March 14th, 2010 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “root”

  1. The root of all evil is hard to define. Rootbeer can be evil too. Root for evil, or root for beer. Whichever fancies yourself. Root hard in either direction. You’ll never know which one is right. But maybe that’s the point.

    By Devon Marcille on 03.15.2010

  2. the trees have so many roots. they just root so deep into the ground into the core of the earth and through the magma .. they root deep. so deep. feeding the trees, acting as energy and providing life. they feed the greenery of the earth and the beautiful blue of the sky … energy flows through my roots just as life flows through the roots of the trees. there is a never ending source of life … roots.

    By jess on 03.15.2010