April 20th, 2015 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “franchise”

  1. my franchise did really well later on.we made a lot of money in the franchise

    By Emma URL on 04.20.2015

  2. We are surrounded by the power of franchise, of bright neon labels and soul-breaking guarantees. We have remote controls buried under the flesh of our arms so when we try to mash the mute button while watching the news, we risk bruising or internal bleeding. When our eyes are strained, we are still reprimanded for turning our eyes away from the gladiatorial spectacle. But unlike what the older members of society may believe, we are not apathetic. We are simply exhausted.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.20.2015

  3. Friend. But lost. Distanced by differing views, differing interests. Conflicting interests.

    By Fion URL on 04.20.2015

  4. Tom was working 14 hours a day to open a food franchise. He was working so hard because he wants to give luxury life style to his wife and only daughter. But his hard work was taking him away from his family. His wife and daughter do not want a luxury life style but they need love, care and time of his father.

    By yas URL on 04.20.2015

  5. This is not a democratic state!
    All franchises will be controlled by the government.
    All animals are equal.
    (Some are more equal than others).
    George Orwell: You horrible writer you
    You were right

    By Kumquat URL on 04.20.2015

  6. I’ve become disenfranchised from life these days. The loss of you has separated me from reality. The question is… why? Why does the end of a three week relationship cause me this much distress? Why have I shut down from all the rest that is good?

    By Wilder Ocean URL on 04.20.2015

  7. Little did I know that my dream was not so individual, it was another dream just like another. Faded rippled walls coated with pictures of burgers and fries. When all I really wanted was just to be successful, just to drive past the poverty and do be one of the elite owners. Not a peon, not a manager. Someone who could stand at the top and look down on those below.

    By inukiii URL on 04.20.2015

  8. Over the tall evergreen trees I saw a overwhelming plaza of stores. Coming from a small little town made this experience extremly frightning. Who knew things could change so fast?

    By Nicole URL on 04.20.2015

  9. The dolls were lined up in a row, an army of identical smiles in identical plastic cells. The bouncy ball smashed into the shelf below and the doll army quivered. The box on the end toppled with sad, smaller noise than expected.

    “Jamie, if you don’t quit bouncing that ball all over the place I’m putting it back.”

    By Yona URL on 04.20.2015

  10. We build more stores – more and more, filling the aisles with stacks of dangerous tomes.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.20.2015

  11. I don’t know what this word means, which is pretty embarrassing. It just reminds me of french fries. Which I can’t eat. I’m on a diet.

    By Daisy Alvarez URL on 04.20.2015

  12. I have always wanted to learn francois. That word should have an accent on the c but it doesn’t — I have an english keyboard. But I know I will learn French after I finish German and Japanese. But one day I am searching for it on Google and I accidentally type franchise

    By Amanda Yaya-Nouvet on 04.21.2015

  13. Oh my word, three times in a row I haven’t had any clue what any of the words mean. Is their something wrong with me, I have heard of it before, I just don’t know what it means.

    By DolphinDreams on 04.21.2015

  14. the girl had told me that the franchise was the only place to be. you could only enter from the side door at the back of the aquarium and you had to be in there by thirty seconds or else you weren’t to meet him. Yes, him. Everybody knew of him but nobody had ever seen his face. Nobody could ever see him personally unless they were there on the day of the opening of the franchise.

    By Chloesushi URL on 04.21.2015

  15. mcdonalds, burger king, taco bell, pizza hut, little caesuras, dairy queen

    By Brandon URL on 04.21.2015

  16. David leaned over and gave his wife a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek, and whispered in her ear, “We did it.” She clasped her hands excitedly, her eyes locked on the bright neon sign and new possibilities hanging over them.

    By Soft URL on 04.21.2015

  17. a franchise has many people go to it everyday.

    By aeryal neurohr on 04.21.2015

  18. my franchise is better then yours! everyone loves our franchise

    By Emma URL on 04.21.2015

  19. The franchise was doing well enough, but sales have a tendency to dip after mass murders. Something about negative PR?

    Somehow, the whole scandal was getting through to people’s synthsets, past all the little blocks and filters people used to get rid of the bad things in life. They were almost becoming unhappy…

    By Rumelis on 04.21.2015

  20. Franchise, capitalize, on my life, on the things I buy. Dictate the main stream, create the sheepoles style.

    By ian URL on 04.21.2015

  21. He had the franchise so all he had to do was put on a label and a price. Customers were attracted by this things like flies from honey. It was his only option. He was not going to miss out on it. It was now or never.

    By Stef on 04.21.2015

  22. He had decided to open a franchise.
    And then he had decided to close it.

    Was there anything worth doing anymore? Jake slumped down in his chair, temporarily soaked in the moment of defeat.

    Deep breaths. This time he wasn’t going to let it win.

    It was his golden year, after all. Wasn’t it? 25 on 25. A quarter of a century and nothing to show for it.

    If only he knew how much that would change.

    By Laura URL on 04.21.2015

  23. Franchise is the word that has something big meaning of it. Each time I see the word ‘franchise’, James Bond, McDonald, every big brands in the world.

    By Cornelius Dion URL on 04.21.2015

  24. The thing is, they said that they would grant us the franchise to be like regular human beings, but the other thing is that the story doesn’t just stop there. The thing is that when they said we could vote, they acted like this was this giant act of freedom, but it was just a basic human right. And what about all the women who weren’t white? The thing is, black women couldn’t vote until decades after all the marches and protests and posters. And the thing is, they keep acting like we’re ungrateful for wanting more than the right to vote, and we have to act like we’re satisfied, but the thing is, we’re not.

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 04.21.2015