October 8th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “left”

  1. She turned left without thinking. She slams on the brakes and looks over her shoulder thinking…””omg”!

    By kim on 10.09.2010

  2. This refers to the polical ideology of libral thinking. It should be understood that michael sat to the right and lucifrer sat to left of God

    By Douglas Brown on 10.09.2010

  3. It came out of leftfield. For so long I had hated him. No not hated. Just despised. So beneath me to comtemplate his continued existence. Forgiven? Oh yes, so long ago. Then he came back. Contrite. Apology in hand. Sincere. Necessary. And with it completed the circle.

    By Donna URL on 10.09.2010

  4. turn left even though i always go right it feels like a good idea to turn left.
    sometimes i try to be left handed. i go out of my way to do simple things- simple little things- like tie my shoe, play with a ball, or turn a page in a book with my left hand.

    By abra URL on 10.09.2010

  5. i’ve left my heart on someone and i don’t want it back.

    By keys on 10.09.2010

  6. He left and she thought to herself ‘Well, that’s the end of that’. The house echoed in it’s emptiness and she looked over at the dog on the sofa. ‘Why didn’t he take that with him?’

    By Kate URL on 10.09.2010

  7. Left the left
    and the lifting Lefzen,
    because they bällen
    at you,
    diese hysterical whatevers.

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.09.2010

  8. …didn’t even try to keep you?is that all you have left to stand on?what are you a pet?!? a bad dog?!? lets see…’sure i stuck a knife in you,but if you loved me,you would have let me plunge it deeper’…how selfish can one person be?…sorry I hurt you,but you let me?!?you call this an apology?still placing blame.i contacted you to see if there was any chance of love between us,you pushed my lips away(why do you pick only me to be gallant with) did you have to side with mutual on-line friends to ridicule me unmercilessly.you wanted me to leave my family before you would …ah..fuck you

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 10.09.2010

  9. love. Who do you love other than the usual suspects. Frank maybe or is it just what might have been. Too much time has passed and too little time is left.

    By Carolyn T on 10.09.2010

  10. Left. What an interesting word. My mother left when I was sixteen, but that’s depressing and angsty so I’d prefer not to type about it. How about Turn Left? A good Doctor Who episode, if depressing. Er. Maybe left isn’t such a great word.

    By Sarah URL on 10.09.2010

  11. Left behind the great divide, I spade myself the embarrassment of staring at the great wall between us. I couldn’t believe it, but, it was true; the weight of the tunnel knocked out the support beams. It was a devastation: what do I do after this now? Over and over I screamed for them, but no answer. I was stuck here. It is true. So now, I looked down the tunnel, anticipating that they would run back out of the tunnel, and I would exit on the other side.

    By Broderick on 10.09.2010

  12. right. outside beautiful.

    By Mary Ellen Thieroff on 10.09.2010

  13. I left it all when I moved out. Sometimes you need to just start fresh. The pictures of myself, malnourished, with my giant pupils, are still in the bureau I’m sure. Once, I asked for them back, but he told me it would be too difficult to see them.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 10.09.2010

  14. i left my house, went to my bffs, then traded clothes. i left you. alone. all alone. by yourself, with noone to lean on when your dad died. i left you helpless and angry. i left without a proper cause. i left without knowing why.

    By casey on 10.09.2010

  15. nobody has ever really left me before but the scariest thing in the world to me is that my cat will die. that is so sad to me that my cat is the most important thing to me and if she ever left i would fall apart i don’t know what i’d do with myself.

    By shanoobie URL on 10.09.2010

  16. This is the only word that is left. I looked for all of the other ones, under tables and chairs and in between the cushions on the couch. But I could only find this one single solitary word: enlightenment.

    By Abby on 10.09.2010

  17. I left him today. He’s gone. Gone from my life. I walked out the door and never looked back, left on an adventure to the farthest corners of the world. No one will miss me and I won’t miss them.

    Until the night comes and the rains fall. Then I will cry alone.

    By Ellen URL on 10.09.2010

  18. only two people have “left” me before and it really hurt me. they were my best friends and it was over a year ago i shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but they made me not want a best friend ever again and this sucks because i really enjoyed it

    By shanna URL on 10.09.2010

  19. I turned the car left and I hit a wall. Maybe I should’ve turned right. The cars left side got by another car. The car is totaled & I

    By najma on 10.09.2010

  20. To my left I saw him, out of the corner of my eye. He was standing on the edge of the corn field with his shirt off, he was beautiful.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.09.2010

  21. I was left behind.

    Oh God, this is scary. Alone in these woods. I here wolves in the distance. Owls above my head. It is so dark here.

    I was left behind.

    By Ethan on 10.09.2010

  22. right
    turn around

    By abby mercer on 10.09.2010

  23. he left his suitcase at the station.
    not out of carelessness, but because he wanted someone to find him.
    he wanted someone to see that he was alive and well.

    By Peter Kendall on 10.09.2010

  24. I left the room, I left my house, I left my life. I turned left out the door, I struggled with the pieces left behind. I am that old, lonely, dusty soldier left back in the dust. Struggling and dying and on the inside raging against all the discrepancies that life sends me. I hate my life. I wish there was a way out.

    By Alina on 10.09.2010

  25. LEFT
    I left behind, left without hope, left on the side of the road, turn to the left, leftovers, can I have what is left, righty tighty-lefty loosey, the far left of conservative, on my left, the movie left it’s mark on my thinking, I am left with only sorrow, he left me on the lurch, left-side pocket, left-handed manner, left-handed writer, left out of the loop….
    To be empty, without, spent, abandoned. To be located in specific relationship to an object, to be liberal minded, to let go, to have a portion remain, to be oblique. The opposite of right. To the east of North.

    By Moreland on 10.09.2010

  26. I was left.. I left? I will leave?
    I’m left from myself..


    By jean on 10.09.2010

  27. Left to my own devices, I reach for a stone. bit by Bit I make the sign.Left here in this island. SOS.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 10.09.2010

  28. He left early that morning with nothing in his pocket except a lighter. Maybe he was planning something crazy, or he acted on impulse. No one could be quite sure, but what they are sure of now is that he burned down the church on the corner of Main and Lowel Avenue. The oldest church in the state.

    By Natalie on 10.09.2010

  29. Just like that, he left me. Obviously, I was sad. He had asked me to leave with him. I would have complied in different settings, but now was not the time. I was just figuring myself out. So his only other option was to leave this grim world forever.

    By Marissa URL on 10.09.2010

  30. He left? Or we are left. I can’t think of the correct use of the word at the top of the screen. In my profession left is right because I am sitting down of it all. Somehow I understand more, even though left is right and right it left.

    By Lindy URL on 10.09.2010

  31. Left is the opposite of right. You use it for example when you’re turning, obviously, to the left. You’ll have to point to the left, so the people riding a bike behind you, will know you’re going to turn.

    By T-J on 10.09.2010

  32. I left, but you told me to. I’m not to blame this time; you can only push so much before i admit defeat. So don’t ask me why I left; you wanted this.

    By Chelle on 10.09.2010

  33. Lest the feel
    Either left behind or
    Forever lost, we
    Thank and acknowledge them.

    By Ben S. URL on 10.09.2010

  34. Left behind, left to rot. Forever forgotten, remembered your not. Left turn at the sign, right turn at the rock. What the hell is going on here .. time to beat the clock.

    By Chuck K. URL on 10.09.2010