March 16th, 2010 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “tower”

  1. its a high place

    By Sampo on 03.17.2010

  2. the tower stood tall in the distance. I couldn’t believe it. we were almost there – almost to the heavy, black iron gate. it was decorated like us. heavy. metal. iron in my mouth and at my wrists, the bands digging into my skin. Nothing could have been so cold, not even the hearts of those who enslaved our souls, but this was the case as it lay.

    By beka. on 03.17.2010

  3. The tower was a huge, conspicuous structure, which loomed over the town before killing the townspeople. Nobody knew it was going to happen it was out of their hands. Fortunately all the children escaped as they were quicker on their feet.

    By Ash on 03.17.2010

  4. I look up through my teary eyes. A tower. High. Strong. Safe. Secure. I think back to the weak days. The days of doubt and frustration and hopelessness. Those feelings of weakness are gone. I am a tower. I will rise and stretch above the highest cloud and stand tall and proud for all to admire. And they will follow my lead. And we will become towers. Towers of strength. United. Strong. Safe. Secure. Hopeful.

    By Emily on 03.17.2010

  5. Roland will get ya killed for his damned tower..and not even think twice…you are just the same..

    By a false terl on 03.17.2010

  6. If you were going to throw yourself off of a building, why not make it a tower? Why not go for the grand exit. A Batman-level exit, stage left, from the grind of this day to day life? I mean really, if Batman was going to kill himself, would he jump from the third story? Hell no.

    By taylea chisum on 03.17.2010

  7. the beautiful princess hated living in the tower. the cold, stone tower kept her hidden away from life. they seperated her from her true love, sir wesley. they kept her away from her beautiful daughter, abagail. those stone walls are the reason she jumped from the tower.

    By hannah abbott on 03.17.2010

  8. i hate this damn tower. i am tired of writing about it. i want a new word, please. please and thank you, whoever you are. i bet you think you’re really cool. surprise. you’re not. you should have put the word toothpaste or slippery. or glitter. lame. tower is lame. just like you.

    By hannah on 03.17.2010

  9. Stood at the top of the tower.
    The tower with the best view.
    There for 4 hours.
    Sun light to darkness.
    Over a beautiful fairylit city scape.
    Full of vast possibiliity.
    Excitement and chaos.
    Yet organised.

    By Victoria Gregory URL on 03.17.2010

  10. towr4eing above me like a brick in the hand of a skin head, I could feel the impenss power buildering behind the blow. Directly, i blacked out, later that month, 8i awoke in a coffee shop on the up-per east side. ordering a cappichino with a bagel. but I never eat bagles. I am gkutin intollerant!

    By kellie on 03.17.2010

  11. I would love to live in a tower, and look at everything with a bird’s-eye view. I think that would be an amazing experience.

    By Eli on 03.17.2010

  12. the tower that the princess lived in was much taller than the castle.

    By Nicola Scalise on 03.17.2010

  13. Towers are amazing creations. With towers you can reach places you’ve never quite been able to reach, effectively enabling you to feel like you are on top of the world. Few people have access to towers, and those few that do actually are on top of the world.

    I long to someday own a house with a tower, and in this tower I will have multiple pizza ovens, and a sushi chef who will love me.

    By Jason on 03.17.2010

  14. rock

    By tomas cofre on 03.17.2010

  15. i don’t really like towers. i don’t like anything that is higher than me. i don’t enjoy being towered over. i want to be on top. not in a sexual way. well never mind, in a sexual way too.

    By Anonymous on 03.17.2010

  16. tall dark grey in structure with a pencil shape spire, the nib replaced by a twisted weathervane

    By o on 03.17.2010

  17. The twin towers that were attacked that september. It was horrible… Or the tower that’s high, which is located in Paris… Hmm, the Tower of Terror… So creepy I’ve never been on one. What else…. Uhh…. Water tower?

    By Danny on 03.17.2010

  18. A tower is a very tall building usually. I think about towers. Like just standing on the top of a really tall tower and looking down and being amazed by the view. It’s just like wow.
    When you can see everything for miles. It’s amazing. I love that feeling. When you really do feel on top of the world.

    By Jen Rex URL on 03.17.2010

  19. It had been a constant presence on the horizon for as long as she could remember.

    Some people said a princess lived at the top, waiting for rescue.

    Some people thought that was bullshit.

    She didn’t really have a preference, one way or the other, as long as a prince came to rescue *her* some day.

    By Lizzy on 03.17.2010

  20. A tower. A tower. The tower is where the princess watches the world. With sad eyes as the sun goes down. Red blazing in her pupils. Turns away from the window and the falling sunlight shines in her hair. Darkness falls silently as she brushes through her sorrows.

    By Jessi on 03.17.2010

  21. There was a tall, tall tower in which a girl lived. She lived by herself, though she had not locked herself up in there. There was, of course, a door and a stairway spiraling down to that door. But the girl had holed herself up, hidden herself away as though to avoid the world altogether.

    Princes and witches hold no bearing on this story. Only the girl and her feelings.

    By Courtney Jenkins on 03.17.2010

  22. too high to be reached when the top is achieved there is not turning back…

    By kerminbalawis on 03.17.2010

  23. he towered over me with a warm embrace taking all of my troubles inside of him. we held together there in a moment that lasted forever, and i took my first breath.

    By Lorraine Settanni on 03.17.2010

  24. thew tower reached over us. we looked for the top be we would never be able to find it. i wonder how many people of jumped off of this tower? maybe none. that is why i have to be the first. my suiside. this tower will one day, hopefully soon, be my death. i promise you i will jump.

    By Laura on 03.17.2010

  25. he climbed up the tower to rescue the damsel in distress. she didn’t need saving.

    By jen on 03.17.2010

  26. towaaaing over the girl, he spat. and he left. and she cried.

    By Lola on 03.17.2010

  27. There was a tower, that lead up to nowhere. You could say it was like Jack in the bean stalk, but this tower really had no limits. One day, Jane decided to climb the tower. She was determined to find it’s end. She ran at first, climbing floor upon floor. She then got dizzy, running up the never ending spiral. She then walked and as she walked she began thinking about life. How endless life seemed, just like this tower. She began picking apart her life…

    When Jane’s friends saw her the next day, they begged her to tell them where the tower ended. What magical place did it take her to? She told her it took her to her hope, her dreams, her life. She dared them to climb it too.

    By Jenn on 03.17.2010

  28. the tower was dark, with an ominous aura about it. the stones were arranged in an almost rhythmic fashion, as if the mason was singing a tune as he constructed it.

    By neil on 03.17.2010

  29. tall in fairy tales made of bricks someone is locked in the top a prisoner who is going to let down he golden hair to e handsome prince who is going to save her. how romantic. but the wicked witch who put her up there is going to get

    By L on 03.17.2010

  30. i will climb to the top of the tower
    only to fall down again.
    scrape my knees.
    and one day,
    i won’t be able to any more.
    the tower will tumble down
    and crush me with it’s remains.

    By Jasmine on 03.17.2010

  31. There she was, Rapunzel seated on a swing in her ivory tower, rocking back and forth as she read a book and enjoyed the lazy summer day. She was just begging to be disturbed. I ran up and started yelling.

    “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

    By vish on 03.17.2010

  32. the two towers that were demolished by the airplane on 9/11 really made me sad and made me realize how much you can never predict what it going to happen in your life. Thousand of people died because of that tragic accident and most of them didn’t even had anything to do with it…

    By Murielle on 03.17.2010

  33. Something that is really big and has alot of glass and windows in it. It has big tip that is really pointy. two of then got blown away in 9-11-01. And alot of people died, from it. And it takes a while to get to the top of it.

    By Kimberly Lambert on 03.17.2010

  34. She stood there, all alone, waiting for him to show up and reveal his decision. ALthough there were people all around her she felt alone as the buildings seemed to grow taller and taller as the shadows grew longer. The bell tower seemed especially ominous as it looked down upon her, apparently mocking her for her isolation. When was he coming?? And what would he say?

    By Sam on 03.17.2010

  35. I don’t think it’s possible to explain just what a tower of strength Hortense is. She can handle any physical, emotional, spiritual, hell, even global issue with complete aplomb. I guess that’s why everyone hates her.

    By Linda on 03.17.2010

  36. grand towers are seen all though Europe but in North America, many towers are built to provide the city fathers with a sense of accomplishment and progress. why does a giant phallus indicate progress? the CN tower, the Sears building — all meant to show that “man was there”

    makes for a pain in the ass to every denizen who has to ferry their visiting relatives this tourist destination. My neighbours from Great Britan don’t even bother going up any more…just drop them off at the bottom and have a cup of tea….

    By kt on 03.17.2010

  37. She was the pillar of my life. The watch tower that would guide me safely back home. I don’t know when that attention shifted, but at some point, that tower became my big brother. Then my wife.

    By Angellica Sterling on 03.17.2010