April 15th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “leverage”

  1. leverage is a show on tnt. Im not sure anyone actually watches it but i keep seeing commericials for it. It looks like it might be kinda interesting but not really i think i caught my dad watching it one time but he changed the channel

    By jackson on 04.16.2013

  2. there was leverage in the playing filed because my hands and heart were both free. my assumption was that he came equipped with the same armor (or lack thereof). we stood silent, ready for war or whatever. who would make the first move?

    By Safon on 04.16.2013

  3. Child abuse, divorced parents use their young boy as leverage against each other, simple machines, trapped, that…episode of Friends where Joey and Ross get stuck on the roof…

    By April on 04.16.2013

  4. “Leverage?” I asked quietly, looking at James with shaded eyes, and he grinned, holding up the picture of my daughter.

    “Exactly. Everyone has to have it in negotiations, don’t they?”

    I narrowed my eyes at him. “Not if negotiations are fair,” I snapped, the words hissing past my teeth.

    He shrugged. “Well, life isn’t fair, sweetheart.”

    By Evelynn on 04.16.2013

  5. he has all the leverage. how will i get him to see what i have to bring to the table? everyone knows his reputation. his success with starting businesses is admirable and desireable. i am a newcomer but i have verve and passion. “speak up now!” i tell myself as he walks toward the door.

    By l on 04.16.2013

  6. The leverage. Hmm. I’m not sure what to do with the leverage. Every time I do it becomes unbalanced.

    By teeda URL on 04.16.2013

  7. The fact that she knew all about our plans gave her the leverage to push herself ahead and plot against us. She has the advantage more than we do, now it’s time to just sit back and defend ourselves until we get the upper hand once again. Only then will we be able to go through with our original plans.

    By herbutterfly143 on 04.16.2013

  8. leverage is to exert power or to have an influence on something. for example, i have leverage on this website. i can do whatever i want and it may have an influence.

    By Brianna on 04.16.2013

  9. the weight was pressuring me down so hard, i could barely breathe. i needed something to leverage it up so i could escape. if i could escape i could go save them, but until then, i’m trapped.

    By halfbright on 04.16.2013

  10. long ago,
    the children of babel
    traded in the stars
    to invent a thousand more words for love.

    today, we’re
    overflowing with books
    and songs and flowers
    in futile attempts to explain the phenomenon.

    how can we top
    choosing feeling over
    heaven? how can
    our species move on, how will we ever compare?

    By isa on 04.16.2013

  11. That lever has lots of leverage I guess. I really have no idea what leverage is.

    By Donovan on 04.16.2013

  12. Well today Skippy had a test and he had the word “leverage” so he didn’t know the definition so he had read this book that had it he just ignore it but he was mad so he look up a dictionary but the word wasn’t there. That was weird so he asked his teacher he didn’t know it neither. So he he knows the words it’s a big impact.


    By Michelle on 04.16.2013

  13. The action of a lever the mechanical force or motion gained by use of lever

    By Marvin G on 04.16.2013

  14. wielding it over me , sword heavy you monster the university child grins and I return Its’s cold stare this is all ind cleasing get it out now out of my head onto invisible paper and virtual record complete and away, tie it up and forget.

    By g on 04.16.2013

  15. There’s a dragon in me. Coils and clenches tightly – I’m under its spell. Fire and teeth. Stirs the air till I can’t see. Warms me with mounting heat: breathe, breathe, breathe as the flush of ardor swells, swells, swells.

    By Lever Age on 04.16.2013

  16. Leverage does help the investor as well as the firm invest or operate.

    By Laugh4miles on 04.16.2013

  17. They strode into the building, confident in their leverage against the negotiator. he had no idea what they had on him but he was about to find out. The overhead lighting was flickering and the chair squeaked a little when they sat down.

    By Brian Lawrence on 04.16.2013

  18. Sue would not budge. Really, after all of these years, did Tom expect her to give in that easily?
    “Here’s another piece of chocolate Sue, I know you want it.”
    Sue took the chocolate. Oh well, there was always next Easter.

    By Daniel on 04.16.2013

  19. All I have at three forty-three in the morning is a minute so this must be good. How can I leverage my last energy, using it to turn on the lights behind my eyes and rattle my finger bones to send these words scattering across the page. They skitter and scatter like dice. The flame of a story flickers and it is time to say goodnight.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.16.2013

  20. I leverage the weight of my heart against the weight of my soul. The heart sometimes leads my soul in directions I would not have imagined; and yet looking back at my life as retrospective chart, everything should have been predicted. Every decision I ever made correlates perfectly with the whimsy of the heart.

    By Laura J on 04.16.2013

  21. I keep myself from falling down at the news by using the old couch as leverage. I stare into eyes that are glued to the ground. He’s trying not to cry, I know, and my stomach’s trying not to drop onto the floor. We’re stuck here in this lobby together. I could leave, I could do it, but somehow I can’t bring myself to leave him. The silence pours in, and I wish I could bound up the stairs to my room. But this is reality,

    and reality sucks.

    By Marissa URL on 04.16.2013

  22. There is something-
    that lives inside me,
    that lifts me;
    when I’ve fallen so hard.
    It picks me up.
    takes me away,
    In the most calm and easy way-
    any human could possibly imagine!
    happiness surrounds me!
    And who would’ve guessed-
    this could happen to me?!!?
    can anyone hear me-
    all I see is white..
    and dark; all at the same time.
    where’d you go?
    where’d life go?
    I am alone.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 04.16.2013