August 1st, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “steady”

  1. Something that is stable.

    By Tiago on 08.01.2016

  2. His hand was firm, gripping mine tight with fingers that pressed into the back of my hand hard enough to remind me of his presence. His hand was steady, just like he was – keeping me afloat even though my world was crumbling around me. Whilst he was steady, I would be too.

    By Sharna on 08.01.2016

  3. It isn’t conscious, just automatic, these days. I sit here and you sit there, with our bodies not touching, just hovering in each other’s personal space. We breath steadily.

    By N.J. URL on 08.01.2016

  4. كان كل شيء يبدو هلاميًا، لا شيء ثابت ولا شيء يبقى على حاله في أرض رخوة كرمال متحركة. يبقى المرء منا في هذه الرمال، ثم يحاول الركض نحو سراب. يغرق الواحد وسط الرمال وينسى مَنْ كا..

    By Kawthar on 08.01.2016

  5. As she goes says the phrase. This horse was not steady, she was clopping and strutting about the track as though she were about to fall into an epileptic fit at any moment.

    “Suzy!” a man called from the stands, trying to both cheer on the stallion and express his fear for its life.

    Then Suzy took a spill.

    By Petriello on 08.01.2016

  6. I gripped the steering wheel in both hands, trying to ignore the trembling in my fingers, trying to ignore the hot throbbing in my ears and around my cheekbones. I wanted to keep the car steady, to stay within the dotted lines, to just keep driving. Just. Keep. Driving.

    It didn’t matter who said what to me or who did what to me. It didn’t matter how much they tried to break me. I wasn’t in pieces yet. So I had to keep moving.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.01.2016

  7. I must learn to have balance and be steady in my thoughts and action. Peaceful steady flow of life.

    By Shay on 08.01.2016

  8. You must keep a steady pace in life if you hope to be good at anything. You can not be on and off about something you must be steady!

    By Nobody on 08.01.2016

  9. Steady as a beating drum that has lost it’s rhythm. This is how I feel my business is getting built. I have so many ideas, so many things to do and it’s all moving forward, just not at a specific pace. Is this good? I don’t know.

    By IsaPinaud on 08.01.2016

  10. Steady was the hand of time as it finally pierced her heart this winter.

    By Bart on 08.01.2016

  11. line
    surface earth dirt here comes the grass…. sprouting from the earth. Earth. that was a period. hm. i want to say… it’s gone now.

    By Tess on 08.01.2016

  12. again, to the earth. the dirt, a cross-cut of the ground and the grass and the animals and the sky. and the trees. especially the trees.

    By Tess on 08.01.2016

  13. what am i saying that I’ve already said? why can I not speak twice? isn’t steady about consistency?
    I was thinking about the earth, a cross-section of the dirt against the grass and sky. now I am not.

    By Tess on 08.01.2016

  14. My sister looked at me from across the kitchen counter, a smile playing on her face.
    “Mom told me you and Bradley are going steady.” She laughed, pouring herself a cup of coffee from the freshly brewed pot.
    “Shut up.” I told her, a smile playing on my face despite my choice of words.
    “That’s a big deal, I’m proud of you both.”
    “Yeah, whatever.” I said to her, getting my own mug from the cabinet and getting coffee before sitting down with her on the couch to watch some television.

    By Blue on 08.01.2016

  15. The storm moved over the town, the lightening flashing with a steady undertone of thunder. The neighbors all stood outside, enjoying the cool wind after the heat of the day. “Looks like a strong one,” one farmer said. “Maybe we’ll able to plant our crops after all.”

    But the storm moved on, leaving a few drops of rain, not the steady drenching rain they had hoped for. The following morning, the sun appeared, already hot at breakfast time. The family started to make plans to move, to follow the steady migration of their relatives into the city.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.01.2016

  16. The woman balanced herself steadily on the rope. She dared not look down, for beneath her was the ground which she would fall on should she slip. No, she couldn’t even think of what might happen. Rather, her attention stayed on getting to the end of the line. She walked toward the pier, putting one foot forward at a time.

    By Brianna L on 08.01.2016

  17. wow steady is really boring like I cant move so what can I do. Also, its six letters so its not very exciting. sure steady is easy but what about unsteady or off balance. life is never steady so why should I be.

    By Jules on 08.01.2016

  18. This word reminds me of my favourite Pocahantas song called ‘Steady as the Riverbend’. It talks about how Pocahantos seeks adventure and is not content with things staying the same forever

    By Zafirah on 08.01.2016

  19. Meredith is not the sturdiest shoulder. Elijah is not a kind burden. When they are walking, they seem like columns- tall, dark. Mysterious. Unshakable.
    But sometimes, Meredith glimpses something, some movement, a sudden shift, and-
    How unsteady is Elijah, anyways?
    Meredith closes his eyes.

    By on 08.01.2016

  20. This reminds me of living life. We just keep moving. It’s like a balance. When you find it you are steady. I think of an ocean. Sometimes it can be rough, but at some point the waves just roll in an even way.

    By Eleanor Apple on 08.01.2016

  21. We were going at a steady canter for about an hour. Happily our horses were trained for such thing as this. We rode at last light when darkens came we decide to camp the night by the side of the road.

    By Rebecca on 08.01.2016

  22. Steady reminds me of hare and tortoise story with a moral, slow and steady wins the race. And this word is exactly opposite of what I am doing right now.

    By Scarlett Lopez on 08.01.2016

  23. Discontinued. That’s what the mail said. A life given in service and the job is discontinued. What’s left? ‘The life unlived while services were busy being rendered’ says the therapist. Might be the case if time wasn’t busy shrieking away the whole time, all corrosive and unflinching. ‘Your new life starts today!’ say self help books and pamhlets. All bullshit, I’m afriad. He wasn’t so much stuck as cemented into the routine of his now-former life, and hopefully time would do it’s work on the cinderblocks hugging his feet before the water gets too high, but as a ripe, stubborn 56 year old, he felt like the only thing he could see clearly is the rearview mirror.

    Feeling the cool water drift in synchronicity with his blotchy limbs, watching beads form and fall in rhythmic confection from the shower head. Breathing in he felt his hairs depress as the eager water molecules recede from his stomach. Have a drink in the tub, maybe try to cry a little if the urge winds its way from gut to head.

    By And Brow on 08.01.2016

  24. Steady as he goes, was the saying. I wondered why they never mentioned the steadiness of the steadiness of women. Were they not just as sea-worthy? In fact, they could float twice as well, for certain women, especially if laying on their back.

    I wouldn’t ride a raft of people, but I’d watch a show about making it.

    By henry sawdon-smith on 08.02.2016

  25. Her form was perfect. That golden statue, frozen in the fountain.

    By Richard Wallwork on 08.02.2016

  26. “Easy, now. Steady, steady…. There.”
    He moved his hands away slowly, then placed them at his side so that the urge to hold on would be repressed.
    She smiled at him and pushed down on the pedals with her feet. She wobbled a little bit and giggled while his hans remained white-knuckled by his side.
    She did it.

    By Amanda URL on 08.02.2016

  27. “Easy, easy now.”
    “I’m not a horse. I may be the size of a horse, but I’m not.”
    “I just don’t want you to fall.”
    “I’m not gonna fall.”
    “Let me get the door.”
    “Sweetheart, will you relax please?”
    “I’m plenty relax. Careful walking up the stairs!”
    “I’m pregnant, I’m not stupid.”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.02.2016

  28. As she goes. Reliable. Steadfast. Not dizzy. In a relationship???? Committed. Do you really want to be going steady? or feel steady. Dependable.

    By Denise Longo on 08.02.2016

  29. I would like to complete things be steady in my thoughts. One foot after the other. steady and strong.

    By Shay1 on 08.02.2016

  30. I’ve always wobbled through life. The steadiness of succeeding never came to me. I fell through the years with an almost sickening clumsiness,tripping through milestones unaware and taking even more time to get back up. When I had finally risen, valuable time had already passed me by. The even, steady line was jagged and messy as I figured how to conform to the ideal life around me.

    By Chloe URL on 08.02.2016

  31. I was steady on my feet after the 100 – yard touchdown run. You should have seen me break all those tackles.

    By Jared Herren on 08.02.2016

  32. “Steady” isn’t exactly the word Jason would use to describe his relationship. Him and Alex were certainly going, but not steady. Every time one of them would make a statement it was almost a challenge for the other to disagree.

    By Aaron Luboff on 08.02.2016

  33. Slow down, its me im here for you one step away
    Im as fast as the breeze im a rock to hold on to
    A steady thing

    Im a steady thing
    I will hold you
    dont cry your safe in my arms

    Im here for you now
    Im here in the midst of the times.

    Im a steady thing.

    By Stella Fogorelli on 08.02.2016

  34. See me, im here Im not going to another place.

    Im here and im solid, touch me for solace.

    Im here and im a rock for you to hold on.

    Im steady, you won’t fall when your with me.

    Dont be frightened, because its not.

    Its a canvas for you

    and I am your steady rock

    By Andrew Applebee on 08.02.2016

  35. Steady there, are you okay.
    “Im fine”
    Steady there are you okay.
    “Im good”
    Steady there are you okay
    “Not really any more”
    Steady there are you okay
    “I don’t have much support
    Steady there are you okay
    “No I guess im not”

    By Frankie Landau-Banks on 08.02.2016

  36. “Hold! Hold! Don’t let go”

    He held my hands as I reeled in what would surely be the biggest fish ever caught by man. His gnarled and stained hands gripped mine with more power than they looked like they could hold.

    By Fflewddur Fflam on 08.02.2016

  37. Stay steady. Don’t fall. This was the sort of thing I was thinking as my hands began to shake while trying to hold the rope that was hanging from the gym ceiling. My knees did their best to stay clenched, but I could feel them wobble. I felt the gaze of my 2nd grade classmates, was Mrs. Wellington herself watching? She was. 16 pairs of eyes followed me, watching as I fell down – hard – onto the feeble mat bellow.

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 08.02.2016

  38. We live
    In a steady eternity
    Now –
    A bleak monotone:
    One repeating note
    On into
    Sad tulip

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 08.02.2016