April 15th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “leverage”

  1. Protein Leverage Hypothesis. That’s what I think of. Wow, what a science nerd. But, actually true. and I like it. Leverage, I leverage other things besides protein. I leverage my heart to guys who don’t deserve it, if we are really getting down to it.

    By Hailey on 04.15.2013

  2. Leverage, its a powerful thing that comes in many forms. Most people fail to realize it when it has it’s influences, but once you have an eye for it, its everywhere. It could be the boy prodding his mother to buy candy at a gas station, utilizing the leverage of love. It could be the mugger pointing a gun at an unsuspecting victim, relying the leverage of fear. It could be a politician, using the leverage of respect, to move the masses. How will you use it?

    By Ryan G on 04.15.2013

  3. His hands pressed against mine, and I couldn’t help the bile rising in my throat. A blade was pressed to my son’s neck, just inches from taking his life away.
    “Just a few more minutes. The people around here don’t need to know what’s going on. We are just a happy couple on vacation. Get the information. In and out. Then, your son is free.”

    By redpinkandwhite on 04.15.2013

  4. The blue sky was covered in soot and ash. Everything that had once been the joy and happiness of the town was now covered in rubble, and blood. There was so much blood.
    The people start to scream. Another sound, just as loud as before, came from someplace close, but far away. Ash and dirt stream through my lungs, threatening and choking me. Flames, short and weak, were gone within minutes, but the damage lives for far longer.
    The bombs. Who were they meant for? Why did it happen? What did it all mean?
    The only answer I could think of, as I heard the moans of the maimed around me, of the others screaming in pain, of the families finding people injured or dead, of the terror hanging in the air like the thick cloud of smoke:

    By redpinkandwhite on 04.15.2013

  5. a raging liver
    a rippling quiver
    there aren’t many spaces
    left without traces
    of humans and their trifles
    of knive blades and rifles
    a ring with a chime
    a spark in time

    we don’t have the leverage
    to lift the world off its hinges.

    By berenique on 04.15.2013

  6. My eyes couldn’t stop looking. As his hand slowly traveled up her skirt, as he pushed her down onto an old, rusty bed, as the horrible, dirty mattress buckled beneath her. It was all that we needed to get this case done. He would get the information soon, and we would be done with her. Leave her cold and defenseless on the floor. Sometimes, I thought, we need to do what has to be done. And nothing more.
    But was it worth all of the pain and suffering? Leverage. Leverage is what we needed. And that was what we would get.

    By redpinkandwhite on 04.15.2013

  7. A sturdy lever, logic hefted the fallacy-filled argument up and over onto its side, spilling the truth across the crowds gathered around its bulk. Sadly, their will worked itself into denial and the points proven were disproven in turn by mass decree, rather than fact.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.15.2013

  8. Lift me up to be created anew
    I could never stand alone until there was
    you and standing were secret enemies
    fated to come
    down down down
    so I slowly went with you

    By Lily on 04.15.2013

  9. “Yes, that will be worth much…”
    The merchant continued on grumbling to a customer, immersed in defending the quality and affordable price of his apples. A little girl crouched beside one of the fruit crates, listening intently to the two men talk. She had a good leverage; perhaps she can get away with this one easily. Soon enough, when the merchant was on the verge of exploding from frustration, the little girl rushed out of her hiding place and quickly grabbed an apple from the fruit stall.
    The little girl did not look back. Instead, she looked at the fruit in her tiny hands. She couldn’t help smiling as she felt strange feeling of fulfillment bubble up inside her.
    Finally, she thought excitedly. I got it! Let’s see if it works, just like in the stories…
    And little Regina ran back towards her home, having lost that gruff old wolf along the muddy pathways and deserted alleyways of the city.

    By Tee on 04.15.2013

  10. leverage… i am from Greece i don’t no this meaning it only reminds me of Beverage ioh my god i love FANTA and mayonnaise i love food…!!! :P oh still have ti

    By Gkerdidani Eleni on 04.16.2013

  11. there are so many things in the world, lifting us up, bringing us down, sticking down our thoughts and putting our love shoved in the ground but no, we dont give up, we look for leverage to bring us up and defy all the odds of every single person that can’t have enough being to beleive, and the will to start and achieve, a minute will almost pass but the moment will forever live, this aint trust, this aint the will but only the will continue and strive

    By AJ Mauricio URL on 04.16.2013

  12. the new word for debt when it used to have a place of its own in our language. Leverage, you need your old home back again, you’re a lost management word..

    By swiftyness on 04.16.2013

  13. No time. I don’t have any more time. There was a time-bomb ticking in my head, counting down the seconds until someone walked in on me trying to steal information from my boss’s computer.
    It was stupid, but definitely worth the risk.
    I would do anything to get some leverage on that bastard. Something that can not only have him wrapped around my little finger; something that might just get him tossed into jail, too.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.16.2013

  14. I can feel the weight above me. I sit quitely as my boss stands above me–yelling. Without this promotion, I can’t afford the ring I promised Janie. But…to do that…for love? There’s no way I was gonna let my boss bully me into taking this lawsuit, but…how could I say no?

    By Micah Robinette on 04.16.2013

  15. The man knew that he could use the time he had put into helping his friend as leverage to get the assistance he would need with his project. Although his friend would be reluctant he knew his friend wouldn’t be able to resist when he applied the leverage.

    By Terrence Thomas on 04.16.2013

  16. Will I ever gain leverage over my inability to fire up my creative talents which lie so dead, floating in a pool. Useless. What tool could possibly be for me to gain leverage over my faults of laziness and perfection?

    By Mike Sierra on 04.16.2013

  17. Don’t you know you have a leverage on me? The grip you have on my heart is why I’ve fallen for you so deeply. I can’t help but go head over heels every time we talk, my heart flies, and this leverage you have entrapped me in, I cannot escape. There’s too much of you that I’ve already fallen in love with. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

    By Claire on 04.16.2013

  18. Leverage is vital to business survival. If you want to get ahead you need to leverage your good will. You can expand your customer base so quickly by acquiring other people’s customers. How do you do that? Leverage your good relationship with the people you already know. Create a win- win situation and soon both parties will be cooking with gas!

    By Tracey on 04.16.2013

  19. Everyone would like to have some kind of leverage over situations that are a benefit to them, but because of some stumbling block, they are not able to take advantage of the situation.

    By victor URL on 04.16.2013

  20. people use leverage every day to get what they want from people and I don’t like it. People think it’s ok to hold something over someone and it’s not. it’s wrong. Just because you know something about someone doesn’t mean you should hold it over their heads. You don’t have leverage over them just because they told you something. They trusted you with it.

    By Rae on 04.16.2013

  21. What the hell is leverage. I don’t understand. I was thinking about cleavage for a second, but that’s hardly it. Is it lever, which they use in construction sites? Or is it liver? I don’t know. By the way chicken liver is delicious. Fry it, and give some salt.

    By abc on 04.16.2013

  22. She snorted in derision. Did you think no one would find out?” she asked. The trembling boy didn’t reply. She stalked over to him, ignoring the way he shrank back in fear. I saw you run over the kid and run. From now on, I OWN YOU.

    By Toh Eu Shern on 04.16.2013

  23. it’s about getting what you want. and it’s incredible simple if you have the ability within yourself to make it that way. all i really want to say is that it feels like gold and tar all at once.

    By Kay on 04.16.2013

  24. it’s what can be used to make one asset the foundation for the others. It means you don’t need to work from the very beginning every time but the more projects you learn, execute and finish the better position you have when you launch next ones. It’s the synonym of “trampoline” ;)

    By Andrzej URL on 04.16.2013

  25. I need a spot and use leverage to turn this all upside down
    Maybe then it’ll become ok and not so strange and frown

    By Nikolay on 04.16.2013

  26. I pulled myself up on the windowsill, my arms shaking from the effort. I looked down to my friend, Ross, who was holding me up.
    “A bit more leverage, if you wouldn’t mind,” I grunted, breaking a sweat.
    “Well,” he chuckled, his breath heavy, “how many doughnuts have you been eating, Kate?”

    By Kerry on 04.16.2013

  27. Leverage. I have always hated that word. I don’t know why. I just don’t like the way that it sounds. Maybe it has bad connotations to me or something, I don’t know. I just don’t have good feelings about it.

    By Savannah on 04.16.2013

  28. Sometime a little bit of leverage is all you need. I’ll get that job… unless the boss man really wants those photos published.
    Poor bastard.
    I’ll get what i deserve.
    A little leverage is all i need.

    By Chuck on 04.16.2013

  29. using your power to get what you want. Based on the superior force that is wielded when using a physical lever – which takes your force and applies it in the most effective way. Often used in business when discussing a negotiation between two parties.

    By katie marsen on 04.16.2013

  30. you have leverage over everything. deadlines that can be extended, emotions that can be manipulated. nothing is certain, allow yourself a little leverage, stop being so hard on yourself. everyone else is doing exactly the same thing. you’re not alone.

    By Bronte Cowley on 04.16.2013

  31. you could do that. but it would be a dick move. i’d suggest kindness as the surest path to victory, although many people have failed believing such things.

    By dear poetry on 04.16.2013

  32. leverage is an extravagant thought it can be based on assumption and aspiration without a clear notion of what is forth coming or what can be the output.

    By merrin on 04.16.2013

  33. I saw Kayla writing on her status about leverage. I now am so swayed about her status that I don’t know what to write. Perhaps that I can use leverage to blablablablablablabalbla i really dont know what to write. All I keep thinking is that Amber and Rebecca better like this because they liked Kayla’s. I feel like the leverage for that is called pity… what frik did I just write…this is supposed to be stream of consiousness right?

    By Al on 04.16.2013

  34. I glared at him. How could he dare to use /that/ against me? It may have been the only leverage he had to make me do what he wanted, but that still was an unexpected betrayal. I would do anything for my daughter. For him to threaten her life was cold. She was all i had, and he knew it. Which was likely why he had stooped so low. I knew in my heart then, that I would never be able to trust the man again, no matter what he did to apologize once all of this was over.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.16.2013

  35. no idea what that is. sounds like something for women. i’m romanian, so there, i have a pour excuse for not knowing this damn word..what is it????? time s uuuuup..

    By stefa on 04.16.2013

  36. Leverage is the motivational factor that causes people to do what they do. With enough leverage, you can get just about anyone to do just about anything. You just need to find the right leverage.

    By David on 04.16.2013

  37. “Did you use me to get leverage? All of this! Us Maggie, us. Was that just part of your plan” The silence rang around the room after I took my last breath.

    By vicky on 04.16.2013

  38. I will move today, I have leverage that can allow me to achieve my goals. Let’s all get moving.

    By rachael URL on 04.16.2013

  39. I’ve considered trying my hand at rockclimbing. You know, scaling a wall of dirt and pebbles (or plastic and metal), grasping for that last tiny bit of leverage that will get you to the top.

    By Amanda G. on 04.16.2013

  40. Leverage is scary and unpredictable. It’s something I don’t want anyone to have over me. I like to be in control of my own circumstances and if someone has leverage over me… they can alter those circumstances.

    By Whitney Carter on 04.16.2013