October 8th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “left”

  1. I left the door open. No looking back, no turning to make sure I had locked the door before I left. Just go, straight ahead, just go forward.
    I wondered vaguely whether or not they would miss me, whether or not anyone would even notice.

    By MK Roney on 10.08.2010

  2. Left in the darkness, alone, the most uncomfortable frightening feel ever experienced and as I tried to replace fear with curiosity I knew I couldn’t because I was all by myself and I really needed you, so it just didn’t feel right. It felt left.

    By Holly URL on 10.08.2010

  3. left hand good hand my hand lefty light left hand

    By Sylv on 10.08.2010

  4. you left me when you wore your tux. You were slippery and I was solid. I put you in a cloud and you rained down upon me. You left. You left. I left.

    By jenna on 10.08.2010

  5. He left me. He left me. Why did he leave me? Why was I not enough? I guess I’m just the other girl. I guess I always was. I guess I always will be.

    By Ashley on 10.08.2010

  6. “left?” said the guy getting directions from the guy at the gas station. But the roads in this town don’t turn left. Little did the gas station guy know that left

    By L. Preston Sego III on 10.08.2010

  7. The man lacked a left hand. He had it cut off voluntarily when he was drunk. It was okay though, he fought the italian mafia and then played six rounds of russian roulette in a row… and won.

    By Evan Kirsch on 10.08.2010

  8. I was alone. He had gone, left me, abandoned me. All was lost. I sat sprawled across the cold, dirty linoleum floor, bawling my eyes out. He had left me for good.

    By Kendi URL on 10.08.2010

  9. I’m never right I’m always left. I never see the best part I always leave. And I never see the snow fall for all the fallen leaves.

    By Hyperbole URL on 10.08.2010

  10. left is the way my soul goes.. well out of the cave that is. even when i wanna go right it still goes left. why left i ask but that i may never know for i have never gone any other way.

    By Guadalupe Garcia on 10.08.2010

  11. left is the way my soul goes.. well out of the cave that is. even when i wanna go right it still goes left. why left i ask but that i may never know for i have never gone any other way. i wish to turn right for once but that wont happen. ihall never know wha is right of this horriable cave. for left is all i see all i know.

    By Guadalupe Garcia on 10.08.2010

  12. I know that I’m the one that broke you and hurt you and changed you forever. I know that I’m the one who took away your trust. I know that I’m the one that has made you so unhappy. I know I’m the one that left you… but you didn’t even try to keep me.

    By Kathryn URL on 10.08.2010

  13. I left my house 2 days ago. I missed it, but I knew that I can’t stay in there forever. My new job is in another states. I wished goodbye and farewell.

    By echuaco URL on 10.08.2010

  14. all of us are right handed in some way
    our strong side comes from somewhere long ago, one of our anscestors made
    a decision
    to favor one hand over the other
    and this one
    will throw a spear
    with his left hand!

    By John Flock on 10.08.2010

  15. Left is more then just a word its a action. left is the hand some use to write with,left it the way we look when we cross the road, left is when their is nothing left but words on a paper.

    By Lupe URL on 10.08.2010

  16. i left my printer at home thinking that i will not have papers to print and now, i regret it.

    By Maicah on 10.08.2010

  17. you left me when i needed you most. i waited, night and day, for you to come back. to kiss me goodnight and tell me you love me. but you were never there. you left me alone. so now im returning the favor.

    By Jose on 10.08.2010

  18. he left. one day, i came into the room, and the car was running in the driveway, and he was sitting in the old worn armchair in the living room, and he looked down as he got up, and he just told me.
    “i’m leaving.”
    that’s what he told me.
    and then he left.

    By Alex H. URL on 10.08.2010

  19. brained, indecisive, male dominate… disconnect heartless misunderstood

    By Brianna on 10.08.2010

  20. i made a left turn yesterday in my car on my way home, it was a long red light before i got there. Waiting…waiting…it was the most excruciating couple of minutes in my life. When I finally made the left turn, my life felt complete.

    By Krikor on 10.08.2010

  21. i left all my money in the care of the one who i thought would totally not spend it but they did and now i cant buy my purse. that is not cool. not cool at all. it was quite depressing

    By aurora lily on 10.08.2010

  22. left what? i didnt leave anything behind, if anything i feel like I was left behind. memories are left back i guess….i dunno love also or it can simply mean the opposite to right.

    By kenny V on 10.08.2010

  23. I lean to the left. I can’t help it. I can’t imagine being on the right. Ever. Okay maybe fiscally but NEVER socially. I don’t agree with ANYTHING socially on the right. I guess that means I’m a Socialist.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 10.08.2010

  24. left focus, left of centre, Left is something most people concieve to be the ultimate opposite of right, and thereby the opposite of what is good in republican countries. Left becomes the strange the different the intruiging.

    By Matt URL on 10.08.2010

  25. She was alone in the department store, eyes wide, lower lip atremble. Her worst fear – being left behind – realized.

    By Tierney URL on 10.08.2010

  26. It was all that was left, that flaming ashen crater. Charlie inhaled the smoke as it burnt his lungs. His eyes welled with tears as he blinked through the last image of earth any of the dinosaurs ever saw.

    By yoko URL on 10.08.2010

  27. left is where i am forced to learn. Right is the opposite. I don’t know now.
    I felt alone when you left.

    By kristina on 10.08.2010

  28. Left…left with what? With nothing, with something? Out of left field, or into it, or through it? On the left side? Many rights make a left? Go left? With what’s left. Is anything really left, when we all fall apart? Over and over again. What happens when we’re left? Is it the end?

    By Penguininafedora URL on 10.08.2010

  29. “Take a left at the next corner,” said Jillian, happy that she was getting a ride home. Rod swerved the vehicle, but lost control of the little red wagon going down the long hill. The wagon toppled sideways, and they both went flying into the back of a nearby Good Humor truck. Fortunately, the ice cream man’s next stop was in a neighborhood of cannibals.

    By richpee URL on 10.08.2010

  30. left of ceenter can be amazing. You may be left behind, but you won’t be left alone. Left of the frame to eat the squirell.

    By Ben Taylor on 10.08.2010

  31. Who left?
    O’course not you.
    It couldn’t be you.
    You’re my best friend.
    The only one who trusts me.
    Who I trust.
    Why did you leave?

    By Kyra URL on 10.08.2010

  32. “Left! Left!” He shouted pointing at the narrow alleyway. “They went down there! They have my book!”
    But it was too late, as the enterprising theives had already escaped down yet another alleyway, book in tow.

    By A Stranger on 10.08.2010

  33. I’m left here again. I’m not sad, but not happy either. I don’t want to be left out of your life. I need to be left here with you. Without you, I don’t see why I shouldn’t just be left alone for good.

    By William URL on 10.08.2010

  34. If you don’t like it, just leave he said. I knew he didn’t mean it, but I took him up on it anyway– how dare he take it so frivolously.

    By nona URL on 10.08.2010

  35. i left the whole day…i left my whole life and plus m not left wid the left things that we had to leave it up for the lefty and i would be very glad to be a lefty and i will

    By ghetto street on 10.08.2010

  36. John Lennon would have been 70 today if Mark Chapman – the gun-happy, assassinating nutcase – had left him alone. Yoko said it’s right to celebrate because his spirit remains. I think she meant ‘royalties’.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.09.2010

  37. Left.. I’m left handed. When I was little my dad got me left handed scissors. I never realized that the right-handed ones didn’t work as well for me as the other until I tried both. Now I get frustrated anytime I use the right-handed ones. I write better with my left hand, but I can throw with my right hand. Left-handed eating is a must, though.

    By Bahiti URL on 10.09.2010

  38. Left, right, left. Right, left, right. Depending on where you live. And if there’s traffic.

    By LotteZwo URL on 10.09.2010

  39. That which is left is unchosen, untouched, unloved.

    By gino on 10.09.2010

  40. It is commonly used in terms of space orientation related to the side with a reference thing, eg.it can be a position of body part,
    It can be synonymously used with forgotten a thing,

    By Afroz on 10.09.2010