April 14th, 2013 | 146 Entries

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146 Entries for “geometric”

  1. Geometric is a subject i never get its essense.

    By Charlotte URL on 04.15.2013

  2. Sally frowned. Just her luck. She was never really good with maths in class, and right now she would actually need to apply it in real life. She glanced behind her, at the aliens slowly approaching, before looking back forward. A small growl of frustration escaped her throat as she stared at the obstacle before her. Why would anyone actually think up something like this for a planet?

    By Kayleigh on 04.15.2013

  3. Geometric. Analytical. Rational. So many people only see this side of the world. So that is their world. Full of right angles and perfect equations. But life isn’t shapes.

    By Kirstie Grimaldi on 04.15.2013

  4. I hate geometry. It’s always been such a challenge for me, but I love it the same sense. It’s difficult as hell, with too many things to memorize for me to care about, but all the same that’s what makes it fun, it’s just like people.

    By Frosty on 04.15.2013

  5. there is a dead thing on the road.
    it wasn’t there this morning.

    it was closing its eyes to rest
    as you opened yours, muttering ‘f-ck”
    at the sunlight. maybe later,
    if you had the time,
    you’d buy thicker curtains.

    you heard it dying as you stirred sugar
    into your coffee.
    it wasn’t any if your business.

    now you’re out to walk your dog and you see
    it lying in the middle of
    an empty street, the wind stroking the fur on its chest
    to resemble breath.
    it used to be an animal.
    it bled out on the concrete as you bit
    into your slightly burnt toast.

    it has no business being in your life at all.
    taking pictures would be exploitative, and besides,
    it wasn’t even beautiful the way taxidermy creations
    are beautiful. terrifying-beautiful.
    it was just sad. you still know what sad is, don’t you?

    you don’t know how it died or how to decipher
    inkblots. you’re not exactly numb,
    maybe nauseated,
    as you take the thing someplace grassy to bury it,
    and its head won’t stop lolling.

    stop it right now. this isn’t a metaphor for a love
    that just ended. you didn’t wake up for anything
    but burnt toast and bland coffee.
    this isn’t a ghost that will haunt you
    because you did wrong by it. don’t be so narcissisic.

    chill out.
    your next breakfast won’t taste like regret.

    sometimes things just happen and they don’t
    make you stronger.
    you don’t grow or learn from them; you won’t
    look back later all fond and grateful,
    with a deeper understanding of the universe.

    there is just a dead thing on the road.
    it doesn’t tell you anything
    you didn’t already know but

    it breaks your heart, and you’d kill
    to know why.

    By isa on 04.15.2013

  6. Geometirsche Formen sind zB Kreise und Quadrate. In der Schule beschäftigt man sich in der GEomatier damit. Man berechnet zunächst nur Flächeninhalte, aber im Abitur hatten wir in Geo eine ganz gemeine Aufgabe: Eine Kugel, dioe eine schiefe Ebene runterrollt. Deren Radius sollten wir bestimmen

    By Usagi on 04.15.2013

  7. It is a unit in nmath and you make shapes i n diffrient shapres and sizes

    By rachel on 04.15.2013

  8. shapes, square, kite, like building blocks of the world. Measurements of the world.

    By Mark on 04.15.2013

  9. your shape compliments mine like triangles and hexagons. we fit. or used to. now time has passed and our lives have separated. i’m left alone. at work. passing time until i find someone else who fits my geometry.

    By dear poetry on 04.15.2013

  10. i do not like this word. it sounds cold and hard and as though it is repressing imagination and free expression. it makes me think of boundries and borders and straight lines. People conforming to society and not living how they want to live. People just following the norm and social conventions

    By josephine on 04.15.2013

  11. hard. straight. no flowing lines or curves. Sticks to the plan. Geometric can be a different kind of creative, from a different place in your mind.

    By Paige on 04.15.2013

  12. Geometric shapes are not necessarily aligned to protect ones sense of perfection or perspective. As a matter of fact, a quadrangle can drive an OCD person mad just by virtue of the side not to mention the angles.

    By Melissa W. on 04.15.2013

  13. yesterday
    we discovered that we do indeed
    use all that awful algebra we learned in school
    we give tips
    we figure out fractions
    we portion and prepare
    but all those geometric proofs
    those strange theorems and shapes
    we hardly use those

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.15.2013

  14. Geometric is how I think and even how I feel. It’s strategic. It’s a way of being that’s bounded, but not scripted. One can morph from being the square peg in a round hole. One can be a star. All it takes is faith and a few words to shape up your life, and then live out one’s own affirmation…I am a star!

    By P J Colando URL on 04.15.2013

  15. the geometric angle of the hole made it nearly impossible to seep through but somehow she managed. she slithered out of the hole and onto before creating the perfect mess.

    By Safon on 04.15.2013

  16. The tiles under my feet were perfectly geometric and perfectly placed to match with the walls obnoxious wallpaper. So I sat there and closed my eyes waiting for the right time to jump and escape their questions. The less information I gave the less trouble I’d have down the road. I don’t know who they think they’ve caught because I’m looking for the guy who did it as well. I will solve this mystery with or without there help.

    By herbutterfly143 on 04.15.2013

  17. Geometric means ornate or handsome

    By Marvin G on 04.15.2013

  18. este exact, matematic, calculat, plat, rece, uscat, echilibrat, previzibil… imi aduce aminte de persoanele care nu erau spontane, și ju

    By Laura Emanuela David URL on 04.15.2013

  19. Geometric means shapes sorry not ornate or handsome

    By Marvin G on 04.15.2013

  20. My struggle to understand that math is suppose to be logical but it isn’t to me. I’m terrified by the word and the expectations that I’m suppose to know what it means and how it pertains to my existence. It might as well be about spaceship.

    By Satanius on 04.15.2013

  21. This shape is to geometric. Why are you saying its not?

    By Donovan on 04.15.2013

  22. A branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures.

    By Noelle URL on 04.15.2013

  23. Shapes can be geometric I think of geometric as something to do with math

    By Chastity URL on 04.15.2013

  24. the geometric circles are a cool thing that went geometrically around the geomatry. I like pudding pops. Boom boom pow boom pow pow boom pow. Blahhhhhrhhhrharhshhghsghfahsdhgksadhfhsldfjh poop nipple.

    By asdfgafsdg on 04.15.2013

  25. The law of thirds comes to mind. As does the fact that I need to get back to work. This would be the third act of the day, it seems. Lunch time is over…le sigh.

    By Intuition on 04.15.2013

  26. The geometric equation swam on the paper. All Alice could see were bleary lines, and she didn’t like them. She couldn’t remember what she was supposed to do.
    “Ms. Whitmore.”

    By greekyoghurt on 04.15.2013