April 18th, 2015 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “walking”

  1. I used to see her walking on the way to the cinema. Every Sunday I would go, alone, and see whatever was playing at the time. It centred me for the week to come, I thought.

    By typoh URL on 04.19.2015

  2. She was walking around the lake with her dog when she turned the bend and saw him standing there waiting. He lifted his head up and smiled at her and she knew.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.19.2015

  3. I prefer going by putting one foot in front of the other when I need to get to places. Driving cars makes more pollution, and there isn’t really anything more practical than a car.

    Except when you accidentally hit someone with yours.

    By Jesse on 04.19.2015

  4. Sometimes, just before the sun peeks her bright eyes over the horizon, we’ll go walking. In the silence, you can hear the city breathing–the soft whisper of electricity through the line, the collective sigh of humans turning in their beds to catch the last moments of a dream. We are church mice, skipping through the pews on shadow-light feet, creeping through the streets in the dewy haze of morning. Nothing feels quite so real as your hand in my own, the rub of your thumb on the my trembling palm. Nothing feels real as we slip between cool sheets, the brightness of the day burning through the gauzy curtains the strip the secrets from the room, and I cup the softness of your cheek and marvel that you’re here, with me.

    By pulchritude URL on 04.19.2015

  5. Two limbs
    Less or more
    In unison
    and yet
    tangling with others
    tripping over themselves
    is a beautiful disaster

    By meowysaur URL on 04.19.2015