April 19th, 2015 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “kingdom”

  1. How did the line go?
    Everything the light touches?
    I want the rest. too

    By Brandon Steward on 04.20.2015

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  3. life changed for us in the kingdom. the dragon army set fire to the villages and killed my entire family. And his too. and we were alone on this journey fighting for our right to live. but it wasn’t a right, we found out, it was a gift.

    By caroline on 04.20.2015

  4. Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom with green trees and blue water and a glorious castle made of gold. Living in this kingdom were the worst people. How could such a beautiful place hold such undesirables.

    By Kristine on 04.20.2015

  5. The king’s dominion. Which, naturally, belongs to him. Kind of. It depends, laws don’t always apply to the king, but that also means getting rid of him might be choppy. A successful revolution almost always goes to hell. Keep that in mind. But sometimes violence is the answer. Have fun beheading!

    Have some cake.

    By Ladentity on 04.20.2015

  6. When I think of ‘kingdom,’ I think of playing chess against my boyfriend. He beats me nearly every single time. I try Googling ways to check-mate him in three moves. I’m nearly always unsuccesful. Except for one time. One time, I got him.

    By Brie Ripley on 04.20.2015

  7. Even though I’m 23, sometimes I still wonder what it would be like to be a princess, not the kind of Disney princess, but like daughter of the King or Queen of England. Like the female version of Prince Harry. What would it be like to be held in high esteem tor or to be looked up to as belonging to the royalty.

    By Anh H on 04.20.2015

  8. In the middle of the winter, Merlin went toward the kingdom of Camelot. He had scruffy black hair and bright blue eyes. He was looking around, looking toward everything that was the kingdom: filled with bricks and the idea that there was a crown waiting inside for him to steal. He quickly went toward the castle on his horse, his pony named Gandalf, and he took a long time to make his way down the winding road. The trees were coating him in a green shadow.

    By Lindsey Boisvin on 04.20.2015

  9. kings and queens and princes and princesses, rule over the peasants. NO one else matters except those with power – power is everything. jewels and gowns and riches are signs of beauty. Game of thrones!!

    By Olivia on 04.20.2015

  10. I am Joseph Park, king of my own body and mind. If I have something that I want to accomplish, I will do it. Anything and anyone that attempt to compromise my will, I shall suppress their will to fight absolutely. My kingdom burns with glorious purpose, and everyone shall

    By Seungkyul Park URL on 04.20.2015

  11. The African Kingdoms contribute to a rich history in regions such as Ethiopia and South Africa. Including k

    By caley cook on 04.20.2015

  12. Once upon a time — that’s how they all start isn’t it? Fairytales, stories of redemption and love and magic spells and dragons. But that’s not how it always goes. We aren’t all born in a kingdom, in a castle tower. Some of live in the rougher parts of town, and the knights are a lot less trustworthy. And sometimes, there are a hell of a lot more dragons than there are knights.

    By Cook on 04.20.2015

  13. Ruling any kingdom requires strength, poise and skill.

    By Kelsey on 04.20.2015

  14. My kingdom is the world. You and I; sun and sky; stars and moon. Each is what I make it: what I want it to be in my kingdom.

    By Luke on 04.20.2015

  15. The kingdom was large.

    By Spam on 04.20.2015

  16. This is the kingdom I rule. Endless rows of desks, shelves of books, limitless possibilities. The smell of Expo markers lingers in the air and I know I am home. The native inhabitants are unpredictable, often seemingly hostile, but I know that they are harmless, for the most part. The time runs oddly in my kingdom. Some days last longer than most would think. Other weeks, times seems to drag, second hands moving in slow motion. Time can play tricks on you

    By echoes-of-me on 04.20.2015

  17. “The Kingdom will come.” said the man
    “I can’t see it anywhere.” replied the boy.
    “Stop looking for it!” said the man. “It will find you if you stop looking.”

    By Steve O URL on 04.20.2015

  18. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
    On earth, perhaps heaven.
    Man made, without woman.

    By nic on 04.20.2015

  19. if we focus on the Kingdom of God all else will be added to us. This is a promise from God’s word why is it so difficult to believe it.? When will I learn to be obedient?

    By Tracey on 04.20.2015