October 7th, 2010 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “grown”

  1. sexy
    able to forgive everyone

    By abhishek on 10.08.2010

  2. all the past memories, and ones to come. grown sucks, i just wanna stay a teenager and do a lot of adderall or coke and speed nuts a lot and just do a lot of random ass shit.

    By Jake on 10.08.2010

  3. the child had taken sever massive steps toward maturity over the last few months but was still a long way from what could be called a grown up.

    By Cameron on 10.08.2010

  4. Never before had I grown so fond of someone in such a short amount of time. It’s as if the winter snow had finally been melted away with his bright smile. I couldn’t imagine my life without him now. We’ve grown together, and in ways that’ll make us unstoppable.

    By mayfire on 10.08.2010

  5. I have grown weary of this one word generator. Set me free from this prison.

    By gino on 10.08.2010

  6. I had grown
    So much since those teenage days
    No longer ashamed to be
    Just myself, to let people know

    By Amiee URL on 10.08.2010

  7. I have grown so much since my last birthday. Growing is inevitable when you are young. Once you are old you stop growing. I wonder what happens then?

    By Natasha on 10.08.2010

  8. large, old, tree, plant, flower, child, city, village, house, elder, angry,

    By hannelie Fischer on 10.08.2010

  9. since I saw you the last time, you have grown a bit. The tree in my garden, the walnuttree h

    By hannelie Fischer on 10.08.2010

  10. i woke up ten years older still breathing the same air but with joints so sticky i could hardly move them i don’t belong here but you seem to know my face i don’t recommend knowing more.

    By johie URL on 10.08.2010

  11. can i ever say i have grown up? everyday there’s so much to learn so much to understand
    i have to still grow up emotionally, become more mature. there is no grown up person always growing up persons!

    By Ankur on 10.08.2010

  12. When I grew up I wished I could still be young. I’d spent ten years wishing to be older. How I wish I could wind back the clock now.

    By lorraine URL on 10.08.2010

  13. carrots have grown fat in my garden. Not enough topsoil in my raised bed. raised but not raised enough. Still they taste better than the store bought carrots and they look so alive with their spindly white hairs reaching out for – what? Only water?

    By rumidog URL on 10.08.2010

  14. To be grown. We don’t know what that means, we make what it means. It means suites, and jobs, and being serious. Being grown doesn’t mean freedom. It means being responsible and it should. But there can be balance between being responsible and being free.

    By Miss Gringa on 10.08.2010

  15. I felt that way when I got out of bed. My toes are too big. My sole(s) ache.

    By Lizzy on 10.08.2010

  16. the cabbage was grown for good year in a back yard of my country side house but it got rotten.

    By gonzo URL on 10.08.2010

  17. Grown, by you and me and every one else in my circle of friends. It is not big nor it is small. Its not Round and its not Square. This is it a ….

    By gonzo URL on 10.08.2010

  18. The moon will be as red as blood and the stars will fall from the sky before you’re fully grown. The worms will eat the flesh, crawling through the layers of decay before you’re fully grown. And in your child-like childhood state you will remain – beyond the signs of the end of days when the pale horses moan.

    By Hyperbole URL on 10.08.2010

  19. grown ha I heard this word as groan last night in my writing group so I wrote about a cold and how it was making me groan especially at night but now I see the word grown and think about all the ways I have grown in this life on this journey and am so glad to be here where I am in this moment

    By spttyowl URL on 10.08.2010

  20. he’s all grown up. way different than that obnoxious little boy. i want to know more.

    By shane patrick on 10.08.2010

  21. These baby buds of hesitations and self deprecating questions have been nurtured over time. By thunderstorm water cans, rainy day sunshine and selfish boy miracle grow… vines now climb to the moon and blossoms are rich and in full bloom. This garden feels like home and seems to satisfy all of my needs, but upon a closer look the vines are thorned and the flowers are all really just weeds.

    By lizzibug URL on 10.08.2010

  22. “Grown? WHAT I’VE GROWN?!” Molly was excited she hadn’t grown since she was three, but now she was over the moon no to be the smallest person in the class.

    By Richard on 10.08.2010

  23. here latley all i have wanted to is grow. grow in hieght. grow in what my mind is capable of. grow as a person. grow to be more loving. birghter.happier. and in 5 years time i will see how i have grown.

    By renata URL on 10.08.2010

  24. in love and happiness! inside and out side :)

    By Liuba Esperón Otero on 10.08.2010

  25. I have grown recently. Grown higher and higher until I touch the sky. I can feel my feet sinking into the soft earth as my face brushes against the clouds. It is a good feeling – I am at home here. I have grown beyond the usual, beyond normality and found peace amongst the cloud tops.

    By Shanba on 10.08.2010

  26. Somehow things are always changing, and with change comes growth.

    She knew this all along. She just found it hard to accept, that at certain points of life some things grow into something else beyond her control, something too complex to grasp, something too strange and terrifying to face. She wished adulthood would not come so soon, wished some things would not change.

    But she shrugs off these thoughts and tries to smile. She is twelve, and today she will be having her Coming of Age Ceremony.

    By schabear URL on 10.08.2010

  27. When I think of grown, I think of evolving, changing, transforming, moving, flowing, and blossoming to full maturity.

    By Nikkii URL on 10.08.2010

  28. she had grown so much since he had seen her last. grown to the point where if someone had not told him she was his daughter, he would not have recognized her.

    By julie URL on 10.08.2010

  29. When a tree strats its a seed…then that seed is watered and nutured….It endures snow and wind and footprints…until one day years later a oak stands…fully grow

    By Beatrice on 10.08.2010

  30. I’ve grown up, but I still don’t know where I am or what the hell I’m doing. Does that cancel it out?

    By Allison on 10.08.2010

  31. I have grown very fond of the house I live in. Part of it’s charm is the quaint little angles and sloping roof, so often used in the 40’s. The stove is the original 1947 Caloric that came with the home. It’s the kind of home that you just can’t wait to get home to. This little bungalow is peaceful and sweet. Thanks house, for being our home.

    By Peaceable on 10.08.2010