August 2nd, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “jury”

  1. She looked over to the box and, as far as she could tell, everyone was basically asleep. A jury of her peers. As if. They were so bored by the expert witness, it would have no bearing on their opinions of her innocence. She tried not to smirk.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.03.2016

  2. I got called in last week. The mailbox full to overflowing with requests, external demands of work and family and now society. The case was on the news; she’d seen it.

    By Jessica Nowacki on 08.03.2016

  3. Porotce se ráno probudil a v hlavě měl prázdno. Rozhlédl se kolem sebe a nechápal, kde je nebo co se stalo. Najednou si všiml, že se kolem něj začala rozprostírat pára.

    By Michaela Rihova on 08.03.2016

  4. The robber was in the jury trial for robbing a store full of worthless junk.

    By Jared Herren on 08.03.2016

  5. They judged long before they listened.

    By theaterturtle on 08.03.2016

  6. The judge stared down his long, upturned nose at him. It was as though he had a scent, a particularly unpleasant odor that triggered in the judge’s mind a severity that didn’t belong to white people. And this scent wafted to the twelve deciding figures sitting comfortably in their cushioned chairs. They looked at him with the same disdain – as though he were a skunk, and nothing good could come from him.

    By ml on 08.03.2016

  7. The jury’s out on whether the dish is worthy of the award or not.
    Dozens of people scurried away, some sampling the dishes with their tiny plastic spoons.They seemed deep in thought and noted something away in their notepads. A few looked at the dishes from weird angles, one even crouched down and tried to see the base of a tall cake.
    I guess we should let them be, since it was only one day where they could pretend to be important.

    By suriti URL on 08.03.2016

  8. She looked at the jury and swallowed her dread.

    Most of them didn’t look back at her. Was it shame? Fear? Hatred? Probably a mix of it all. There usually was a lot of overlap when it came to that.

    Besides, she wasn’t so sure she’d look at herself.

    The bailiff walked slowly, menacingly, towards the judge.

    By Sam R on 08.03.2016

  9. I was caught. I didn’t know what to do. That’s how I ended up here, with my dad glaring at me on one side and my mom giving me comfort on the other. I looked across the room to see, him. We looked at each other and I didn’t even hear the judge call my name, I can’t hear anything but his voice in my head from that night, “I love you.”

    By Natilee Shock on 08.03.2016

  10. Jury duty sucks. Unfortunately it is part of what sustains our evolved societies and is therefore a necessary evil. One should actually be quite honoured to participate in their duty.

    By Joan on 08.03.2016

  11. A jury of my peers – writers, students, grandkids, daughter, ex-lovers – sat in judgment. Not of me. Of themselves. The wrongs they’d done me, the uses they put me to with no return, the bossiness they visited upon me. They found themselves not guilty. When I disagreed with their judgment on various social network sites, they found me guilty.

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.03.2016

  12. jury is a person that decides what is guilty in court or not. I don’t know anything else

    By liam URL on 08.03.2016