March 15th, 2010 | 241 Entries

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241 Entries for “keychain”

  1. It was probably one of Dean’s most cherished items – the keys to the Impala. He didn’t give them to just anyone. And when he handed them to Castiel and said, “Time you learned to drive her, Cas,

    By yellowhorde on 03.16.2010

  2. My set of keychains reflect who I am. In a way, what is there is intentional, showing what I like, what I’ve done, who I wish to become. Whimsical and Pragmatic.

    By Ella on 03.16.2010

  3. i have keychain right next to me. i’m waiting to give it to a special person because it has to do with an inside joke between me and my beloved… 2 weeks and he comes home to recieve it.

    By Alicia A-D on 03.16.2010

  4. The man sitting there swaying in the wind, just like a keychain. His neck half severed. Tendons and muscles tworn and thined out. Half dead with his life flashing before his eyes. Realizing that he would rather live. But it was way too late.

    By Kevin P. J on 03.16.2010

  5. I tied a red ribbon around my keychain so I can carry my keys with me when I go running in the hills. The jangle a lot but it is better than putting them in a pocket that doesn’t exist. I have a spoon on my keychain.

    By M Kate URL on 03.16.2010

  6. why do i keep getting keychain?

    By parker on 03.16.2010

  7. seriously is there only keychain on here?

    By parker on 03.16.2010

  8. I’d give you my heart on a keychain, but I know you’d put it in your pocket and never look at it again.

    By Cal on 03.16.2010

  9. I lost the key chain in the sewer. I have to find it. I have to get it back or my father will kill me. It was important to him, passed down from generation upon generation of Armstrongs. he said that his great great grandfather had won it in a bet, and that it had paid for the trip to America. I can’t believe my own stupidity for having lost it!

    By Jesse Hebert on 03.16.2010

  10. Me and my girlfriend have matching rockstar tab keychains. Always been our thing.

    By Ryan on 03.16.2010

  11. My keychain has a number of things that say a thing or two about my personality on it if you look at it.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.16.2010

  12. Sometimes I think about the time when I had that huge ball of keychains, I carried them with me everywhere. I was ten or so at the time and thought that it was the neatest thing ever. Any kind of keychain would do- stick it to the ball and make it bigger and bigger. It makes me smile that something so simple and stupid once made me so happy.

    By sam on 03.16.2010

  13. dangle dangle dangle it is one of those things that random people have to accessorize… when you are looking for it you can never ind it… the more things on it the more complicated is your life, or so they say… What is it?

    By Harmony on 03.16.2010

  14. Holding this little thing that Tamaki bought for me, I’m not sure of its importance. I know that it’s worthless, financially. But I know that it’s the essence of how he feels about me. I can feel it in my fingers. It makes them tingle. Why does he love me? I don’t deserve it. But he does. I am unworthy. I look at Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, and they all know I’m unworthy, too. I myself am worthless.

    But he picked me.

    By darkdragonwriter URL on 03.16.2010

  15. She threw the keys on the table next to the door the little doggy keychain slipped across the glassy surface only to fall off the table clinking onto the hardwood floor. Something caught her eye. The keychain had fallen next to a letter that had slipped below the table. “To My Beloved” was scrawled across the cream linen envelope.

    By Kristin on 03.16.2010

  16. Small and durable, it keeps the ability of travel safely to its ring. without it, i cannot go anywhere. I lose my entrance to discovery. my keychain is my tour guide to the world.

    By Jessica W on 03.16.2010

  17. I have a keychain. I got a rape whistle from the vagina monologues to put on my keychain. I just obtained this keychain from school, and it is about sexual assualt awareness. I generally dont use keychains because they dont fit in my pocket, nor do I like them around my neck.

    By Cat M on 03.16.2010

  18. I had this really sweet keychain in the first year of my university career. I was a big piece of wood that said “knock on wood”. My friend and I found it at a dollarstore a few months before I went across the province to go to school. I cried the day I lost it.

    By Stephanie Hitchman on 03.16.2010

  19. I have the same keychain that I have had since I turned 16. To be honest I only have the ring part of the chain. It is a good reminder for me not to forget where I came from and the sacrifices my parents made to give me a car.

    By austinklee URL on 03.16.2010

  20. I used to have this sweet ass etch-a-sketch keychain that I would use all the time during my classes instead of paying attention. I became master of the etch-a-sketch; then one day I stepped on it and my legacy ended.

    By Lupe on 03.16.2010

  21. the keychain was blue and it hung next to me as i bobbed my head to the iPod that i carried in my pocket. As i continued down the street i noticed a young man sitting on the corner. He was unwashed and smelled. But as i got closer i realized that he only had one leg. Feelings of sadness and regression washed over me.

    By melea on 03.16.2010

  22. He pulled a keychain from his back pocket. Dangling down was a small plastic heart. A young girl smiled out at the world. “Your daughter?” I asked.
    He shook his head and said. “Not anymore. She left us all.”

    By Angellica Sterling on 03.16.2010

  23. I wish I had a keychain that looked like a real key, but wasn’t. Then it would look like I had way more keys than I actually do. It’s all about image.

    By Adam on 03.16.2010

  24. Keychain dragging along and you’re just another piece, what significance do you hold? Another weight for one to bare and what else is new? Through the hold there is little ground for you, after all, you are just another piece and that is nothing new. There is nothing profound or extraordinary about your occupancy.

    By e.dawn on 03.16.2010

  25. I couldn’t stay planted in my seat as the car went skipping around the corner. Jim’s keychain looked like it was trying to escape the ring it was so grievously hooked to.
    “Slow the fuck down!” I screamed, as he slammed on the gas to pass up another eighteen wheeler. They blasted their horn as we cut in front of them on the narrow two lane highway.
    “I’ll slow down when you tell me what the hell was going on back there, Alice.”
    Jim’s veins were straining on his forehead. They looked just as trapped as the keychain. Forced to remain where they were placed at the risk of Jim’s craziness.

    By taylea chisum on 03.16.2010

  26. Why do we want to chain our keys and hold them in maddening and unfair bondage? Haven’t we, by this period in time, risen above the need to keep good keys down? They deserve to be free and open good things in and around and for us all, just as nature intended.

    By Fallon Ray URL on 03.16.2010

  27. I have a great many keychains, all with stories behind them. I have a great big loop that my father gave me with a whistle attached for my protection. It’s one of the few things he ever gave me that would keep me safe. It was always difficult for him to connect to anyone. In my family, my mother was the one that we needed protection from.

    By el on 03.16.2010

  28. Dangling from the zipper on her backpack brings back memories of middle school. Seeing how many we could fit on our backpacks. Hearing them clack as we ran down the hallway. Looking forward to the day when we could actually have some keys to put on the keychain.

    By tini on 03.16.2010

  29. it was caught on the inside of her coat pocket. She tugged and tugged, but it wouldn’t come loose. As she gave one last mighty tug, she felt the inside of her pocket rip loose, and all within was strewn across the sidewalk.

    By danielodo on 03.16.2010

  30. I had that stupid keychain since high school…the one that read, “So many men, so little time.” Yeah, right. That’s before I knew what men were really all about. Now I would change it to read, “So little time; done with men.”

    By SM on 03.16.2010

  31. the one world we are given is something that we can enjoy, and something that should be protected. we should use what our one world gives us, but we should not abuse it. our one world is what we create, and we create it over time with the things we do and how we treat the other things around us.

    By tom on 03.16.2010

  32. I like to have a lot of keychains (and keys) tangled together on my keyring. It makes me feel powerful, like I am holding a lot of important information (and memories). Also, it helps me to remember where my keys are as they jingle and make loud noises.

    By Billy on 03.16.2010

  33. He reached into his pocket for his keychain. He found his mobile phone, a packet of cigarettes, his lighter but no keychain. “Bugger” he exclaimed loudly. “Where the fuck are they?”. He had been out on the town all night, having started drinking at 7.00 and catching the first train home from Flinders Street at 5.30 am.

    By roxanne on 03.16.2010

  34. My magical keychain of awesomness is black. It has spikes on it and it holds all of my keys on a ring. I figure I’ll never lose my keys with this.

    By Fail on 03.16.2010

  35. Keychain, keychain
    Everybody’s got a keychain!
    Some are small
    Some are noisy
    Some are from Granada
    Some are from Boise
    My keychain is simple
    A loop with four keys
    Your keychain’s jangly
    And scares away bees
    You have more keys and can open more locks
    But we both have keychains
    like shepherds have flocks
    Spanish people say llavero
    I just say “nice keychain, guero”

    By idjit on 03.16.2010

  36. you got the keys –
    what they unlock,
    up to you.
    you can play your stupid headgames,
    and lead me on,
    or you could grab your keychain,
    with the key that you need.
    make a decision-
    but do it soon,
    or else there will never ever,
    be a me and you.

    By hannah on 03.16.2010

  37. “Promise me you’ll keep it forever?” the boy asked her.
    “Promise.” Bridget answered, smiling at him. They’d been dating for almost three months.
    1 month later:
    “Bridget, I don’t think this long distance relationship is going to work out. You’re moving. You should arrive in Minnesota feeling free. Single. Enjoy it!”
    “Brandon, I don’t want to be single! We’ve been together for 4 months, we have something special! I can’t believe this is happening.” she sunk onto one of the comfortable armchairs in her den.
    “I want to stay friends, Bee! But I don’t think either of us can stay true to each other this far away. Call me once you get there,” he told her, putting his arm around her.
    “I can’t believe this,” Bridget repeated.
    “I should get home,” Brandon said, nervously glancing at her. “I’m sorry, Bee.” She glared at him as he darted from the room, looking abosolutely terrifed of her gaze.
    1 month later:
    “Hey, Jordan,” Bridget said. Jordan was a friend she’d known ever since she started visiting her father in Minnesota seven years ago.
    “That’s a cool keychain,” he said, pointing to the same monkey keychain that Brandon had given her two months before.
    “Thanks,” she said wearily, trying not to think about her ex boyfriend. He had tried to stay in touch, but for the first month, she ignored each of his calls, deleted his emails and ripped up his letters. They’d talked twice since the break up.
    “You okay? You look a little down,” Jordan said, quickening his pace to walk next to her.
    “Yeah, I’m just freaking out a little about the social studies test we took last period. I’m not sure if I did well on it.”
    “C’mon, Bee. You’re amazing at history. Plus, Mrs.Faremount loves you,” he pointed out. She nodded, laughing.
    “Ugh, I missed you, Bee. Don’t you leave for that long again,” Jordan told her as they reached her house.
    “It wasn’t even a year,” she answered, handing him her backpack as she fixed her coat.
    “Whatever. It was too long. You’re staying for good this time, right?” he asked, handing her the coat.
    “Yes, Jordan,” she giggled. “See you tomorrow, okay?”
    “See ya,” he agreed, and walked away smiling. As soon as Bridget was inside her house and Jordan was safely down the street, the doorbell rang.
    “Bridget, Carolyn’s at the door!” Bridget’s dad called to her.
    “Okay dad, I got it!” she yelled back.
    “Was that Jordan walking home with you?” Carolyn asked, walking straight into the house the second the door opened.
    “Hello to you too!”
    “Oh yeah, hey,” Carolyn answered.
    “Yeah, it was Jordan. We haven’t talked in a while, and my house is on the way to his,” Bridget explained.
    “But you totally liked him last year,” Carolyn pointed out in a low voice as they hurried to the basement.
    “Okay, fine. Maybe I liked him a little bit. But nothing is going on. I only just broke up with Brandon. Give me some time! Plus, Jordan totally does not like me,” Bridget reasoned.
    “Whatever,” Carolyn said doubtfully.

    By Isabelle on 03.16.2010

  38. i think a key chain is sorta like a scrap book. everytime you go somewhere you put something new on it.

    By Sylvi on 03.16.2010

  39. silver black circle links flashlight souvenir trinket plastic metal cold round layer ridged smooth fun

    By anna on 03.16.2010

  40. car vroom go phewwwww monkeys i love new york random hurry goooooo! ahhhh omg jingle happy shut up and drive!! smile sunny sundays counrty drives fun memories summer

    By nicole on 03.16.2010