

  18. what is the word?

    By magnolia1060 on 11.20.2016

  19. Thanks for the nightmares
    “LOADING…” flashing on our screens
    from first Playstation

    goodbye forever
    to long slowly moving bars
    easily scratched discs

    We are lucky now
    those things will never be missed
    hooray for game ROMs

    [NFL kickers, don’t worry about today
    it shows that you have more value now
    and your salaries are going to go up

    ….if you don’t get cut/fired.]

    By ! HaikuMan ! on 11.20.2016

  20. I stared at the words on the screen: Loading. I wondered what it would mean when the words faded away and were replaced with something else. I felt like I had been waiting my entire life to see what came next. Suddenly I felt terrified that Loading would disappear from the screen soon. It was all I had ever known and now I realized that it was all that I ever wanted to know.

    By Lee on 11.20.2016

  21. loading her boxes
    into the back of the truck
    the skin between her jeans
    and her shirt
    is visible

    raw and

    she drops a cardboard
    prism onto
    the pavement
    and it

    unhinges itself
    papers and pictures
    splattering everywhere
    like paint

    her face and the faces
    of everyone she
    flapping on the

    By sevenwords on 11.20.2016

  22. My future is…loading, please wait. Next year, I will…loading, please wait. I can’t wait until I graduate, then I’ll…loading, please wait. Hopefully I figure this out soon.

    By Emma on 11.20.2016

  23. the artless boat floated like rome without a smoke
    her comeliness brought me to favor the soft waters of the east
    even though ill doff off into the west
    where we grow the best
    is what we render
    California has my back like the pacific in my highways

    By Milad URL on 11.20.2016

  24. Loading is an interesting word. It reminds me of loading dock as I work around those areas quite often. Loading also reminds me a bit about slow computers, how the message always shows up “loading…” and it feels as if it is taking forever. The good old DSL Internet days were something special on their own. I remember those times. It is crazy how quickly time flies.

    By Ali on 11.20.2016

  25. Loading the truck, you could see the sea at the end of the street. The late afternoon sun sparkled and tiny boats were speck in the harbour. We longed to be at the bottom of that winding street, the load out over.

    By Alia Swift on 11.21.2016

  26. The cart had been pulled all the way from the other town on the other side of the hill. Their legs were sore and their shoulders felt like they had been pulled apart and then reattached. Unloading was the only thing that was left to do. The only thing, but it felt like you could just as well have asked them to move a mountain.

    By Max on 11.21.2016

  27. He was loading the sacks of rice into the truck. His mind was wandering like the people in the street. His daughter was unwell. With his minimal wages he can’t afford to take her to the doctor for her treatment.

    By Nandana Bommareddy on 11.21.2016

  28. loading the cassette into my walkman, i wondered if i were avoiding something. listening to the wretched screeches and guitars screaming as i walk under the summer sun towards k-mart, i contemplate the meaning of myself and my place in riverdale

    By coffeeturtle on 11.21.2016

  29. Loading means to sit and wait while something else is taking place. It is using valuable time to wait for something that is not

    By Tyson Volk on 11.21.2016

  30. Loading, loading dock, loading station. The word loading has changed its meaning over the past years due to technology. Loading used to mean manual labour, now it means technological loading. It’s that way with many words – the’re meaning changes

    By Kelley Worthington on 11.21.2016

  31. I have been loading my mind with so many things that have been bombarding my life lately. Life is full of so many things that come up last minute that make it hard to deal with. I wish I would load my heart with the love of God

    By Donna on 11.21.2016

  32. Thinking, waiting. Waiting for my brain to process what i’ve just heard. I feel nothing. I’m not scared, not sad, or mad. No even worried. Im just dead inside. I can’t answer to you if you ask me how I am. I don’t even understand. Someone help me process. Loading….

    By Anonymous on 11.21.2016

  33. The man’s web browser was loading the pdf. It took an outrageous amount of time so he decided to get a new internet provider. He got comcast and was even more mad by how slow it was.

    By Jarrod URL on 11.21.2016

  34. It was day one and I had just stepped out of the plane into this odd location. There were broken down trees, people walking around in rags as clothes, and there were many

    By Gracie on 11.21.2016

  35. I waited and waited for the last filed to upload. I had approximately 60 seconds until the enemies walked in and the whole plan would be ruined. It had 5 more seconds to load when they walked in.

    By Harley on 11.21.2016

  36. Thinking, waiting. Waiting for my brain to process what i’ve just heard. I feel nothing. I’m not scared, not sad, or mad. No even worried. Im just dead inside. I can’t answer to you if you ask me how I am. I don’t even understand. Someone help me process. Loading….

    By anonymous_writer_17 on 11.21.2016

  37. I helped my cousin with loading the moving truck. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t ever going to see her again.
    Using magic against the strict law to save a squirrel from a van seemed strange and unnecessary, especially since it caused Alex to be banned from this town, but I knew she must’ve done it for some reason. Alex always did things for a purpose. I just couldn’t imagine what that would be. I mean, getting banished and sent half-way around the world and away from everyone she knew just to save a small animal? Really?

    By EllieBellie1012 on 11.21.2016

  38. loading is when something is basically paused and its trying to gather all of its information so it can load it all together and trying to figure it all out like on ur computer

    By julie URL on 11.21.2016

  39. Loading…

    Waiting for something to happen.


    There’s an expectation.


    Of something coming.


    But what if nothing


    Nothing happens at all.


    By Connor URL on 11.21.2016

  40. i was loading a bull in the wagon but i slipped and fell and the bull ran away and i chased him

    By ashton! on 11.21.2016