March 4th, 2010 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “hold”

  1. again with the hold? why? is it because I am holding on to him, trying not to let go? holding on to breath and sanity? to overwrought ideas and images? I hate him hate him hate him he said forever

    By LJ on 03.05.2010

  2. hold

    By caley Boyer on 03.05.2010

  3. I see you in my dreams, I feel you when I laugh, I think of you every waking second of the day… and I am yet unable to hold you. I feel as though an amazing part of my life has been ripped painfully from my side.

    By Joel on 03.05.2010

  4. hold on tightly to me and never let go hold on to love, hold on to me, hold on yo youth to innocence. Hold on to love. Just never let go. Love love love. Never let it go. Youth and fun and life, never let it go

    By Anna on 03.05.2010

  5. hold onto someone. onto your values.

    By mj on 03.05.2010

  6. they could see the lights of the strip in the distance. when they got to the “welcome to vegas” sign he said pull over. they got out of the car and he got down on one knee. he started to talk. she said, “hold on” and turned the car lights off.

    By hez on 03.05.2010

  7. Hold it.grasp(so tightly) on to it. never (ever) let it go. clutch it (so tightly) until it breaks under your grasp(crushes.crumbles.destoryed). never let it free. never let it escape. grasp it. hold it. and never(evereverevereverever)let it go. or else it’ll disappear. away. and never (everevereverever) come back. so hold it.(tightly)while the world slips away. because that will be(always)the only thing that matters.the only thing worth holding to(foreverandeverandever)

    By aliznwonder URL on 03.05.2010

  8. what is dear to you so lightly that you almost don’t realize it is yours. Smile and think warmly of the world. Wait a minute. Exhale.

    By James Stancil on 03.05.2010

  9. hold me. close.

    that’s all.

    By smanfa on 03.05.2010

  10. I sometimes need something to hold onto. Even if it will never hold as tight a grip on me.

    By m on 03.05.2010

  11. i dont know what to say about hold. when i hear hold i think of the word cold because it rhymes but i dont think thats a very good association. i also think of holding a baby because i dont think i’ll be able to do it. i dont know why. but i feel like i dont have the natural maternal instinct that i’m supposed to have as a woman. that somehow i wont be able to hold my child. and i’ll be this epic failure and drop him or her. and cry.

    By joy on 03.05.2010

  12. hold. hold on to what you believe in, hold on to the past so you can learn in the fututre. hold. hold on to your friends. hold on to your family, for they love you the most

    By cassey on 03.05.2010

  13. this is another mundane saturday afternoon,where i just wait for time to pass,sitting in front of my computer and doing mindless things.”Hold on” i tell myself, there’s definitely something out there that I can find.Something that will capture my attention.Something that will inspire me and get me going.

    By sandaye on 03.05.2010