August 2nd, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “jury”

  1. It’s not our job to be a jury, you know. We’re raised to believe that we are, taught from the get go how to judge the people around us. Their hair, their clothes, the way they talk. I still do it now, as an adult. Two girls come on the blood-donation bus talking loudly between them and I roll my eyes. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.

    By Shannon URL on 08.02.2016

  2. “How long have they been deliberating?”

    Costas sighed. He ran his fingers through his greasy, spiked hair, the sweat shining prominently from his pointed chin. “Two hours. Maybe longer. We knew this would be a tough case.”

    I thought of my brother still sitting in that court room, not wanting to move, not wanting to say anything. His fate was in the hands of twelve people – a jury, allegedly, of his peers, but none of us had any confidence that they would reach an appropriate verdict.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.02.2016

  3. This is about the third time I’ve written about this and by now the jury’s out on whether or not the story is the same. Each time it seems that you are embellishing the story you’re writing. Not really concentrating, making it difficult to make a decision as to your participation. Looks like you’re not taking this seriously. Therefore you are guilty!

    By mathenge on 08.02.2016

  4. They sat silently. He rubbed his hands as he watched them. Their faces were blank, as they had been the entire time. He’d been trying to get a read off of them, especially the women. He considered himself pretty good at reading women. That’s why he was in this mess, after all.

    By Beth A on 08.02.2016

  5. the jury was being unfair to the person that did nothing and he was innocent. in other words, Image result for jury

    A jury is a sworn body of people convened to render an impartial verdict (a finding of fact on a question) officially submitted to them by a court, or to set a penalty or judgment. Modern juries tend to be found in courts to ascertain the guilt, or lack thereof, in a crime.

    By JacobDavies111 on 08.02.2016

  6. A jury is a body of people (typically twelve in number) sworn to give a verdict in a legal case on the basis of evidence submitted to them in court.

    “The jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts”

    By Cody McGuigan on 08.02.2016

  7. seriously in caught again for speeding this suck I was only 400 kilometers over the speed limit hopefully the jury will be fair even though I ran all of their cats over.

    By Jontey Shaw on 08.02.2016

  8. there once was a jury that was unfair and he let the person that killed someone go and the person that was innocent and did nothing was sent to a life sentence in prison.

    By JacobDavies111 on 08.02.2016

  9. The jury could not decide if they should send Jacob Davies to jail for murder or not.

    By Cody McGuigan on 08.02.2016

  10. seriously in caught again for speeding this suck I was only 400 kilometers over the speed limit hopefully the jury will be fair even though I ran all of their cats over. Maybe if I bring the remains of their cats back they will go easy on me if not I guess I’ll see my friends in prison again.I also probably got taken to caught because i escaped from there in the first place.

    By Jontey Shaw on 08.02.2016

  11. “but samsem if i knew what the word jury meant i would have more idears.”

    By Tomas Brown on 08.02.2016

  12. I hear the crowd the jury stands up calls everyones attention. My hands are sweaty i’m nervous i don’t know if i can stay out of going to jail. My parents will be mad if i go to jail they would want to kill me.

    By Christopher Nicholson on 08.02.2016

  13. The jury stared down at the defendant. fear looking in his eyes. He knew he was gone for. The person in the middle stood up. Hands shaking. ” we find the defandent, not guilty”. And a wave of relief went over the crowd.

    By Rika van Gerrisheim on 08.02.2016

  14. One day my brother went to jury. Because he wanted to prove his point that the group of people were guilty of steeling money. but he was wrong and they were not guilty and his argument was lost.

    By Ashleigh Moller on 08.02.2016

  15. I walked into this dark brown rome with rows of chairs all around me. I walk up to the front of the room where there is a long desk with the judge sitting down. Juries are sitting down on the chairs behind me. i shake in fear and my whole body is sweating like I’ve just came out of a pool.

    By aimee brown on 08.02.2016

  16. the jury found me has non-guilty I was over the moon when that happened it was such a happy moment.

    By Shayla Saunders on 08.02.2016

  17. the jury found me guilty of murder. i may have killed her but she deserved it. she killed my rat if she’s takes a life why can’t i take hers. its not fair. 25 years to jail for stuffing bleach down her throat.

    By Lilli Edson on 08.02.2016

  18. I went to jury because I am to amazing and awesome. So I have no name or family because I’m to fab

    By Olivia Oakley-Smith on 08.02.2016

  19. I was called to court today. I got a letter in the mail telling me I was needed in the jury to decide a mans fate. Jail or a giant fine. I was scared because I had never been called before and didn’t know what I was meant to do. Except there was this one time a watched a court case show.

    By Catherine Bell on 08.02.2016

  20. “i plead innocent.” i say in my most grown up voice although i know my teeth are chattering out of control. I know I’m innocent but i can’t let my little brother get in trouble. it wasn’t his fault i know what being starving makes you do and I’m sure he didn’t know what he was doing either when his pale malnutrictious arm reached into a crack in the bakers window.

    By Lucia on 08.02.2016

  21. “i plead guilty.” i say in my most grown up voice although i know my teeth are chattering out of control. I know I’m innocent but i can’t let my little brother get in trouble. it wasn’t his fault i know what being starving makes you do and I’m sure he didn’t know what he was doing either when his pale malnutrictious arm reached into a crack in the bakers window.

    By Lucia on 08.02.2016

  22. The jury was composed of only Earthers, the Martian noted. He really wished that he didn’t conform to their stereotype of ‘little green man.’ There was no way he was going to get a fair trial, and he didn’t understand what he was being accused of. What he did was normal for Martian society.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.02.2016

  23. I got a note from the court house, saying that I was due to come in for a jury.

    By Amy Lewis on 08.02.2016

  24. The jury was hung. Literally. It was an atypical state to find them in, to be sure, but there was no time to ponder how often a jury had been stuck in such deliberations. When they came in to check, it appeared almost as if the room was empty, till bailiff saw the dangling feet.

    By The Q on 08.02.2016

  25. Judge and executioner, Michael Hall brought the hammer down once and for all on the serial killer he’d been hunting for half of his life now.

    And once he’d fired the gun… there was the thrill and then…

    It died. He was left hollow inside. It was not what he was expecting, no satisfaction from doing dramatic irony service to the man who’d killed so many.

    By Petriello on 08.02.2016

  26. The world is my jury
    My judge
    It feels like I’m being watched
    Expected to make a mistake
    And when I slip up
    It will be there
    To tell me if I’m guilty
    Or innocent

    By Brianna L on 08.02.2016

  27. A jury is made out of people. Or rather living creatures trying to act human. In their fury they critize you and make you less than nothing. They are often unsensitive to what you might be feeling even though you’re in agony. But then again there’s nothing better than honesty.

    By imane on 08.02.2016

  28. The jury came back and…talked. About everything but the case and it’s merits. “I really loved that movie. It really made me feel sorry for alien abductees.” “Well, I can’t stand plants, not real ones. They just grow for a bit and then die! What’s the point?! It’s so depressing.” A jury of peers sounds good in theory but the practice can need help at times.

    By MsShel330 on 08.02.2016

  29. The huge called in the jury for there last decision. The all stood there stuff necked…..then finally they said “not guilty” Hanna and James jumped up and down rejoicing!

    By Rebecca on 08.02.2016

  30. Unqualified

    By Jesse B on 08.02.2016

  31. The jury is a place where a criminal that has been accused or something goes. They tell the judge and the jury their story and then they decide all together if the person is guilty or not. The people in the jury are taken from a set of people from society. Judging on their life and work.

    By meadow URL on 08.03.2016

  32. The jury was out! Mostly, they were outside the pub door, although a few of them were hovering in the garden. A long day of judicial duty had given them a mighty thirst and the urge to dance, and only the cheapest nightclubs would do.

    A jury of your peers will only convict you of the crimes they can imagine themselves.

    By henry sawdon-smith on 08.03.2016

  33. A bunch of idiots get the great pleasure of being a part of a cruddy play. Then they have to choose if they should punish some of the actors or not. It doesn’t really matter to them. They’ll rest easy no matter the verdict.

    By JOhnSmith on 08.03.2016

  34. The Jury is made out to be something like a civic duty, but it is more of a punishment than anything else. You just sit there for many hours feeling all life and happiness drain from your body because the boredom cannot be withstood by any sane mortal.

    By J on 08.03.2016

  35. 12 people sat impatiently waiting, forced together by civic duty and threat of punitive punishment. 12 peers who could not be more different from each other, but whom would forever be tied together from this point forward because when you’re placed on a jury for the crime of the century you are sort of forced to become a family. A dysfunctional, totally weird family, but a family none the less.

    By Trista URL on 08.03.2016

  36. Once I had to go to court. I knew I would never go to jail so I wasn’t worried. I had no lawyer. At the jury, they asked me my name. I didn’t know.

    By Jaedon Howells URL on 08.03.2016

  37. The jury was very strict. They didn’t want any extra explanation, just facts. So I said what happened in reality. No excuses no lies. It was a great feeling, indeed. Thanks.

    By Vili on 08.03.2016

  38. The jury was not satisfied with Jenny’s perfomance. She didn’t like how it turned out, too. She wondered what was she going to do… Was she going to give up or continue to practice until she is good enough?

    She got off the stage and sat on a chair, thinking.

    By Hristiyan G. on 08.03.2016

  39. everyone gathered, the facts stated,
    to make a decision
    judge and jury
    inside me


    By kurisuto on 08.03.2016

  40. “the jury has decided you are guilty”

    By joshua on 08.03.2016