March 3rd, 2010 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “letters”

  1. this one time i wrote a letter
    the letter was about roses and how red they were
    i wrotew about the red roses because i love the colour red
    this red rose letter was to my loved one
    his name is jonh
    i dont know why? its a pretty ordinary name but yes..his name is john..john smith..NO john silver!
    i asked him to send me a dozen

    By Ceri on 03.04.2010

  2. i like to write letters to friends when they are away. they are the old fashion way of letting people know what is happening and how things are going. Letters became less commen when the phone came about. you recieve them in the mail.

    By amanda on 03.04.2010

  3. letters are what you write and what you write with which is really a crazy coincidence if you think about it but it’s not ironic because that’s something totally different anyway letters are abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is the alphabet and you know the Disney logo? yeah. look at it, because that “backwards G shit” in the middle is really really really a D.

    By saige on 03.04.2010

  4. oh letters
    mmmm writing, believing me a note
    a messsage
    a feeling of being there
    it’s real
    it came from one to another
    the scent, the air, the print
    all from another
    but for you

    By Holly Flannigan on 03.04.2010

  5. Letters new, letters now.
    Letters from you.
    I miss you.
    I miss our letters.
    I miss.
    I haven’t written for anyone since you.
    Except now.
    He’s new.
    New letters.

    By Jen on 03.04.2010

  6. She smoothed the letters beneath her hands, and sighed deeply. They were all she had left, the only remnants of a love that could never be.

    By Sarah on 03.04.2010

  7. letters and sweet nothing are they what someone wants you to hear or the truth so hard to tell are you being used or is it what you dreamed of…. you know things are always too good to be true the letters will be lies and you will be left used with a broken heart.

    By Magda on 03.04.2010

  8. Letters to my family are the best way to communicate, you dont have to deal with them… but you can still show you care.

    By Kelsie on 03.04.2010