August 3rd, 2016 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “torch”

  1. “It’s dark in here.”

    “Can’t see a damn thing.”

    “Who’s got the torch?”

    I passed it to her. She flicked it on, and instantly, the room was filled with orange light. Nearby, we would see a few chairs, a couch, a grandfather clock. We didn’t know where the creaking was coming from? The walls? The door we had opened up to get in?

    “Damn,” I muttered, shrugging at the rest of the group, “doesn’t seem like any ghosts are here.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.03.2016

  2. the night was dark there was no light besides the bright moon shining in the dark night sky but as i rode a few more meters there it was a torch lit bight just standing there on a pole no one then I stopped my hors dismount and in specked it no one was there then i felt it a cold hand tacking my shoulder i whipped around then there she stood a tall pal figure elate long blond hair brown eyes in a long simple whit dress

    By Rebecca on 08.03.2016

  3. The place was torched. Flames erupted from the buildings as the arsonist ran away laughing. It was Wren, of course. It was always Wren. He loved setting places on fire for reasons unbeknownst to Damos. Oh, how Damos hated it. His poor curtains.

    By Servennne on 08.03.2016

  4. The torch burned out in the middle of the cave. It was the kind of obvious thing the group never expected to happen, and in their idiocy hadn’t prepared any backup plan.

    By Servennne URL on 08.03.2016

  5. He always thought that Wally’s eyes lit up like torches. It was sort of weird, because his eyes were a vibrant green, contrast to the flaming red they always were. Of course, you could say it was his hair that made him feel this way. But Dick just couldn’t think of it like that. Because that spark, that torch, that lit up in Wally’s eyes everyday just pushed his heart against his chest several times.

    By mistress.m on 08.03.2016

  6. The wanderer stepped into the cave, torch in hand. The light illuminated the dark cove, revealing it’s massive interior. Stalactites and stalagmites all decorated the place, and plenty of critters crawled around the wanderer’s feet. But there was only one thing the wanderer came for. He wanted to meet this cave’s dragon and offer it a prize.

    By Brianna L URL on 08.03.2016

  7. She lit the torch and proceeded down the dark tunnel. Drips of water echoed on the stone floor. Dirt clung to the rock walls, and the air smelled metallic.

    By rachelzana on 08.03.2016

  8. Lo! The torch, it blows. Casting light all around, throwing it here and there, the torch swoons. Passionately. How brilliant and bright and all things fire!

    By Zoe URL on 08.03.2016

  9. Torch the place, leave nothing left but the ashes on the boots of firefighters and detectives. Burn it to the ground so that they may have my name etched in their minds under a fiery reckoning.

    By Lukas Nair URL on 08.03.2016

  10. I dreamed that I was a singer back in the 1940’s. I think that they were called torch singers. Anyway, I was wearing a long green gown and smoking a cigarette in a holder. I hate smoking so that was a strange touch. I woke up feeling confused, wondering who left that green dress on the chair next to my bed.

    By MsShel330 URL on 08.03.2016

  11. I burned it to the fucking ground
    that place i once called home
    the place where we thrived
    the place you made your throne
    but then you kicked me to my knees and then kicked me some more
    thats why i torched that fucker to the ground
    so you could breathe no more

    By anika s on 08.03.2016

  12. The torchbearers of tomorrow are sitting on the couch, eating fries and coke.

    By suriti URL on 08.03.2016

  13. in the dark, you can’t see the light, what do you use? a torch! used to add drama to every crime scene, it is a symbol for everything that can go wrong and, when the batteries die, you know that shit is about to go down!

    By glen URL on 08.03.2016

  14. Light me with your star,
    windows down, in your car.
    Flickering bright,
    my lonely skylight.

    You’d starve me for words,
    in the sky with the birds.
    My torch is dying,
    while you’re up there, flying.

    Let me leave with my slice,
    just a piece, not the vice.
    And I bid you goodbye,
    while your embers soar high.

    By Marissa URL on 08.03.2016

  15. It was June 22nd when we had gone to the Ngong Forest. Clearly our torch had to fail us. All girls held us too close you could feel their make up rubbing off on us.

    By Ngeshlew URL on 08.04.2016

  16. There was nothing but pitch dark blackness all around me. So dark, that I couldn’t even see my own hand as I held it out in front of my face, clutching onto the long ago burned out torch. How the hell did I get myself into the miss. I was a city girl.

    By Trista URL on 08.04.2016

  17. Helps me find the way, lightening up my day. Guide me when I’m lost and confused.

    By Tovelina on 08.04.2016

  18. The flame lit the ceiling of the cave like the hoot of an owl, inconsistent and wavering, until at last they came upon the object of their desire. The jewel magnified and projected the light in blue spectrum throughout the enclosure with a magnificence that rivaled the ocean.

    By ml on 08.04.2016

  19. From the stance of each of them, the other was shining, destructive, unattainable.
    It was the right path – right now – it just had to end. And that’s what they agreed on, knew they agreed on. From the beginning, that is.

    By "Life" on 08.04.2016

  20. carried inside of her, like the olden days when people venerated the gods, but capped into submission–she did not want.

    By nod on 08.04.2016

  21. Like the flame of a torch, it burned her. She did not intend to, it just happened. Without her notice and by accident, she touched the flame. It licked her delicate body and left a mark that no one can see.

    By unconventional_lady URL on 08.04.2016

  22. “Carrying a torch” for someone is an odd phrase. I didn’t understand it until I met Chris. And then I understood what everyone was talking about with fire, flame, burning passion. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.04.2016

  23. I Feel your touch often even though you have left this world. You will always be part of me as you are part of everything I feel and touch. I love you.

    By Shaylene on 08.04.2016

  24. The night was so dark, and the vegetation so dense that the torch light did not help much in his walk through the forest. No problem, he thought. If I can’t see anything, they can’t see me either. He wished he could see the stars so he could navigate, but the fog moved in and he felt that the ceiling was coming down on his head, just as he was constraint by the walls of trees.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.04.2016

  25. It was an odd kind of party, full of stilettos and broken bottles. We couldn’t see anything outside of what the giant torch – I guess I should call it a spotlight – revealed as it swept over the dancefloor. Little moments were starkly illuminated for all to see. A couple kissing. Two men squaring up. A gangly young man, eyes closed, dancing jerkily with a wide smile on his face.

    A torch in the darkness is a pretty horrible thing from the darkness’ perspective.

    By henry sawdon-smith URL on 08.04.2016

  26. I feel lost. I don’t really know where I am going. I see around and all I witness is darkness. How I wish I could get a torch to show me the way. A guiding light to guide me through this dense fog of darkness. How i wish I could be able to see beyond. To be able to see the future. I don’t want to be lost. I want to be in control. I want to find my way. I want to reach my destination.

    By Gagandeep Singh Juneja on 08.04.2016

  27. A flame inside her build until she can’t take it anymore. What is she doing, where is she going? She can’t think about the future, she can only act in the present. She lights the match.

    By Cori URL on 08.04.2016

  28. The torch lit the room with a bouncing inconsistent light. The shadows bounced and jumped as they looked for the small gold box.

    By Nancy URL on 08.04.2016

  29. Sara had never been so proud. She stood at the top of a mountain. The men with her lit the torch and she ran off down the mountainside. She held the torch high and felt mighty with it uplifted in her hands. The Greek Olympic games would not start until she came safely down the mountain, ran the two miles into the stadium and, to the crowd’s roars, planted the torch in its empty stand. The world was hers for the taking. But then she spotted that rare blue flower in the meadow on the mountain ….

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.04.2016

  30. He still carries the torch
    His sun still burns my eyes

    By J Hyde URL on 08.04.2016

  31. This little town wedged between these rocky canyon walls…. The clouds over the mountain above could dump rain and floodwaters could rush down as if a dam broke upstream. It could extinguish everything that keeps this town alive. Instead, I think I’ll just burn it to the ground.

    By Willow URL on 08.04.2016

  32. She slinked against the tavern wall, creepily inching closer to the bright orange-red light. Shielding her eyes from it as she got closer, her insides filled with delight. She found it. The hidden torch.

    By Aurora Garcia URL on 08.04.2016

  33. The torch shone bright against the wall of the dark cave as Melanie held it, not too close to her, but yet not too far away. She was distanced enough to attain warmth from the torch, and still not set on fire. When Melanie reached her base camp, she sighed and put dow the blazing fire-device in her hand, extinguishing it in the small puddle of water she’d carefully constructed inside the cave. Sighing to her self, Melanie lay down and shut her eyes. Now she was safe.

    By Aurora Garcia URL on 08.04.2016

  34. the torch was lit the king’s sences were at a high point the ertion was getting harder in anticapation of his bride walking into his chamber

    By Vanessa L Porta on 08.04.2016

  35. without light you are vulnerable. you are in a sea of darkness, where indistinguishable shapes bump and stumble.
    with light you are safe. trees and flowers and people are brought back to life. you are no longer blind.
    a torch seems like the solution. light to dispense at your own will. but really, they are the worst of them all. they distort the truth. shapes move in and out of a torch light. safe becomes sinister. you cannot trust a torch’s beam.

    By becky on 08.04.2016

  36. something that looks really nice at night if you have those tiki ones just good to look at

    By atomm URL on 08.04.2016

  37. This reminds me of Indiana Jones. i don’t know why but he seems to use a lot of torches in the movies. My favorite was probably the crystal skull just cause it was the most weird.

    By Nobody on 08.04.2016

  38. He lit the thing and waited for his eyes to adjust. Slowly he caught the flickering shadows of hundreds of bunnies.

    By Richard Wallwork URL on 08.04.2016

  39. She grabbed the torch and hesitantly looked into the dark tunnel. She didn’t know what to expect, but there’s no going back now. Her decisions have led her this far and she has no choice but to continue on the route she’s chosen. She takes a step into the darkness with only the torch to light her way and disappears into the abyss.

    By Faith Vinton on 08.04.2016