March 2nd, 2010 | 171 Entries

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171 Entries for “secretary”

  1. secretary

    By ilda on 03.03.2010

  2. Secretaries are people, usually women, who answer phones, make appointments, talk to people for their bosses. Men like to fantasize about sleeping with their secretaries. It’s kind of pathetic. Secretaries don’t really get a lot of respect. It’s a very stereotypical women’s job and I don’t think I could ever do it.

    By Addy on 03.03.2010

  3. a secretary, how wonderful she is. She sits there all day waiting on you, but who waits on her? no one. she is left alone in the dark. She fixes all your problems and takes all your calls, but no one fixes hers or takes her calls. But her calling is really to find herself. It’s what she longs to do.

    By linda on 03.03.2010

  4. Secretaries are among the least respected, and yet most important, employees. They, friends, are the fabric which holds our businesses and politics together. They amplify and focus the efforts of their employer, allowing them to focus on that which is truly important. We all owe the secretaries our respect, for they are the true heroes of this country. Thank you for your time.

    By Vader M. on 03.03.2010

  5. A lady sits at the front of the office pondering on her day ahead. Thinking if it will be busy with unfounded demands and rudeness from her surroundsing colleagues, maybe some winks, a smile, just to be noticed would ease the burden of the tasks that lay ahead.

    By Melanie on 03.03.2010

  6. secretaries are people that help managers in their daily tasks such as phoncecalls, faxes etc..
    can also be tables
    usually women

    By jakim on 03.03.2010

  7. The little bitchy underpaid, overworked woman that sits behind the desk and get’s compensated pay for fucking the boss.

    By Vernita. on 03.03.2010

  8. A secretary is basically an assistant, although there’s more to it than that.

    In fiction, the secretary is the standard target of an affair, and life sometimes imitates art in this area.

    By PSquid on 03.03.2010

  9. Those women who work tirelessly. No one truly seems to care about those women’s lives. They’re just a delicate face behind a desk pushing papers around. I think they’re beautiful. Don’t you?

    By Nicolas on 03.03.2010

  10. It makes me happy and makes me feel safe it is the biggest thing i look for in life and a relationship.

    By Daniela DeNuzzio on 03.03.2010

  11. Those women who work at desks all day usually doing nothing at all just pretending to do something.
    ps. I thought this said secruity at first,

    By Daniela DeNuzzio on 03.03.2010